Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati

There was an article in The Hindu today by Arundhati against the movement for Janlokpal, she’s eloquent as usual, and she misses the point, pretty much as usual. In this article I am trying to talk about the points she raised and hopefully when we are done we might have a broader perspective of this movement than what Arundhati has projected.

Arundhati’s most important gripe seems to be that the people in the movement are raising slogans like – (a) Vande Mataram (b) Bharat Mata ki jai (c) India is Anna, Anna is India (d) Jai Hindi. Would she prefer if they said (a) India Hai Hai (b) Indian govt murdabad (c) Jeeve-jeeve Pakistan, when they come out on the streets to demand that the Indian government creates a better system for our people?

She’s lying when she says that the slogans are the answer you get when you ask questions about Janlokpal. The team that’s running Janlokpal has made every attempt to talk to anyone who is concerned about it, and to alleviate all their doubts. For months there was a public referendum on the provisions of Janlokpal, very openly, and lots of provisions were rejected, modified, and adapted according to the inputs of the people. This is a fact, not what Arundhati is saying.

Even now Anna Hazare and his team has announced that they are open to any public debate on Janlokpal and they will answer all the questions that anyone might have on any issue. Yesterday Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan did just that on a popular television network. There are videos of the team members speaking on different aspects of Janlokpal and why we need them that have been online for months.

Arundhati, lie one caught.

Her second claim is that Janlokpal seeks an overthrow of the Indian state. Lying again. For almost an year now the Janlokpal team has been working with the government, with all the members who care, to frame a strong law against corruption. They’ve met the current government leaders, opposition leaders, chief ministers, individual MPs, talking to them, and telling them why the country needs a strong anti-corruption framework. Is that working to overthrow the state?

They sat on a very hostile government panel and tried everything they could to push their proposals forward in the way government wanted them to. After the government panel wasted the nation’s time and failed to include even one, repeat, even one important proposal of the Janlokpal bill, and instead sought to push their own Jokepal which would prosecute the victims instead of the perpetrators, they decided to sit on a dharna asking the government to make a strong bill.

Let me remind Arundhati that this was done in a perfectly legal and non-violent manner, and Anna is asking this administration to implement Janlokpal, not seeking a new government. Are you trying to tell the people of India that demanding a strong anti-corruption framework amounts to overthrowing the government? Let us hear that again more clearly.

Arundhati, lie two caught.

Next she proceeds to tell us that Anna Hazare is a ‘freshly minted saint,’ which should suggest that he has no right to speak against public injustice as apparently, only stale saints are allowed to crusade for India.

Wait a minute though, this freshly minted thing doesn’t sound true at all. Anna Hazare took voluntary retirement from the Army in 1978 and started his campaign to transform Ralegaon Siddhi. All through the next decade he worked hard for the villagers campaigning for things like liquor prohibition, grain banks for the poor, better milk production, creation of more schools (he sat on a fast for this), against untouchability and for collective marriages. In 1991 he started the Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan. What was Arundhati doing then? Oh wait, she hadn’t written her first book yet.

Anna Hazare has led many movements against corrupt officials and politicians. Powerful people. People who’ve maligned him, filed false cases against him, and even sent him to jail. He has borne the worst of what the powerful and the corrupt have to offer, unlike Arundhati whose only achievement seems to be making radical statements. It’s a shame that someone like her should call a fighter like Anna a ‘freshly minted saint’.

Arundhati, lie three caught

She is also giving a distorted version of the sequence of events that unfolded during Anna’s stay at the Tihar jail. She’s saying that Anna remained in Tihar as a ‘honored guest’. If you are looking for honored guests Arundhati look for Suresh Kalmadi, Kanimozhi, A Raja, Manu Sharma, or Vikas Yadav, maybe even Afzal Guru. Anna isn’t one of them.

Let me remind you that Anna Hazare was picked up from his residence by the Delhi Police. He hadn’t been on the streets murdering people with a gun the night earlier. He was at Rajghat where he sat for an hour in meditation.

The police sent Anna to Tihar in 7 days judicial custody. To prevent what? A non-violent protest against corruption in India. On 16th August nearly 15,000 people of New Delhi and Mumbai courted arrest. They went to JP Park, Azad Maidan, or whatever the venue was in their city, asking the police to arrest them. They did not burn buses, break glasses, or set fire to homes. I have a photograph of the special jail at Chhatrasal Stadium for you here.

The people brought to Chhatrasal Stadium after their arrest. This is outside the stadium, inside there are another 3000.

The people brought to Chhatrasal Stadium after their arrest.

The government was counting on their belief that no one would come ahead for Anna, and that they would be able to dispose him the way they disposed Baba Ramdev. Unfortunately for them the people of India had had enough. Anna was made an ‘honored guest’ in your words because of all the people who were in the jail, and outside the jail for him.

Why didn’t Anna come out? Because he was asked to (a) go home, (b) leave town. When Anna Hazare asked whether he would be allowed to hold an unconditional protest the Delhi police refused. Anna said that if they release him he would lead the protest and they would have to arrest him again, so it’s better that he remain in jail until the government agrees to let him protest.

Usually when a protest is organized, the people who run the protest have enough time to make preparations. There has to be enough room, and proper arrangements to make sure that the thousands collected are managed properly and without harm. If Anna had gone to the protest before the arrangements were made it could have resulted in utter chaos that might have had serious repercussions for the people gathered. Do you realize that Arundhati?

She also said that Anna’s team whizzed in-and-out of prison and it is a privilege that no one else has. Anna’s team came out when the individuals chose to be released, and when Anna refused to budge Kiran Bedi and other team members were invited by the government to try and negotiate with Anna. How does that compare to Kalmadi having a nice tea-biscuit brunch with the Warden a few days ago? Or Manu Sharma being surreptitiously paroled? Did you hear about them at all?

Arundhati, lie four caught.

Her next claim is that MCD worked hard to prepare the grounds. Is that right? I will bet anybody that Arundhati didn’t go to the grounds to inspect the preparations, and she’s talking out of her head again. I went to the ground and saw the state it was in. Here is a photograph for you Arundhati. Do you see the MCD here? Or do you see young people who are rushing to clean the wet mud, trying desperately but in union, to make the place better than a pigsty so that the people could stand.

They dug a little canal to channel the water from the ground into the drains

They dug a little canal to channel the water from the ground into the drains

She's mopping the carpet so that it may become fit to stand on

She's mopping the carpet so that it may become fit to stand on

Even if they weren’t, and even if MCD had sent all their workers to prepare the grounds for Anna Hazare’s protest, would there still be a reason to complain? What MCD did there was its job. The Ramlila Ground is supposed to be maintained by the MCD for massive gatherings. When MCD doesn’t do its job and the grounds is water-logged and mosquito infested, it creates a serious health hazard for everyone who’s there. MCD prepares the grounds for all public protests too. It did the same for Sonia Gandhi’s rally just a few months ago. Arundhati, you want the MCD to not do its job because this protest is not organized by a political party?

Arundhati, lie five caught.

She’s upset that the Lokpal has wide-ranging powers of investigation, surveillance and prosecution, and then she uses her amazing writing skills to suggest that Lokpal will practically have everything except their ‘own prisons’. I am on the verge of losing my breakfast!

Arundhati, one would expect someone who questions the Indian legal system so openly to have better knowledge about it. The police has the powers of (a) investigation, (b) surveillance, and (c) prosecution. So does the CBI. How are Lokpal’s power different? The only thing that Anna is asking for is that the Lokpal be a specialized body against corruption and that it must not need to seek permission from anybody to prosecute a corrupt office holder. Our present system puts severe restrictions on the investigative bodies. That’s why a CBI under the prime minister could not file a charge-sheet against A Raja, but when the supreme court took over the investigations A Raja was brought to jail.

Arundhati, I know that you knowingly did not make the point that the powers of Lokpal are limited to investigation, collection of evidence and prosecution. The Lokpal can bring a case to the court, and the judge will then decide on the basis of the presented evidence whether the person is guilty. How is that radically dangerous?

Arundhati, lie six caught.

It’s really amazing to see how Arundhati Roy can go to ridiculous lengths to fill the reader’s mind with garbage against Janlokpal. If you didn’t know about her problems with the Indian government, you could easily imagine she has been paid by it to write the article. She’s actually suggesting that the hawkers who pay the beat constable to set up their stalls might have to pay the ‘lokpal representative’.

Lokpal representative? Now she can frame those words and hang them on the Red fort for all to see and it still wouldn’t become true. The Lokpal is not a policing body. They can’t go and collect ‘hafta’ from the hawker.

When land-owner’s land is grabbed illegally and a mall is built there, or when a poor person’s store is unjustly removed, or when the beat constables or MCD representatives, or other government agency officials unjustly seek bribes from the people, that is corruption. The Lokpal is built to take care of that.

According to the provisions of the Janlokpal Bill, a citizen can make a complaint against an office holder, and the lokpal will investigate the complaint. If it is found true action will be taken. Lokpal is not going to send beat lokpallers to collect hafta from the poor. That’s downright ridiculous and only a fancy imagination could have conceived it.

Arundhati, lie seven caught.

She also says that the choreography, and aggressive nationalism seems to be like that of anti-reservation. It’s a clear attempt to draw the dalits away from the fight against corruption. And how inappropriate an attempt it is! It is the deprived, the dalits, who have to the bear the worst of corruption. The rich and the influential are filled with upper caste people who can actually use the present system to their advantage because they have money power, influence, and contacts.

The dalits don’t have the same advantages, that’s why when all other things being equal, it is the dalit who stands to lose when they compete with the upper caste. All due to corruption!

Now coming to the choreography. What sort of vague word is that? ‘Choreography’, what are we supposed to understand from it? If she’s talking about the slogans, we’ve already dealt with that. What else could she be talking about?

The anti-reservation protest was fraught with street violence and self-immolations. The people who opposed reservations closed down schools, colleges and offices, burnt buses, had violent clashes with the law, and burnt themselves to death. That hasn’t happened in Anna’s movement. This movement is perfectly peaceful and organized. Even when people are on a march, they stop at the red lights and crossings to let the traffic pass before continuing. What the hell is Arundhati trying to imply with her ‘Choreography’ then?

Arundhati, lie eight caught.

The next bit is very cruel. She craftily tries to separate Irom Sharmila, Bastar, Jaitapur, from the fast and implies by extension that Anna Hazare does not oppose Posco, or the farmer deaths in Maharashtra, or any of the other myriad problems that our country is battling right now. This couldn’t be furthest from truth.

Unlike Arundhati, Anna Hazare has recognized that too many of the problems that our country is facing are a direct result of corruption. That’s why a Madhu Koda is able to earn thousands of crores in graft money directly depriving the adivasis. That’s why Yeduyarappa is able to give illegal miners a free hand. That’s why Bastar and Irom, and Niyamgiri exist. Because of corruption.

If our framework made the responsible people accountable, it would create a huge difference in all of these issues. Imagine a bastar free of poachers, miners and land grabbers, a maharashtra village where the government’s benefits schemes are truly implemented. Forget all the other instances, just imagine what Manrega can really do for the people if it is implemented honestly.

You’ve also claimed that Anna doesn’t care about the farmers in Maharashtra, or in other places, even though he has spent his entire demonstratively in fighting for the poor and deprived villagers and farmers. Maybe you didn’t hear about this because you were too busy hobnobbing with India haters.

Arundhati, I believe that fighting corruption is fighting on behalf of all the people you’ve named, and not against them. If you believe otherwise, give me your reasons.

Arundhati, lie nine caught.

The next slander if of course the ultimate weapon that anyone can hurl at Anna. That he supports Raj Thackarey or Narendra Modi’s alleged wrongdoings. This is a joke, specially in sight of the fact that many of the hardliners aligned with the BJP, the hindu-brigade, and Narendra Modi are up with cudgles against Anna Hazare. They’re making the claim that Anna Hazare is an agent of Congress, propped up by Congress to facilitate the crowning of Rahul Gandhi.

The communists have no love for Hazare, the right wingers have no love for Hazare, and the Congress has no love for Hazare. My God! He must be awesomely right!

Answering your gripe, Anna Hazare has said it publicly multiple times that he is against any oppressive actions targeted against any community and that he supports a system that gives equal rights to all citizens irrespective of their religion.

And if you think you were succeeding in your nefarious scheme to distance the muslims from the movement, you’ve failed. Muslims as a community have lent their support to Anna Hazare in a massive way. Many Imams and Maulavis have made public statements, and the Dar-ul-Uloom, which is the biggest body of Muslims in India has said that it is the duty of every Muslim and citizen of India to support Anna Hazare. If they are wrong, then you must know something that they don’t. Care to share?

You’ve also brought the ‘Youth for equality’ into this. So what if Anna’s movement is supported by the Youth for Equality? It is also supported by the All India Youth Federation. Let me show you a pic of AIYF activists who marched against corruption for Anna. Lest you’ve forgotten the AIYF is the youth wing of the Communist Party of India.

They supported Anna because they want a corruption free India

They supported Anna because they want a corruption free India

Do you realize that when it comes to this fight against corruption Anna does not choose who supports him. He gratefully accepts their support. Of course he doesn’t give them anything in return except a law that’s strongly against corruption.

That’s why the Gyan Das Akhara of Ayodhya, and Hashim Ansari, the famous anti-temple litigator have jointly expressed support for Anna Hazare. Do you have the courage to rise above your own pettiness?

Arundhati, lie ten caught.

You are also very misinformed, or maybe you choose to present wrong information to the people. You have said that ‘Kabir’ is an NGO run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia. Actually Arvind Kejriwal does not run Kabir. He is an executive member because Manish Sisodia is an old associate from Parivartan, but he does not manage it, or intervene in it. It is managed by Manish Sisodia. Arvind Kejriwal’s foundation is the PCRF. They have received no donation from Ford. Their balance sheets are available on their website for public inspection. Have a look at all the money this foundation has.

Arvind started this foundation with 14 lakhs, the money he got with his Magsaysay Award. He used it for public cause and to support RTI in India.

The PCRF maintains complete accounts for the present anti-corruption movement too. Details of all incoming donations are available on the website of India Against Corruption, and expenses are detailed too. You should have a look at that.

The amount Kabir has received as donation from Ford is $200,00 and not $400,000 as you claimed. This is verifyable form the website of the ford foundation (http://www.fordfoundation.org/grants/search). You could have done well to note that this donation has nothing to do with the present movement, but you did not. I will do this for you here. This donation was made in 2011 to Kabir to promote the use of RTI in India, and not to support the India against corruption movement.

Arundhati, lie eleven caught.

You say next that the present bill fails to bring the corporates and the NGOs against the ambit of Lokpal. Does our present legal system allow that? Does our present legal system allow surveillance of the functioning of privately funded NGOs or corporate bodies in the same manner that it allows the surveillance of government organisations? The legal experts have said no, and this is the reason according to the team that they are not proposing this at the present time.

What you’ve forgotten is the fact that it is the government system that’s the worst offender when it comes to corruption, because it allows its misuse by the private sector resulting in the problems you’ve mentioned. There are already checks and systems to prevent and prosecute the wrong-doings of the private sector, but they are compromised because the investigative bodies are in the graft, or their masters are.

If we can make this start by creating a law that forces the government systems to work properly it will undoubtedly lead to better handling of the private sector too. Can you imagine the telecom companies benefiting from 2G the way they did if they didn’t have A Raja working for them? Or the various private companies making huge profits from CWG tenders if Kalmadi and Sheila Dikshit didn’t back them so brazenly?

Anna’s team has given the commitment to keep fighting, to further the cause, and take fresh measures to rid the people of corruption once the Janlokpal bill is in place. By making the Janlokpal bill an excuse to talk about all the different malaise we have you are attempting to short-circuit the anti-corruption drive itself. How is fighting government corruption any less holier than fighting corruption in private organisations?

Arundhati, lie twelve caught.

The only sense you are making is in the last paragraph when you say that Anna’s movement is the result of the failure of the legislature which is filled with criminals and millionaire politicians who have ceased to represent their people. You know, that’s exactly the point that Anna Hazare has been making. Our MPs are totally living in denial of the people’s needs and aspirations. They believe that 9% growth of GDP is an achievement worth having 11% food inflation for. It is their corrupt mindset and disconnect which must be challenged, and that’s exactly what Anna is doing when he mobilizes people in such a massive manner against corruption. The fact is, we should all be thankful to Anna Hazare for reminding the MPs that a democracy is not just made up of the parliament, but also of the people.

Note: This article is copyright free. You can share it wherever you want, you can post it on your fb or twitter profile. You can put it on your blog, even with your own name if you want. You can translate it and use it. You can add to it, trim it. Just don’t change the facts and the purpose. Thank you guys for your overwhelming response.

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1,024 Responses to Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati

  1. Lakshmikantha says:

    One of the ladies who has got lot show off..she always worked under the clutches of netha’s .
    What is this lady achievement ? she says RTI is her baby. Plz give details civil society will expose more of your wrong doings ….

    • 1111 says:

      She takes money from netas for her mekeup kit

    • Amazing to the point write up….i wish more people had the capability to explain things the way u have….eyeopener for evryone who do not understnd Y ANNA….

      • Shilpa says:

        Finish your sentences first. Read the Jan lokpal bill. Then talk.
        If you can’t trust the Government to be non corrupt, who are the committee members? God? to stay non corrupt forever? How can you be sure that without any supervision, the investigation, surveillance and prosecution will be trustworthy forever? How many Governing bodies do you want?
        why don’t you start one yourself? 😛
        If he wants this to work, ask him to create a party and become a part of the Government, instead of going against it. Fight fire with fire.

      • RPS says:

        @ Shilpa .. What is being talked about is transparency and accountability without boundaries. power corrupts everyone, be it lokpal or politicians …. but you can not remain opaque behind the permission of PM or CJI for even filing an FIR. Such immunity is the problem. Who said lokpal cannot be prosecuted or people cannot complain or file a case against lokpal .. lokpal will have power with transparency & accountability … not like A Raja .. against whome no case could be filed because it needed permission from PM ..

      • Tony says:

        You are saying lokpal will have power with transparency & accountability???? to who ????? it is going to be and independent body even above the Prime Minister, please think what ll happen if there is some body even above the prime minister (head of the govt.) Govt. ll change after 5 yrs.. what about lokpal members???? Is there anyone here who has not taken a railway ticket in black ot movie ticket in black..?? isn’t that also a form of corruption..? the people started giving bribe to govt. officials for getting their things done faster and they are blaming only the officials, I am not saying they are right or they shouldn’t be questioned, but bringing a new body like lokpal (works like a parallel govt.) is not the correct way to prevent corruption. what even your anna is doing is not right. Dont blindly follow someone only because he is raising good cause. If you guys can think please do it…

      • sqregg says:

        @Tony- The Lokpal is an *independent* body..NOT a ‘parallel govt.’ (and that smacks of paranoia). It is not above the PM, the PM is a elected official who is within its purview. FYI Manmohan Singhji does not object to this clause, it is his shady cohorts in the party who are up in arms over this. The judiciary too is an independent body. There is scope for abuse of any system (even a democratic one, you know). The key words,of course, are accountability and transparency.

      • Manivasagan says:

        Stop This “Hero-Worship” please. Anna could have done lot of good things to his village but that does not mean that he’s right about whatever he says. Why don’t you listen to the points put forth by govt. How many of you stopped receiving/giving bribes, evading taxes etc. How many of the supporters know the actual difference between two bills. How many of us really care about elections. Get rid of this Anti-Politics attitude. As Mr.Jayaprakash Narayanan rightly pointed out in 2005, Anna has become Gandhi not necessarily because he is great but because people lost hope in democracy.

        If you guys want an independent body which is above the govt, which will eventually destabilize the govt, why the hell we need elections?? Drafting Legislation is not a child play, if something does not work you want to bring in another with more power and restrictions. The problem is not with the legislation, it is with the implementation. We already have all the required legislation..but it does not work… just find out the way to make it work.

        Why the hell the Jan lokpal wants the permission to tap phones which is under Home Ministry. I can not imagine the chaotic situation it will create!! Why don’t we merge Dept of Income Tax, Election Commission with this Jan Lokpal…:) or why dont we make Anna the irremovable P.M of our country so that we prosper forever. God help this country please.!!

      • Guys instead ot fighting here… Please read below article very well written by @Kiran…


        And if this is true then it is something to worry about.. What you guys say…???

      • I agree with @Tony that even if the cause is good we should not follow someone blindly. I too support Jan-Lokpal but some points in the bill presented by civil society are of concern.

      • Ajit says:

        Exactly. While reading the article, I could see that she is seeing the movement from a Communist persepective but I couldnt put the thought into proper words. She talks about ‘overthrowing present government’, having to ‘bribe netas’ missing out what the other leaders did to bring Anna Hazare to this state, and missing Anna Hazare’s contribution to Ralegan Siddhi. She is hiding the fact that Jan Lokpal will work in Irom Sharmila’s case, the farmers suicide case, and in the case of ‘ten thousand villagers in Koodankulam protesting against the nuclear power plant’ (I am in Chennai. I know the fast personally.). Thank you author. Thanks a Million+

      • Dennis says:

        I think many people have the same confusion which you have. Creating an investigating body doesn’t mean that they are above PM or they control PM. They only have investigating powers and after investigation they will file FIR.
        You can take the example given by Arvind Kejriwal that an Income Tax officer has this power already. That means he can investigate PM or any higher judiciary members. This does not mean that they are above PM and the judiciary.

        Nobody is saying that Jan Lokpal will bring an end to the corruption, but it is a starting point. I feel the main reason for corruption is the lack of prosecution. See our daily life many people violate traffic because they know even if they are caught they only have to pay some 100 bucks to the cop to get free. I bet people will think twice if all the violators are prosecuted, e.g. Assign them community service for a day.

        After lokpal we need to bring more transparency to all the government processes. e.g. eGovernance.

    • Are you confusing Arundhati with Aruna Roy… Arundhati Roy has nothing to fo with RTI.. She has much to do with Maoists who she very lovingly calls Gandhians with Guns and her closest friend Geelani who is nothing but a terrorist….

    • hemant says:

      What a fantastic, detailed and point to point reply. But I beileve this reply is not going to change Arundhati Roy’s mind, because nobody including herself believe that she is an honest person, making an honest observation. At best she is an hypocrite, disguised as an intellectual, at worst she is hater of humanity, especially indians. I am not making this comment lightly, there is a breed of people who rejoice in other’s suffering – she is one of them. it’s her raw materail for writing garbage – to be read by equally hypocrite britisher’s. Anna is diametrically opposite, he is fighting to solve the biggest problem faced by all of us.
      There is an idioam in hindi, which roughly translates like ‘ when elephant walks majestically, dogs bark, but elephant does not pay any attention to them’
      don’t pay any attention to such dogs/ or bitches for that matter.

    • anurag jindal says:

      she can still write a complete novel on anna without knowing a word about anna and lokpal. i salute her imagination skill…and still elite paper d hindu will publish it.

    • Gautam says:

      What an astounding and precise article! Just the reply that Ms. Roy deserves for the sham of an article. This should be published as a reply to the same article in the same paper. Its worth the time. Excellent.

    • The cause is just. The movement great. Transparency and accountability are our rights and we shall have them. But how is further institutionalization of the already complex political framework going to help? How do we propose to “free” the investigative process by putting it from the hands of one master to the other? Who is to stop the Lokpal from turning corrupt? Who is going to represent the “civil society” and on what basis?

      Some questions we need to answer before we get the bill passed. Change is needed. A great opportunity has presented itself, lets not waste it.

      • rohit says:

        there is a provision within the Jan-Lokpal to complain & register against the Lokpal as well and with similar guidelines in terms of the investigation timelines etc. If this is not acceptable, then we should not have CEC and/or Police etc. Its check & balances and that we will have.
        And remember – Lokpal only investigates adn lodges a case in the court, does not take decision by itself.

      • bharat says:

        no dude its not so simplet to pass a petetion against lokpal. u can ONLY do in supremee court. which is far from reach of a common man, if not, why not all the cases could not be solved?? if it is independent why it is taking CBI wing into its control? they do have decision making powers to bring status quo on any issue, and that is a serious power, more than PM !! so understand the implications before jumping to conclusions!!

      • @rohit… are you sure that lokpal does not take any decision by itself and only investigates and then lodges a case in court? unfortunately, there are many contradictions in the bill that grant the lokpal judicial powers as well. these ambiguities have to be corrected. i am all for a strong lokpal as envisioned in the janlokpal bill but not before a healthy debate corrects/clarifies these ambiguities.

        I had posted a comment based on these ambiguities yesterday (August 23, 2011 at 9:45 am). Later I expanded that comment into an article which can be found here – http://cyclopsincognito.blogspot.com/2011/08/separation-of-powers-vs-draft-jan.html

        There are some genuine concerns about the bill out there as well and, unfortunately many of these are getting lost in the posturing that these concerns are not “well-intentioned”.

      • Rohit Paliwal says:

        I’ve read what @Kiran has explained in his blog and if this is true what he has written then it is a real concern.

    • Rajinder says:

      Was she not aware of that , one should not build concrete mansions in the serene jungles of Madhya Pradesh.

    • Ana says:

      We are with Anna, Arundhati use your skills in a better way 🙂

    • Prem says:

      Just a set answers expected from those who blindly says Anna is India… The current law in India is strong enough to put a full stop any kind of bribery, corruption and things like that… why it is not not doing that? because as the clear visor says in the 3rd paragraph of portion under the head – Arundhati, lie eight caught, “if it is implemented honestly”. So he also have doubts of its proper implimentation. That is why people like me are suspicious about this. We do have a system which will work very good against corruption, if it is implimented and adhered to, properly. If that can not be done what is the point in having another system which also is not going to work if not implimented properly? And the law in this country is the same for PM and the common man… If such a law is there what is the point in bringing ‘AnnaPal’ and then doing a fast to bring PM and other top officials under that… And I do have suspecions about Anna’s saying of negotiating only with PM’s Office or Rahul Gandhi or Maharashtra CM… What kind of a joke is this..? PM’s Office I can understand.. Who is Rahul Gandhi or Maharashtra CM? are they the sole representation for India or are they what the ‘AnnaPal’ refers to as ‘Jan’… For me ‘AnnaPal’ is not the answer to the corruption, It can be done by strongly adhering to the current laws and implimenting it to all the ‘Jan’….

      • pranshu24 says:

        For you ‘AnnaPal’ is not the answer to the corruption, It can be done by strongly adhering to the current laws and implimenting it to all the ‘Jan’…

        So has the above mentioned been done….?
        Koda,Raja,Kanimojhi,Kalmadi….all r doing good adhering to the current laws….where does ur voice go when all this happens?
        Prem it’s 400 lakh crore….right now we don’t need critics ….we need someone to come forward with a practical and implementable Bill or a much desired change in the system…
        Don’t jus keep crying again and again over the same fact that we ve got the best Constitution or the best law…blah blah….

        Come up with some solution..or don;t utter nonsense…

  2. Nav says:

    i think Arundhati Roy is being paid now by someone to write, shes out of a job and her mind!….They dont do crap for the country other than open their Gaub at th wrong place…tell her to visit annas village and compare it with any village in india….

    • Ayyavu Mahesh says:

      most of the f***ing writers working for money, if u ready give some money, she’d write abt Anna’s good things too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i just realize abt the f***ing writers

    • deepakshi says:

      what is anna’s village like?? by your comment it seems its a lot better than other villages in India….
      Please brief..

    • George Rego says:

      @Nav; so according to you if anyone is againt your views that person is being paid by somebody. What abou you? I think you are being paid to write against Arundhati Roy. I thin you are being paid by the BJP or the RSS.

      • Sandeep says:

        @George; Shut the F**K up!!

      • makrand says:

        correct. its same as if you are not with us.. you are against us and you support corruption!

      • dude
        so u think she’s not been paid by any1 to write this article….well u may be right…i might agree with u on tht point …..
        can u pls specify ur point of view
        do u agree with arundhati roy
        or this article…???

      • Dude! what has BJP or RSS got to do with this. Pls check Arundhati’s past articles and speeches. Also check what she has been upto for last so many years. She has opposed India and its larger perception tooth and nail. She has been radical outright and gone as far as supporting Afzal who planned an attack on Parliament of a democracy, which is an act beyond war. If she chooses to systematically create a conspiracy theory about everything that’s going on in India, she can only receive two reactions. Either ppl will start being cynical and suspicious of everything around them or they will hit back at her. The second is happening more often. She connects everything from Maoists to Team Anna to Corporates !! She may be eloquent but we are no suckers for that. We can see through and judge. She definately needs to be investigated for her single minded focused approach to demolisihing everything pro India.

      • Pearl says:

        @George, you are not getting Nav’s point. I think what he is trying to say is that there is no substance in the statements she made in her article and it seems like she had a quick five minutes chat with someone for an overview of this Anti-corruption movement, presumed certain things and came up with the article.

        Please do not be too rude to Ms Roy since she is pretty naive about the existing laws, the prevailing corruption, Janlokpal bill, etc. The person who wrote this article has done a commendable work educating her and all other people who fail to educate themselves fully.
        “If you know how, then where were you all this while? Why didn’t you have the B$%^s to recommend your great ideas to the government??” Clearly people who cant support the movement are in a pathetic frame of mind coz they are either confused, lost hope completely and/or sadist.

      • Prax says:

        I think george rego is being paid by sonia indira congress to slander….
        do u – george rego have any proof or evidence to back you ?
        maybe my statement may be more credible than George Regos.
        In the end what matters is credibility and george lacks it !

      • I agree with George. This bitter reply to Roy’s piece stinks of partisanship. What’s the writer’s answer to two oligarchies and bloated foreign funded NGOs not covered by the Lokpal?

      • Mr. Clarity says:

        Ahem… The bitter article of Arundhati didn’t strike you the same way at all? Did it?

    • RAm says:

      She is doing that to be famous and she is trying to take person advantage for making controversial statement . she should really Read Annaji’s JanLok Bill thoroughly ..Every time she says that Anna’s supporters are so called CIVIL SOCIETY.

      She doesn’t understand what is the LokPal Bill is ,I think she just copied Anna’s bill and made some stupid changes in that to get the publicity to become famous.I don’t know how come a social activist do such a shady thing.

      Annaji’s lokpall bill is in the Public interest and it is for the people of India .It should not be undermined by some selfish personnel like Ms Roy..If she dares to challenge Annaji’s bill why don’t she come forward and have 7 day’s fast in the favor of people of India, Is she really thinks that her bill is better than Anna’s bill.Let see how much people support her.Every time she comes on the TV and gives some stupid judgement to support het worthless bill which is just looks some sort of Copy /Paste . SHe herself doesn’t understand the implications of it.

  3. junta says:

    Why should we give so importance to Arundhati ray….What has she done for indian public? Its always easy to sit and talk blah blah blah,,,,,Common man is suffering everyday….

      • vishwasshrikhande says:

        Its important to note her writings, as she has a huge influence outside India. When she depicts India in a bad light, it spreads outside india. So its necessary.

    • The Confused Orientumanth says:

      What ? How dare you say that. She is a great crusader.

      Anti Pokhran test
      Pro Maoists
      Pro Kashmiri Separatists
      And now Anti Anti-Corruption !!

      I repeat is a great crusader for our **interesting** neigh ours who keen to see Bharath **prosper**

      Cant you see that !!!

    • ANKIT VARSHNEY says:


    • RAm says:

      Yes, you are right ..why to give her that much important.Such writers have no values they just do everything for money and publicity.

    • the ace of knaves says:

      We should. She is, cause of some misfortune of ours, is being constantly and regularly heard in main land Europe. Mostly in the self proclaimed guardian of free speech and democracy France. (She has been awarded some great honours by French Govt.). And with it’s clout and indirect gestures, these governments force Indian counterparts to decide and act. All sounds like a conspiracy theory, but one should go into Europe and then listen what those people think about India. Simply, they look through the eyes of Arundhati Roy and such people. We should not let this agitation being maligned and hijacked by some stupids. Kudos to Team Anna and support them till they win, till we win!

      Jai Hind…

  4. Solid read! I do believe the India I live in, deserves better
    Thanks for sharing, and may the force be with you…

  5. Aravind says:

    Critiques can be acceptable but not the lies…

  6. anand says:

    I dont consider Arundhati as a someone to rely on, so why should we even respond to her comments about Anna. Let’s go ahead. Let her write some good books for us.huh!!!

    • Santana says:

      As her article has been published in a national well respected english daily It is bound to confuse people about ANNA and his fast. so it is necessary to counter her point by point as is being done here I This article should have been sent to The paper ” THE HINDU” to clear all the bull shit she has written there.Kudo sto the auther of this article

      • the ace of knaves says:

        Rightly said Satana. She is cashing into her past success now. She should not be allowed to force feed India her version of the story. I personally don’t want to believe that she is bribed by someone to write this article and such. It’s better to stay away from conspiracy theories. All we should do right now is to translate this article in as many languages as possible and then let people know what a ‘great’ thinker of our time actually thinks about this movement of us people. She should be answered and countered. We should refine this article even more and ask the leading newspapers to publish it. Can you do this? Can I do this? Well, we must try, shouldn’t we?

  7. fair_citizen says:

    Arundhati Roy is another puppet pawn for the Congress. After all, she was home-grown and nurtured by the Congress govt ..

    • the ace of knaves says:

      Rightly said Satana. She is cashing into her past success now. She should not be allowed to force feed India her version of the story. I personally don’t want to believe that she is bribed by someone to write this article and such. It’s better to stay away from conspiracy theories. All we should do right now is to translate this article in as many languages as possible and then let people know what a ‘great’ thinker of our time actually thinks about this movement of us people. She should be answered and countered. We should refine this article even more and ask the leading newspapers to publish it. Can you do this? Can I do this? Well, we must try, shouldn’t we?

  8. Brilliantly written.. Hats off to you and your immaculate researched writing.

  9. Manjunath says:

    Great reply and great analysis…keep it going!

  10. Indresh says:

    Guys don’t bother arundhati….use to apna bussiness chamkana hai…bi******££ publicity …gt waisted my time in reading abt her.

  11. Shivangi says:

    I dont know why writers like Shobha De, Arundhati Roy, Anil Dharker, etc. behave Extra-terrestrial in Extra-ordinary times.. These people act as if they have been out of the world for decades and suddenly landed on Earth..
    Simply a perfect example of reverse Psychology.

  12. Ganeshan Mk says:

    Arundhati Roy wants to share the limelight, that’s all………………Who support’s Kashmiri separatist and Indian Government has not taken any action against her………..May be she is trying to sabotage Anna’s movement in connviance with Congress party.

  13. Amarnath says:

    Please send it to the hindu also. They will surely publish this. Let us see her reaction now.

    • Muks says:

      Ha!Ha The Hindu ,the paper does not even report on the protest happening in Chennai

      • raj says:

        hmm… not true.. Hindu has published about the protests happening in the whole country including Chennai..they have even covered protests in Assam and Haryana, which no other news media has.. They always publish both sides of the coin ( sign of a healthy democracy), but if you read their rather strong editorials, you will know which side they are on.. they have actually been the most vocal against this fight..

      • raj says:

        And heres some more proof, even todays newspaper contains an article on the protests in TN: http://www.thehindu.com/news/states/tamil-nadu/article2369346.ece

    • Bheeshma Kg says:

      I back this fully.
      Let’s see if The Hindu is neutral enough to bring this out as the people’s response to the sick as parasite woman churning up her illusive imagination!

      A very well written article, leaving no point untouched.
      Hats off & Keep it up!

  14. Jack Jigg says:




  15. Tushar Jain says:

    Superbly written, very crisp and covering all the major points. I really appreciate this; and more than Arundhati Roy, it will answer questions raised by many others. I want to thank you for writing this.

  16. Sree Nair says:

    “Roy and others were charged under sections 124A (sedition), 153A (promoting enmity between classes), 153B (imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration), 504 (insult intended to provoke breach of peace) and 505 (false statement, rumour circulated with intent to cause mutiny or offence against public peace.
    “These sections have to be read with Section 13 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act of 1967,” the official said.
    Roy and Geelani had shared the dais with Maoist sympathiser Vara Vara and others.
    With the case being registered, Roy and others now face arrest. The sections invoked are non-bailable and if arrested, they have to approach court for bail.
    The maximum punishment, if convicted, is life imprisonment for the offence.”


    • Thanks for the information Sir, she is getting the taste of her own medicine…

    • OMG. No wonder. Thanks for sharing

    • Sreeganesh says:

      wow !!! thats news !!!

    • Aditya Singh says:

      …agreed to the facts presented by you, Mr. Nair.

    • Manish Joshi says:

      Good Work dude !!!

    • Well done dude, she is a witch raising voice against all good-for-country issues.

      • Sriram says:

        She may not have been arrested and prosecuted but the govt did raze down a house of hers and her husband in some notified forest land. I wonder whether it was really on forest land or the govt showing that it could hurt her. This was right after she shared the stage with Geelani. So I guess she is probably applying for something and needs a favour from the embattled govt perhaps. I just wonder, is she for the present form of govt or not? She seems to talk on both the sides with rarely any foundation.

    • very true sir..i agree completely

    • yes that is why she supports maoists n separatists and not the country she lives in…t her job to distort facts n misrepresent india and indian…shame on her

    • the ace of knaves says:

      Great info. We all should remember one thing. However personally they will try to malign Anna and this movement, we should not go personal too. Oppose Roy’s views and counter it with logic and reason. Cause we are right now and no one should lesson us on this.

      But I don’t understand why you all people hate Maoist so much? They were fed up in their cause to make their own Govt. hear their issues. Bhagat Singh himself affirmed, if their deaf ears can’t hear us, then we should make them hear us by killing and bombing. Frustration guys, it leads to violence. Now, after decades that movement has lost it’s track completely and our Govt. is successful in convincing the rest of the country that Maoists are evil. Let there be corruption less administration and then development will follow and then? Who should we blame afterwards and prosecute? Govt. or Maoists?

      Anyways, support Anna and the ideals he is standing for. Don’t worship him as a person more than his ideals. We all stand for an idea. We do…

  17. NO words Sir………………………………………….. Hats off to u….

  18. Civility says:

    Arundhati is essentially suffering from inferiority complex. She has made sure that poor farmers and tribal in Orissa commit suicide, so that she can claim some fame at their cost. Probably she needs to be rehabilitated in some mental hospital, as you can also notice her pupil totally dilated.

    • amen says:

      Dude- do you even know what u r saying? arundhati may be right , she may be wrong…too many vested interests are in the play so its difficult to be absolutely sure….
      the moot point is- how can one be sure that the new system will be fool proof? if our existing systems have failed because of ‘corrupt people’ , the new lok pal can also fail for the same reasons. so why not look at bettering the existing systems instead of inventing something new?

      • Ryan says:

        Then why don’t you start a movement if you have a brilliant plan in mind for “bettering the existing systems”, instead of spreading virulent cynicism? I am sure if you have a strong point and enough moral stamina, people will support you. The end result is to bring down the rampant corruption in India, it is a fool’s errand to expect it completely eliminated, but at least bring it to tolerable levels. Lokpal may not be foolproof, but it is guaranteed to be transparent. The biggest problem with Indians was that of cynicism and apathy, it is encouraging to see people embrace activism for a change. If you are accustomed to your chronic inertia, all the very best to you in dealing with your own problems!

      • ........... says:

        I second you…….

      • Matasha Dhar says:

        That is a critical point here, how do we trust anyone to not be corrupt. One major point that is not being raised in any public debate is the role of the common man in advancement of corruption. Corruption has percolated deep into our society. A positive thing about this movement is (and this I hope) that the common man will refuse to aid this corrupt system.
        About the Lokpal bill: it is a necessity till we can start trusting our judiciary (police and the courts) to handle corruption charges honestly. The fact of the matter is even now anyone can go to the police and file a case against a corrupt official but that matter is never handled without more nepotism. There has to important checks in place to make sure that the Lokpal is corruption free. Being independent of government and entirely transparent will play an important role here. I am hoping Arvind Kejriwal, the popular proponent of RTI, will make sure of that. If this revolution results in a society cognizant of its role in corruption, we will be able to overcome petty bribery and if the Lokpal is successful, we will able to reduce corporate and governmental corruption. These are the proposed results of this movement and they may not be exactly that great, but whats the point of being a cynic if you don’t have an alternative proposal, since action is absolutely important.

  19. Kenneth Pillai says:

    Bharat Mata ki Jai,Vandemataram and Jai Hind are the slogans which brought about our Independance, will someone educate Miss Arundhati Roy about this please.

  20. sahil2441 says:

    Awesome article..!!
    Very well written…dil ki baat keh daali….

  21. sandhya says:

    I really hope a lot more people read this. Its really important. How do i share this?

    • the ace of knaves says:

      if you have a blog, publish it in as your post. If you have facebook, twitter, G+, share this page link. If you have atleast an email, copy this article and send everyone in mails.

    • Rachit says:

      Facebook status with weblink to article
      Emails to friend
      what not in this day and age Sandhya?

  22. mbalogin says:

    wow, a well researched and presented article against a petty writer like Arundhati Roy, i wonder why news papers even publish such articles without verifying the facts, clearly she is a mentally disturbed lady who is better off in a mental asylum than leaving amidst the society. A job well done by the writer of this article is clearing the lies of Arundathi.


  23. What an eye-opener. Though I never doubted Anna’s movement and its intentions but this is a great comparitive note. with facts. I would urge all to read it before getting mislead. After all thats what the Govt want, right? Arundhati – what a shame you are. Is it a fashion statement made by you to show that your are more sophisticated and informed. Well you still have time to apologize and join us, because we all are ANNA!

  24. Rakes Ray says:

    Arundhati Roy Hai Hai……….


  26. geekghost says:

    Mr. Clarity: r. Clarity: It is really a marvelous reply to not only arundhati but to the people those are against Anna Hazare’s movement. There is so much to praise in your article. I would just say that every Indian will understand that What is the meaning of “MAIN ANNA HOON “. Each of us is Anna Hazare , Arvind Khezariwal and complete team Anna. Team Anna is not 5-6 members now. Every citizen who stand up against corruption is TEAM ANNA now. Govt should understand this very clearly. Kudos !!!

  27. manoj kalkhuria says:

    Thanks for clearing certain points.
    Arundhati belongs to the group of so called social workers ,who want to be in controversy

  28. 🙂 This is called the non-violent, fact-based slap in the face of a very foolish woman.

  29. Vikram says:

    oh Wow .. how I wish I could make Ms. Roy eat that article she wrote .. while i read this to her .. !

  30. chirag says:

    Well researched and full of information for the benefit of people…………..

  31. Sanjeev says:

    Very nice! You have put your thoughts very clearly and quite well 🙂

  32. Dola says:


    Thanks for writing this article. Beautifully written and very informative. Everyone should do their bit to support the IAC movement. And you are certainly doing yours.
    I wish I had Arundhati’s email so I could send her this link.
    I am sharing your link on FB.
    We dont know each other but we are fighting for the same cause…so thank you brother.

  33. Saurabh says:

    Nailed it!

  34. i agree, there is no reason to respond! her opinion doesnt matter. let her live in her own worId rather be Anna than Arundhati

  35. mangal says:

    Arundhati Roy is doing nothing just supporting congress, she is jealous the way Anna’s stature grown by fighting in a systematic way. She is working on behalf of congress.

  36. Naveen K R says:

    Amazing article, and a clear reply to Arundhati indeed. I had read the article written by Arundhati & being a common man, my mind was left confused. Now its clear, and I know what the goal is.

  37. Great work, well done and keep it up…

  38. Nishant says:

    beautifully written!

  39. Joseph says:

    Too much a dig at Arundhati, but all consistent point.

  40. Anish Mangal says:

    Awesome article. This leads me to believe that Arundhati’s article was more ‘govt influenced’ rather than ‘general slander’. Your analysis really rips apart whatever lies she was planning to propogate.

  41. Nag says:

    Very good reply point by point….Ms. Roy should know that what shit she writes no one reads…

  42. Arundhati Roy is a “Desh Drohi”.. Pls throw her out of ‘our Nation’……

    • Sriram says:

      Nahi yaar she is good entertainment value. If not for her, we would have not delved and looked at these issues in depth. They are the necessary idiots.

  43. Worried Citizen says:

    The question still remains as to how the LOKPAL is goin to remain corruption free for ever ????…….Wat guarantees the LOKPAL will never have corrupt officals ????…Like u said …A.Raja went o jail because of Supreme Court intervening…..If the Supreme Court comes under the purview of the LOKPAL and if it was corrupt…..(it is a possibilty worth considering )……would he have ever been arrested ????

    Your questioning the lies spoken by Arundati Roy ……Maybe that is so……but the 1000’s of people who are now blindly following the ANNA movement now have to question whether all that ANNA says is going to work for ever in the futuer to get rid of corruption……
    Getting a very strong LOKPAL which does not have “democratically elected ” officials …….who can investigate anybody from the PM to any civil servant or common civilian …..which can overrule even the Supreme Court is preposterous …………This creates a parallel stronger body ……this is unconstitutional…….it is a violation of basic human rights(The JAN LOKPAL can tap ur phone lines, ur personal space can be incaded under suspicious grounds….WTF is that ????….And Evn if u appeal in the court….since the courts come under the LOKPAL…..they will be afraid to rule against the LOKPAL…)….This will lead in the distant future to dictatorship kind of politics…….

    Strong anti-corruption laws are the solution…Not craeting an almost infinitely strong body which has no guarantee that will stay corruption free forever….Or will someone please tell me how the LOKPAL is going to guarantee it…….?????

    • Chris Abraham says:

      do u have democratically elected people in the police, judiciary, bureaucracy or those managing public sector companies? u need professional people in such role… while democratically elected folks are required in executive capacity only to make decisions on behalf of the people. for a lokpal which will have supervisory jurisdiction over the executive folks & rest of the govt organisation, you probably need a mix of professional + democratically elected folks but with greatest levels of accountability, transparency & impeccable integrity. Given our history & experience with a very corrupt executive, am ok with having less of them involved in the functioning of the lokpal.

    • Gaurav says:

      Mr. Worried …..
      your statement clearly shows your BOLD opposition of Jan Lokpal because of shear ignorance..
      Please study the draft or else just watch the video where there’s a brief about how EASILY can the “Lokpal” be dismissed and that too with public participation.

      I’d also like to clarify your concern about “Guarantee of Lokpal being Honest forever”.. again you need to study the draft and gain some knowledge on Jal Lokpal/Lokayukts’ functionality.
      All the cases intervened by the Lokpal will be available online for PUBLIC PARTICIPATION…the videos of committee meetings will be streamed LIVE as well as kept online for public re-address…So you see… as soon as you find anything going wrong you can file a complaint and it will take a maximum of 2 months to remove him/her..

      • Vinay Thandi Varuvayaa says:

        @gaurav: what makes you so confident that “LIVE STREAMING” of videos of committee meetings will become a reality in India..and do you suppose that once a LOKPAL is found corrupt he will be instantly removed?? are you going to suggest a creation of another layer of lokpals to oversee the current Lokpal committee??

    • If you are really want to know reply to your apprehensions, first of all please read the Jan Lokpal Draft.
      1) Never ever it is intended to create an “Infinitely Strong Body”. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has given an example of “Income Tax Officer” who has mandate to assess and scrutinize tax documents of all MP, Minister & Prime Minister. Can we say that the ITO, who happens to be scrutinizing tax documents of PM or the Judges of Supreme Court is more powerful than PM or the Judges? Lokpal shall investigate and prosecute only corruption charges made against (i) All Government Officials (ii) All Members of Parliament and Legislatures (iii) All Judges; without requiring present system of permission from various quarters.
      2) Regarding guarantee of Lokpal remaining corruption free: Please tell us that, after 64 years of Independence, can we say that autonomous bodies such as Comptroller and Auditor General, Election Commission etc are Corrupt Institutions? The issue is that, if the process of selection would be transparent, the functioning is transparent, then there would be no scope for corruption. Jan Lokpal, in particular, stresses transparency in both selection and functioning.
      In a nutshell, I want to state that, Jan Lokpal is not the end of fight against corruption, it is the second step after Right To Information. Corrupt persons are slipping from the hands of our legal system due to various loose ends in our present anti-corruption acts. Let it be enacted, you will see by yourself, what change it can bring to our system.
      Jai Hind

    • Maneesh Velu says:

      Completely agree with what Gaurav has said. Your ignorance may be bliss, but only if you keep it to yourself. Please read before commenting. Since you have such grave doubts about the Janlokpal: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=janlokpal

    • vineel says:

      Worried Citizen,
      LOKPAL bill alone cannot clear corruption, but will definitely reduce, hopefully to much extent.

      “…………This creates a parallel stronger body ……this is unconstitutional…….it is a violation of basic human rights”
      VIN: No, LokPal body can only make investigation just like CBI,ACB, they dont make laws. So need not worry about it. Only thing is that it will work independent of government unlik CBI and ACB

      “…..it is a violation of basic human rights(The JAN LOKPAL can tap ur phone lines, ur personal space can be incaded under suspicious grounds….WTF is that ???? …”
      VIN: There is no fcuk in this…. They dont keep on tapping ur phone lines,ur personal space…. it would be done only on the suspects… (hopefully not on you 🙂 )

      “…will someone please tell me how the LOKPAL is going to guarantee it…….????? …”
      VIN: For that matter, i dont see if there is any other bill which can guarantee 100%….
      To count till 100 from the beginning, we need to start with 1…. lets start with this …

    • the ace of knaves says:

      It’s always better to act for change than to stay in a situation that is actually hurting but not killing. I would rather chose to die than to suffer long enough. What democracy and What constitution people like you are talking about? The democracy where people (actually goons and rich) are elected not on the basis of their qualification, but on their muscles. The democracy where elected people are considering it as a privilege rather than their duty. The democracy where they are busy in buying new cars, furnishing their official bungalows (Mayawati spent some 10 crores someday back) and putting thousand security personals around them for the sake of security.

      The constitution saying it is secular, and yet special laws for every religion? What kind of secular constitution is it? Why even after 64 years our constitution is not free of religion? For the sake of time, we are if not happy, then atleast content with the constitution. But this democracy needs some major overhaul. And we should have it done NOW.

      Now, do you know, if I want to file a case against a judge, I have to have a permission from the Chief justice. To this date, that stupid Chief Justice has never allowed any judge to be prosecuted. Can you imagine what immense relief those corrupt among the judges have? To put Jan-Lokpal bill in short and easy language, it guarantees the formation of loops of people, posts and authorities. Many loops are intertwined, intermixing and overlapping. So the chances of any dead end are less. Everyone in the system can be accounted for and brought to justice, EVERYONE including the Lokpals themselves. This system is not perfect cause it isn’t implemented yet. Once in force, it will keep on refining and that WE people are the ones who will refine it time to time. I feel the power now, the power of people.


    • Aswati says:

      They are willing to keep supreme court out of lokpal… its the PM they are trying to bring in and thats what the fight is continuing on for….

    • Aswati says:

      They are willing to keep the Supreme court out of lokpal.. but the fight is on to get the PM under it

    • Russ says:

      Very valid points …. escpecially the judiciary coming under the purview of the LokPal bill

    • Prax says:

      interesting point
      But getting a judge out of a supreme court is not easy, impeachment has to go thru the L n R sabhas… There are sufficient safeguards even if a lokpal is considered at par with a supreme court judge in terms of authority…
      on guarantees, there can be safeguards not 100% guarantees
      Did electing an economist to PM post guarantee good eco policy?
      It is the citizens power to complain in court and expect action that can act as a countercheck so then the aam admi is a countercheck

  44. Lokesh says:

    Thank You for the effort – article did look basically mischievous, but with your analysis you really nailed all the lies, Thanks again – it has cleared all wool from my eyes

  45. Byas Dwivedi says:

    Arundhati is made. may be got some money from congress to say like that coment.
    I dont think any one has doubt in anna’s compain.


  46. om prakash says:

    she does not deserve nice reply like your article. She is pathetic.


  48. Rubul Sarma says:

    Mr. Clarity.. thanks for such a detailed encounter..

    However, at this moment, ppl like Arundhati who is getting the feel of common Indian people (only busy in paid writing) we should not bother about… What Anna and his Team is doing is the perfect way to get the system change.

    So, Through this comment I would like to request every Indian (Corrupt people are also welcome. Because this is the time to wake up and change yourself) to join Anna’s Revolution. I am sure we will be able to see a corruption free India very soon.

    Jai Hind

  49. Gaurav says:

    NOW that’s what I call “A TIGHT SLAP”..
    I hate writers who don’t even bother to do a basic research and come out with ridiculous articles. Arundhati is one of ’em.
    Might be it was just a stunt to catch some attention, while her identity was close to become ‘EXTINCT’..

  50. A Y says:

    Clearly people who have not seen corruption’s effects first hand are not able to understand how crippling it can be to the entire infrastructure. My dad took voluntary retirement from his govt job when he finally could not work in this stinking system. The system just does not allow honest people to work for too long.

  51. Chris Abraham says:

    This only shows the real work, sincere intentions & due diligence done by Team Anna… without showing much exuberance, let me just say that the author of the rebuttal has done a PHENOMENAL job in writing the article. Ofcourse, I’ve labelled these nay-sayers as INTELLECTUAL DUMBASSES who just want to take a different line just for the sake of it. They dont realise what is at stake here & the opportunity the current movement presents in terms of the course-corrections this country so desperately needs. By writing the original article, Roy is being the most irresponsible of all those who have voiced a totally negatively opinion regarding Jan Lokpal. I’d go to the extent of saying her intent was malicious & unpatriotic considering she could’ve written a more considerate & empathetic article while disagreeing with Team Anna.

  52. atulyd says:

    I was incensed when I read Arundhati Roy’s article, enough to start writing a fitting reply. I am glad that I did not post it, cause it wouldn’t have come close to what you have written.
    Excellent article and I am sure it is lucid enough to to be understood by dimwits like Ms. Roy.

    • the ace of knaves says:

      You should do it mate. Let everyone know what your take on this issue is. We should have as many replies to Roy as many are supporting Anna.

  53. Nishi Rawat says:

    With all my due respect to anna ji, I would like to put my personal opinion here.Dharna or satyagraha shouldn’t be only against GOI, it should be targeted to all Indian’s.ANNA and his team members Bhashan’s should involve every sort of corruption in it, it should awaken hatred towards the term corruption not for any individual or group n authority only.ANNA should fast in front of every man “for every man”.There are so many sorts of corruption found in societies ,every small village baniya, teacher or a politician or even thele wala should be targeted whether gov. or private. A Corruption is a corruption whether its of 10 Rps or of million’s, because the damage it not measurable by the value of money.
    Why Indian janta is confusing the cause, and making it all anti political.It shouldn’t be anti political its a social problem, and should be tackled in same manner.Anna should put his non violent gun over every man’s head.Its more over a pledge every man should take,it can never be solved only by law n order.And ppl should accept read and choose jan lokpal bill and vote for it “FOR THEMSELVES”.

    • Maneesh Velu says:

      And your plan to achieve what you’ve stated is…? Instead of sitting and typing, go out and do something. Corruption is central to our lives because we are used to it, right from our birth (to get a birth certificate) to death (to get a death certificate) we have to pay bribes for everything. These are our rights. We cannot choose not to have a birth certificate, because it is important to us. That is where Anna has chosen to start, and I think it is a good beginning.

  54. santosh yeleri says:

    Very Informative… Totally unbiased…… Thanks a lot….

  55. Agastya says:

    Excellent rebuttal! Nobody wanted to raise a voice or move a whisker while corruption has been rampant for decades. Now that Team Anna has become successful, we see all these people such as Arundhati Roy coming up and trying to malign the movement. Why? She’s plain jealous. And so are several others like her. Did she fast? Did she go to Tihar jail fighting against corruption? Others didn’t even have the guts to come a step forward. Nobody even knew about her. Has she contributed the way Medha Patkar has? None of these people such as Arundhati Roy even knew how to bring the govt down to its knees. And now that the govt is down to its knees, we see people like Roy flocking to share the spoils. Go back to your home Ms. Roy and watch the show from your television set. Please do not waste your time and the precious time of us Indians by writing utter lies in newspapers. We are not going to fall for your tactics. Or are you an UPA agent?

  56. Himanshu says:

    An eye opener. How to fight with people like A. Roy. Who try to divert the good cause and corrupt people mindset.

  57. Devyani says:

    I think Arundhati might be paid by our corrupt/rapacious people,madam please don’t try to fool people,we know what Anna Haraze is doing.
    We are with the Anti-Corruption Movement.

  58. achu says:

    ha ha very funny guys i am sure she should not be against anna movement but do you guys know who is arundati roy “She is the one who boldly criticized India’s nuclear weapons policies and the approach to industrialization and rapid development as currently being practiced in India, including the Narmada Dam project and the power company Enron’s activities in India.
    Roy donated her Booker prize money as well as royalties from her books on the project to the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Roy also appears in Franny Armstrong’s Drowned Out, a 2002 documentary about the project. she has involved in hell a lot of social activities and even she donated her book price money to project to the Narmada Bachao Andolan… she has totally give his life for social activities and still a bachelor” ..

    • ashu says:

      clear ur facts *beep* is nt bachelor rather married twice.
      frm wiki
      Early life and background

      Arundhati Roy was born in Shillong, Meghalaya, India,[1] to Ranjit Roy, a Bengali Hindu tea planter and Mary Roy, a Malayali Syrian Christian women’s rights activist.
      She spent her childhood in Aymanam in Kerala, and went to school at Corpus Christi, Kottayam, followed by the Lawrence School, Lovedale, in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. She then studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, where she met her first husband, architect Gerard da Cunha.
      Roy met her second husband, filmmaker Pradip Krishen, in 1984, and played a village girl in his award-winning movie Massey Sahib. Until made financially stable by the success of her novel The God of Small Things, she worked various jobs, including running aerobics classes at five-star hotels in New Delhi. Roy is a cousin of prominent media personality Prannoy Roy, the head of the leading Indian TV media group NDTV,.[2] She lives in New Delhi.

    • She spent her childhood in Aymanam in Kerala, and went to school at Corpus Christi, Kottayam, followed by the Lawrence School, Lovedale, in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. She then studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, where she met her first husband, architect Gerard da Cunha.
      Roy met her second husband, filmmaker Pradip Krishen, in 1984, and played a village girl in his award-winning movie Massey Sahib. Until made financially stable by the success of her novel The God of Small Things, she worked various jobs, including running aerobics classes at five-star hotels in New Delhi. Roy is a cousin of prominent media personality Prannoy Roy, the head of the leading Indian TV media group NDTV,.[2] She lives in New Delhi.

      • Andrew says:

        Thank you.This tells everything that needs to be.Cousin of a Congress mouthpiece, lobbyist and employer of lobbyists like Barkha Dutt. She is a known secessionist,seditionist and traitor.If she were Pakistani and talked about Baloch separatism she would have been shot on the streets and been 6-feet under.Ground reality!

    • The Confused Orient says:

      Great You are so right !!. She is a great crusader.

      Anti Pokhran test
      Pro Maoists
      Pro Kashmiri Separatists
      And now Anti Anti-Corruption !!

      I repeat is a great crusader for our **interesting** neighbors who keen to see Bharath **prosper**

    • Sucheta says:

      Achu – You should be really discounted like a “achu”… She donated her booker money to Narmada Bachao Andolan. Do you know how much she got – it is just $30,000 which is peanuts in comparison to what she may have received for writing the piece of C*** she wrote. She is indeed anti-development. She calls herself a crusader but does something just the reverse. She owned a house that belongs to the conserved forest land. Your other blah blah blah about her for appearing in some commercial or documentary does not give her any credibility…

  59. fiaz says:

    JACK POT..What more could you expect Miss Arunthathi

  60. MUKESH NIGAM says:



  61. Raghu says:

    Thanks a lot for writing.

  62. Malik Mohit says:

    Just becoz u wanna be noticed you start to stand against the majority forget majority against whats rite!!! how else you can justify the diverse background of people joining the protect all across our country…students, working professionals, people from villages everyone… u have to visit the protest sites to believe it!!!! unfortunately Ms Roy is too sophisticated to do so I believe… nw a well written article… God Bless Anna Jee!!!

  63. Vishal Seth says:

    Two thumbs up!! You have done a very commendable job to counter the baseless pseudo allegations by that arm-chair socialist.

  64. Amit says:

    Sorry but BJP or thee Hindu HARDLINERS as you claim has very much supported this movement ……whats with demonizing right or centre of right and talking to hardline communalists like imam?? only then can any thought take shape after geelani bukhari azmis and other pseudo seculrs??

    other wise fine points Arundhati should be exported to POK

  65. Elavarasan says:

    Huh.. Congrats dude.. U people gave a nice shots to d bitches like ar*****thi r*y.. IAC is ours.. V ll fight for it against corruption.. Jai hind..

  66. vivglobal says:

    Brilliant stuff. Wish Hindu would publish it now

  67. Avinash says:

    Take this Arundhati Roy…. you good for nothing idiot. I request neuro-surgeons to operate upon and find out whats wrong with your peanut sized brain…. I wonder if they will be able to find one.

  68. Sanjay G says:

    Its nice reply for her. I have only one question who is she? and who gave her rights to talk?
    I guess more than 90% of public dont know who is she then why?

    • R.Christo says:

      MR Sanjay may be its time that you knw abt her…. b4 u spk abt her…. and i guess MR Anna was still in his moms womb when ppl wer burnt in BEST BAKERY or Muslim youngsters illegally convicted in Hyderabad or may be he was busy beatin ppl aftr tying them in trees for smoking as he did during EMERGENCY…

    • vineel says:

      Hi Sanjay,
      arundhati roy is a two time married writer who is known for her controversial writings.
      -support for Kashmiri separatism (just that she found half million making a ralley… does not bother about the rest)
      -criticized India’s nuclear weaponisation (pity that she does not understand ‘no first use policy’)
      -She has called for the death sentence of Mohammad Afzal(Parliament attack) to be stayed ( what the fcuk)
      -criticized Government’s armed actions against the Naxalites, described Maoists as “Gandhians” (what about the victims of Maoist terrorism)

      I dont know to which period was Christo referring to ‘BEST BAKERY or Muslim youngsters illegally convicted in Hyderabad’… if Anna was in his moms womb …..arundhati roy’s mom itself would be in her moms womb

      “he was busy beatin ppl aftr tying them in trees for smoking as he did during EMERGENCY…”
      Me: I have right to punish my child if he commits a mistake (smoking) … and my fellow villagers if i have big heart to take them as my people…
      dont know about the emergency incident

    • Shakti Pravesh says:

      Some People are blind follower of Anna & RSS and his ideology. And Either they don’t know (as Sanjay predict “90% of public don’t know who is she, and he thinks before this movement 99+ people were don’t know about Anna too.)” any body who contradict them or else don’t listen to others.

  69. Dear Arundhati, we dont want to listen u r stupid things we are not fools

  70. Good writing, articulate and excellent points but I also I think this needs some editing. Needs some spell check.
    Please introduce yourself and don’t say “Mr. Clarity”. I liked your post.

  71. Excellent article. BTW as Ms. Roy questioned about funds being used, shall we ask her what did she do with the Booker prize money (though that is besides the point)? I’m sure that she made a lot of money as royalty. What did she use it for? Who paid for all the trips that she made and dharnas and media coverage? If Mr. Hazare and the Anti-corruption movement is answerable, she, too, is. She isn’t above all of us. She is an ordinary citizen of India and doesn’t have more rights than any one of us.
    Of course, she has all right to use her money as and when she wants to. But that doesn’t give her the right as to how someone else uses his/ her money. She has been repeatedly trying to get into limelight for one reason or another. India bashing is the in-thing. Guess she thought that it was easier to do that rather than join hands with common Indians and fight for a good cause.
    Ms. Roy why don’t you come over and join hands with all of us if you are so worried about it. We vote and we decide. It’s a democracy. You don’t have the right to decide for us.
    In future, when you look in a mirror or try to have high airs about what you’ve done, please bear in mind that when all Indians regardless of their caste, creed and religion were fighting together for freedom for corruption, you were sitting in your room trying to divide us.
    Loving your country is the best thing that you can do. I still remember a Sanskrit shloka that I read as a kid: Sacrifice yourself for your family, your family for your village, your village for your country and your country for the world. We are from a land that believes in vasudhev kutumbakam (the whole earth is my family).
    But guess you don’t know that as you’ve been too busy bashing this language and culture. I am Indian and proud to be one. I don’t hesitate writing against the ills that my country suffers from but I do so because I want it to be the best. Constructive criticism is always welcome… but your criticism looks more negative and destructive.
    Please come and join hands with the rest of India and Bharat when you feel that
    मन समर्पित तन समर्पित और यह जीवन समर्पित
    चाहता हूँ मातृ-भू तुझको अभी कुछ और भी दूँ ॥
    (I hope that you do know Hindi, our national language.)
    Believe me you’ll find all of us with you the day you start acting on these words.

    • Mogambo says:

      Hindi is NOT our national language . It is one of the official languages of the Central Govt. but not necessarily of the State Govt.s or rest of India.

      • Naman says:

        How misinformed you are, like the rest of the whole blog seems to have lost all sense of reason in trying to rip apart Roy’s article. The money she got from the Booker prize, — she donated the money to the Narmada Valley Movement. Now ofcourse you know very little about what big dams do and how they affect not only the ecology but the people in dangerous ways, you will never get her point.
        Or was your questions rhetorical? That’d be a bit closer to no-nonsense.

  72. Superb rebuttal…. well written.

    Rita Pal

  73. manik says:

    Well done. Brilliantly written. I am really surprised that paper like The Hindu has given importance to someone like Roy who’d lend her support to Naxals who have lost all faith in system and are fighting it but speaks against a peaceful effort of people to change it. I think she might have supported the movement if on first day 100 would have been killed and on second 200. Then she would have called it rise of oppressed.

    Only thing why are people crying out loud against corruption in private. Private companies doesn’t utilize tax-payers money. They should be left alone to mind their own business in interest of freedom and police is enough to take care of them. After all there is no clash of interests.

    At one place they don’t want Janlokpal to collect hafta from vendors(pvt business) and other they want Janlokpal to poke its nose in their business. Some people have gone so illogical while trying to criticize Janlokpal.

    • anu raj says:

      The Hindu is just like her ek hi thai ke chatte batteli

    • What is wrong with support to naxals? Are they animals?

      • man says:

        Naxal movement has been hijacked long ago, it is no longer just a movement for the rights of the people, but to create dominions withing the state, where individuals can rule. If it is a movement of the poor, how is it they are able to get chinese made Weaponary, which is able to take on para-military force.

  74. Killer, You Pinned her down.. 🙂

  75. Mamta says:

    This is brilliant writing!!! People like Arundhati Roy don’t deserve to be writers… They dont write for a cuse, they do things for themselves… We should actually try and ignore these people by considering them mentally unstable… I pity u Arundhati…

  76. Arundhati Roy ko mental hospital main daal do current lagega tab maza aayega usko. akal thikane aa jayegi

    • The Confused Orient says:

      You would be insulting the inmates then, they are not anti-national at least

      • Naman says:

        Anti-national? To criticize is anti-national, or sensible? You are actually trying to support the Congress when it says Anna is anti-democratic with his protests. By saying that she’s an anti-national just because she always criticizes the Indian Government (which deserves the criticism) and is bold enough to voice her opinion, you are using all unreasonable arguments to say “Anna is anti-democratic because we can’t have anything that can question the pure judiciary or the parliament”

  77. Nikhil says:

    Very well written… this Roy female needs help !!!

  78. sunder iyer says:

    Brrriillliant……Hats off to you……..a very befitting reply……….

  79. A nice reply to an article which stinks of bias…… I dont understand why some of our so called intelligentsia are so cynical about this movement… seems to me that all they want to do is oppose whatever is happening… when govt is doing something they will oppose the govt, when a social activist is doing something they will oppose him…. They just can’t support… i dont say that they can not express their opinion as that is what all of us are fighting for but at least should stay away from this kind of libel and slander…..

  80. Sreejith K B says:

    Very well done

  81. sujithprathap says:

    Superb, brutal and menacingly accurate at each time.

    Arundathi Roy’s claim to fame was “The God of Small Things”. Guess when she see people treat Anna like a God she seems to have an inferiority complex.

    Really well written and a smashing piece.!!

  82. Dinesh Kumar Masta says:

    She is the height of hypocrisy.
    She support Kasmiri Separatists, Maoist rebel raising arms against the State. I guess she has a legal right to do so, but changing positions so frequently makes her an ideological mercenary for anybody who is ready to pay her price.

  83. very good article.Thanks

  84. Nesar Ahmad says:

    “Our MPs are totally living in denial of the people’s needs and aspirations. They believe that 9% growth of GDP is an achievement worth having 11% food inflation for.”

    Now I fail to understand how can this be checked by any Lokpal. These are policy issues. Economic policy of the country is being driven by the dogmatic liberal ideas, which believes that the 9 % and even higher growth rate is must and we must pay the cost for it. And majority of the middle class of this country, who is supporting Anna ji, does believe in this very religiously. The farmers suicides; displacement of people from their villages, forests and agricultural lands; establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and their fall out for the poor; giving mining rights to corporations on through away prices (virtually free compared to the money they make out of the minerals they mine); imposition of AFSPA are not result of corruption.

    All of them, except the last one in the list, are result of neo-liberal economic ideology, which have been imposed on the country, not by the corrupt or allegedly criminal MPs, but by the Mr Cleans like Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, and are being supported firmly by the corporate sector, mainstream media, and the great Indian Middle Class, who are also supporting Anna ji. Is not it interesting that the India’s middle class, which hates any sort of protest, strike, rally, marches, anything called by the trade unions and farmer organisations, is so happily on the streets today, without even knowing what they want and how will it be achieved?

    The imposition of AFSPA to the people of north-east and Kashmir and many of the cases of violation of people rights by our own security forces are result of the kind of aggressive nationalism which the RSS, BJP and also the Congress do support. How will a Lokpal help here?

    Will a Lokpal stop the government from making the policies and laws which are inherently anti-people, anti-poor, anti labour, anti farmers, anti dalit, anti tribal, anti minority?????

    Another interesting thing which this article says is that BJP hates Anna ji. Does it really. I don’t know about this time, but during the anshan in April, Ram Madhav of RSS/BJP was present there continuously at the Jantarmantar. Mr. Narendra Modi has openly praised Anna ji. Mr. Gadkari has said they would not joining the Annaji protest if they were asked for it. Where is any BJP leader’s statement against Anna ji and his movement.

    • Nesar Ahmad says:

      Please read the second last sentence as: Mr. Gadkari has said that they would not mind joining the Annaji protest if they were asked for it.

      • Sriram says:

        I believe that one of the clauses of the Jan Lokpal is that the center along with the Lokpal appoints the Lok Ayuktas of the state too. Given that clause, I believe it can be counter productive for the BJP to enter that area of protest with Anna Hazare because Narendra Modi has not appointed a Lok Ayukta in Gujarat for some time. I believe that you can imagine what would happen if the Jan Lokpal does get that power and Gujarat gets a Lok Ayukta.

      • Nesar Ahmad says:

        Sushma Swaraj in the LS last week: “Madam Speaker, 116 MPs in this House and 45 Members of the Upper House owe allegiance to the RSS. Seven chief ministers of various states are also committed to the RSS. Do you still believe the RSS does not have support in the country? Why is the government then getting so agitated and upset if a people’s movement is supported by the RSS?”


      • Dear Nesar,
        First of all I wish to tell you that, we are discussing Jan Lokpal, Anna ji & allegations made by an idiotic & psycho book writer Arundhati Roy.

        Second, all problems can not be made correct by a single act or authority. Hence, the problems you have discussed above, should not be thought to be removed by Lokpal. The only thing Lokpal would be able to do is CURB CORRUPTION, just like RTI opened the way and gave us a tool in our hands.

        Third, movement against corruption led by Anna ji is being supported by every quarter, irrespective of cast, creed, religion, sex, colour. So, there is nothing to be astonished, if any individual or any party supports it. After all, being the main opposition party in both houses of parliament, BJP would definitely try to get benefit from the anti-government mood of people.

        Fourth, before independence and even after it till Gandhiji was alive, “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram” were daily recited in his ashram, which was being attended by none other than our first Education Minister Maulana Azad. The most popular President of India till today, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, who is one of the most learned person in India, never averse to “Vande Mataram”, “Bharat Mata ki Jai” like slogans, which eventually used in our freedom strugle. I am telling you this because yesterday Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid said that: Muslims should not be participating in Anna Hazare movement because of the slogans “Vande Mataram”, “Bharat Mata ki Jai” is being chanted in the movement. He forgot that, corruption is taking its toll on millions of Muslim brethren in a very cruel manner. In this light, who shall you term as fundamentalist? My dear brother, haven’t you heard about shia & shunni riots in all countries who has adopted ISLAM as their official religion? Hence, why should we bother about these religious & political leaders and more importantly, why should we listen to them? That to in a time, when we all need to stand together against corruption.

        Fifth, Anna ji is hated by Congress as well as BJP, because he has made their life (BJP – Shiv Sena Govt and Congress – NCP Govt) miserable in Maharastra while he was leading a movement to enact RTI for ten long years. He sat for 12 days in fast, only then President of India signed the RTI Bill & Maharastra became the 1st state to get RTI.

        Lastly, as per the draft of Jan Lokpal, the Lokpal shall have powers to register & probe grievances either by receiving a petition or suo-moto without waiting for any permission or approval. By this authority, the problems like forceful acquisition of land from farmers, misappropriation of subsidy meant for poor, dalits and minority can be checked. The Lokpal has to complete investigation within 1 year and conclude the case against the corrupt official within 2 years from the date of registration. So my friend, now think, if subsidies would be utilized in proper way they are meant for, would not there be development of people who are presently lagging behind? Think of it….. Jai Hind

    • The Confused Orient says:

      Dear Friend

      Let us talk about Anti Corruption bill for now.

      I been to Kargil, Dras, Kashmir valley, Have you ever bothered to see the conditions under which Army jawans work ? do not bring AFSPA here, and for heavens sake do not talk about it without understanding how our Jawans work in Dras, Kargil and Valley .

      You have mixed too many issues here, no body is claiming that this bill is the panacea for entire gamut of issues that humanity is facing, and if they do, then they are totally mistaken.

      • jekyl hydes says:

        why would you not talk about AFSPA in manipur or kashmir ?
        does it confuse your blinkered moral standard i.e if you have any ?
        and what about the condition or work of the army ?
        do you really know anything at all ?
        you’re more like an ignorant orient and hence a confused one..

    • Sucheta says:

      Why are you confusing Anna’s movement with other problems? Anna’s movement will not be able to cure everything but corruption that is the route cause of India’s lack of development despite 65 years after independence can certainly be addressed. There are other problems, but you can’t attack all of them at the same time. One has to identify bigger ones and start solving them. What is your fixation with BJP and RSS? Why is RSS considered bad? Other than doing national service they have done nothing wrong. Could you explain your grievances against RSS or just you are afraid if BJP/RSS come to power, you will not be appeased as you are right now?

      • Nesar Ahmad says:

        Sucheta, I am not sure if your comment is addressed to me. Why I brought those issues is clearly stated there. I have replied to what the writer has written in the last paragraph of this post.

        About your suggestion that one has to identify the bigger problems first and attack them first, I would only like to say that in a democracy the perception of the ‘bigger’ problems may vary and it must be respected.

        The writer also claimed in the above post that the Annaji’s movement is being opposed by all the political parties including the BJP, which in my understanding is not true, so I mentioned that.

        Now, the problems I have with BJP/RSS is much bigger than the narrow thinking of so called appeasement of Muslims and other minorities. The RSS is responsible for killing of the very man, in whose name this movement is being conducted – Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. The ideology which the RSS and its parivar propagate are the single biggest threat to the very roots of the democracy, which is supposedly being uphold by this movement against the corruption. Gujrat to Karnatka, we are witness of their ideological corruption and hollow claims of patriotism and idealism. If you dont know yet the implications of their rath yatras and their terrorist acts then I can only say that ignorance is bliss. Have fun with the anshan…. Good luck.

    • the ace of knaves says:

      Do come out of this religious mindset first.

      Secondly, you want something which will curb all the ills of this country in one go. Maybe you forgot to mention that Jan-Lokpal isn’t addressing dowry related violence, the honour killings, the farmer suicides and all such issues. Jan-Lokpal couldn’t tackle and address these issues directly doesn’t mean we should not push for it. A stupid like you will talk about AFSPA here. Stop glorying religion and stop supporting or rejecting Anna’s view just cause your religion can’t ‘allow’ you to say Vande Mataram and such. Cause our fight is against corruption, and it doesn’t matter if you say Vande Mataram or not. Period

    • the ace of knaves says:

      Do come out of this religious mindset first.

      Secondly, you want something which will curb all the ills of this country in one go. Maybe you forgot to mention that Jan-Lokpal isn’t addressing dowry related violence, the honour killings, the farmer suicides and all such issues. Jan-Lokpal couldn’t tackle and address these issues directly doesn’t mean we should not push for it. A stupid like you will talk about AFSPA here. Stop glorying religion and stop supporting or rejecting Anna’s view just cause your religion can’t ‘allow’ you to say Vande Mataram and such. Cause our fight is against corruption, and it doesn’t matter if you say Vande Mataram or not. Period

      • jekyl hydes says:

        AFSPA is the most evil of all corruptions..i gives immunity to rapists & murderers..
        and there is someone who’s already been fasting for 11years & counting against AFSPA..
        hence, to talk about it is core to whatever your ignorance is trying to reason..
        bigotry is the first symptom of a corrupt mind..

    • Nesar Ahmad says:

      Dear Manoj,

      Thanks for taking time to address my comment. My comment was in context of a particular sentence from the above post, where the writer is saying that Arundhati did make sense when she talked about failure of our legislatures and they being in denail mode. Then the writer says: “Our MPs are totally living in denial of the people’s needs and aspirations. They believe that 9% growth of GDP is an achievement worth having 11% food inflation for.” The writer also says that: ” It is their corrupt mindset and disconnect which must be challenged, and that’s exactly what Anna is doing when he mobilizes people in such a massive manner against corruption.” That’s why i raised the issues related to policies. Because as anyone would agree both GDP growth and inflation are matter of economic policy and some go to the extent of saying that the corruption even helps in increasing growth. As you must have sensed from my above comment that I am NOT a pro-GDP growth, liberalisation and globalisation supporter. The corporate world which seem to be supporting Annaji;s cause is the biggest beneficiary both liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation as well as the widely prevalent corruption. They love the corrupt executive and leaders to bend the extremely liberal rules and policies in their favour.

      I am also unable to understand why you gave me a big lecture on ‘bharat mata ki jai’ and ‘vande matram’, I did not say a single word about these slogans or symbols. I just said BJP is supporting Anna, because from the media reports and from the statements of BJP/RSS leaders I have understood that. How can I be responsible for what the shahi imam has said or not said. I have a feeling that you gave me this lecture just because my name suggests I am a Muslim. And like a true ‘patriot’ (as defined by the sangh parivar) you could not resist yourself from giving me lecture on the importance of these slogans. If true, this indeed suggests something about your own thought process.

      By the way if you want to see another view on wider implications of this movement in terms of democracy and polity please read Prabhat Patnaik here: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/article2389694.ece?homepage=true
      I have a feeling, however, that Annaji’s supporters are not comfortable with any other views than the one coming from the Team Anna. So you may not like it. But than thats what the article is actually saying. Good Night.

      • Mr. Clarity says:


        Let me take a moment to answer your question. Have you been monitoring the recent economic policies of the Indian government? Who do they benefit? The GDP is a fine measure of the growth in a nation’s total economic growth, but does not measure the distribution of that growth. The economic policies of the current government can be considered influenced by corruption because they sacrifice the poor man at the altar of growth which reaches only a select few. There are many in the public today who feel that this is to protect the investments made by the political leaders in the Indian economy.

        There are certainly frayed tempers, but that’s because the Indian people have been at the receiving end for too long. This entire aura of not listening to everybody, it’s all lies. Team Anna has been, and is still listening to everybody. This is the only law in fact which has been subjected to public debate, and has been perfected by months of public deliberation. You do not get the opportunity to do that with any other law that your elected representatives impose on you. In that sense it is more democratic than any law passed by the Indian legislators without consulting the public. It’s only because of the present movement that you now see the government becoming open to having a public discussion when they propose a bill.

        Why have you become so blind my friend, that you refuse to see the truth, and just blame the team Anna for everything? Will you ever see the other side of the argument at all?

  85. rahul jhunjhunwala says:

    we have become wat we are today over a period of 65 years and now suddenly we want to change in 15 days…..even Gandhiji cldn’t have managed this magic feat….f the number of people that support the cause is the only virtue by which we can decide what is good or bad for a country then if tomorrow we have equal number of people demand a separate Telangana, separate Vidarbha and separate Kashmir, does tht mean tht we will have to conceded ? in the Mob Frenzy and the Slogan Mongering, the sane and thoughtly voices shall get muffled…

    • Dear Rahul,
      You are very right. We should not concede to the demands of separate telengala, vidarbha or kashmir state if
      1) state shall have meaning as in separate Khalistan, Bodoland which shall not be integrated with Union of India, and
      2) people in the movement use violence as their medium of protest.
      We have already done that and rejected their demands by crushing the movements with Iron hand.
      But, what if the movement is peaceful, without a single incident of violence where as more than following number of people are involved:
      1.25 lakh were protesting at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi,
      1.5 lakh were on the way from India Gate to Ramlila Maidan,
      0.5 lakh in front of gates of Ministers, MPs and other locations of Delhi,
      1.0 lakh at Azad Maidan, Mumbai,
      1.0 lakh at Bandra and other locations of Mumbai,
      1.0 lakh at different locations of Chennai,
      1.0 lakh at different locations of Kolkata,
      0.50 lakh average per state (province) all over India,
      And millions people online (Facebook, Twitter, Mail etc).
      Again if the demand is for separate province as in Chhatisgarh & Uttaranchal, can you tell me, what were the harms when these new provinces created by dividing large states? Rather, State or Provincial administration now reach people in less time than earlier. You should see Chhatisgargh to believe. Earlier there was no proper road, only potholes. Even today, it would take you at least 2 hours to travel 35 kms, while you move from Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, Chhatisgarh to Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. The districts which are far away from Capital of a Big State (Province), were always neglected by the administration.
      Now, let us come to the real issue. Movement Against Corruption led by non other than Anna Saheb, can not be called as mob-frenzy, slogan-mongering or anything like that. This is peaceful demonstration by the citizens who pay taxes to Govt for State (Country) Welfare schemes, not for the ministers or anybody loot them. This is just a warning only. If the Govt is not realizing, then think what will happen, if such number of people loose their hope, leave the peaceful way and start hooliganism or vandalism as happening in Telengana issue…..
      Jai Hind.

  86. Brilliantly and meaningfully written, Good one yaar. Please send to Roy too.

  87. Deeptiti says:

    Thank you for this!

    WHO the hell is Arundhati Roy to even begin commenting on Anna Hazare and the movement? She should go back to eating her rosogollas.

  88. Rajiv Bandhu says:

    she is herself funded by foreign funders to write all these rubbish.

  89. Ravi Shankar says:

    Awesome…when i read Arundhati’s article, i was a little shocked and amused at the same time, your article puts things into perspective, the logical killing of Arundhanti’s riot of words!!

  90. ansuman says:

    Dear arundhati,

    your time has been passes away. peoples are not intrested to read your nonsense books. so please do not interfere in this holy protest. we know u want to highlight ur self by crowning in to this issue & this is towards ur own business to hike ur book price. peoples know it. do not think that indians are boguss now.

  91. Kalyan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you. You’ve absolutely nailed Arundhati Roy here. She definitely deserved this for that baseless article in The Hindu..!

  92. Dr Dinesh Jangir says:

    Commenting in extraordinary ways doesn’t mean that you speak anything careless of ppl’s sentiments…..

  93. Aritra says:

    Dear Author,

    First of all my congratulations for a very well written argumentative essay. I am a student and I live outside India and really do not get much access to Indian News Channels and hence I have to rely primarily on the biased news websites : TOI and Hindu. Hence, I am not flooded with information all the time about Anna’s latest strife with the Government.
    However the thought of obstruction to Democracy comes to my mind with regards to all the drama around an honest man named Mr. Hazare. You have to bear in mind that I am not against Anna or his cause but merely the way the ‘Andolan’, if you may, is proceeding disheartens me. Since it is very evident that you have devoted a lot of time researching upon the whole issue, I have a few questions to clear my ignorance.
    1. Could you kindly tell me whether Mr. Hazare ever told the media during a public telecast that he and his supporters will fast or he just said that he alone is going to fast for the case. The reason behind my asking is, ” Do people realize whether Mr. Hazare is liking the way this whole thing is turning out? Did he plan on strong arming the Govt. to draft a bill or pass a law to curb corruption in the country?” I personally believe that if you force someone to do something hastily, it never leads to a prolonged commitment.
    2. Even if the law gets passed, would it be able to reduce even 5% of the corruption in the country which has been so very predominant for more than 3 decades?
    3. Who would enforce the law? The ombudsman? If yes, then how do we know that he is not corrupt? It surely can’t be someone elected by Janta, because they might turn out to be the same as our politicians and we do not trust them inspite of electing them with our own votes.
    4. If every person can have his way and accuse the other to be corrupt then won’t the whole country slowly start progressing towards an Anarchy?
    5. Has anyone even thought about the social impact of such a law being enforced on 1 billion + population?
    6. How will it effect the GDP of the nation?
    These are some questions that come to my mind. Surely, eradication of corruption would be a dream come true for us, as a matter to fact for any country, but is this the only way of achieving so.

    Moreover, I guess, we all would agree to one simple thing, “Everybody is a victim of corruption but when we are on the other side of the table, sab chalta hai bhai.” Law or no law, we have to imbibe one simple practice in India’s youngest citizens,i.e., our kids, “Your job is your job and not a favor done on somebody so that you would ask for a return favor.” Jai Hind!

    • Iqbal Zutshi says:

      Few things to understand: If the leaders of corruption are put behind bars, the followers become good immediately. Remember: Fish always rots from the head.
      The social impact would be magical: there are numerous schemes for the poor- who do not get what is meant for them. The money travels into the political loop- the leaders diverting funds to their followers as favours.
      If this is implemented, like the RTI act, 1.2 billion people may not use it, but those who do will help the others by effectively putting the fear of law on the corrupt.
      The GDP will increase dramatically, the black economy will slow down, government spending will go many extra miles- better roads for lower costs, lower taxes, less money in the Swiss banks- this would be good for the common man.

    • Dear Aritra,
      First, let me tell you one thing: The person you are referring as Mr. Hazare is ANNA Saheb. You must know the meaning of the word “Anna” is Big Brother. He is Big Brother of all of us. Because, as the Big Brother sacrifices for the younger ones, he has sacrificed his every belonging, his own family and above all his entire life for the betterment of people of India. In Maharashtra, “Saheb” is suffixed for Honourable persons, who deserve respect through their deeds. Let us come to your questions.
      1) Anna Saheb is not forcing anyone to take decisions hastily. I say this because, Lokpal Bill is not an issue of August 16th. It is an issue for last 42 years and the bill has been went to the Standing Committee of Parliament for 8 times. Govt after govt is trying to suppress the bill to safeguard their own MPs & MLAs and looting the taxpayers money in one way or the other. Do you know that the total amount involved in all scams happened in India till today would be more than Rs. 910603 billion. If you want a breakup, I can provide you. Anna Saheb has been assured by this Govt in the month of April that they will introduce Lokpal Bill with the suggestions of the Civil Society (A total of 71 points) in the Parliament. But they played foul and introduced a Lokpal Bill which did not include any one point raised the Civil Society. Not only that, If you will read carefully the draft bill Govt has introduced, you will definitely feel that, neither the Lokpal will have any capacity to investigate on its own nor it will have the power to punish the corrupt. It will be an Advisory Body, whose advices may or may not be listened by the Govt.
      The whole of India is standing behind Anna Saheb for enactment of a strong Lokpal Bill, which shall be an Independent, Statutory Institution and shall not require any approval or permission for investigating corruption cases. On Aug 21st alone, more than 7 lakh people were on streets in support of Anna Saheb, a 74 years old saint, who lives in a 10 X 10 room of a temple, has a steel plate for Bhojan (Fooding) and a Chatai (Mat) for Nidra (Sleep) as his only possession. Everything else he has donated long before for betterment of his village. Today his village, “Ralegan Siddhi” is a model village for whole of India.
      Again, he is the person to fought for 10 long years with several govt to enact and implement “Right to Information Act” along with his team of volunteers. Today, it would be impossible to find any person even close to the qualities of Anna Saheb.
      If we are losing this moment of people power, we may never get a chance to enact a strong Anti-Corruption Law. Moreover, haven’t our Parliament passed any bill and made it a law within 15 days? You will find many. Even one have been passed within 2 days, The famous Shah Bano case, when the law was amended after verdict of Supreme Court of India.
      2) You must have read the phrase “The fish rottens from the head”. If you will cut the head out, other parts will not rotten anymore. Similarly, if some big fish (Neta, Babu etc) shall be imprisoned for life and their property would be auctioned to recover the amount involved in corruption, all middle & junior level politician as well as bureaucrats shall fear to indulge in corruption.
      3) Transparency in selection and proceedings is the key. The details can be found at: http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/
      4) Special provisions to avoid false and frivolous accusations. To know more, visit: http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/
      Q 5) and Q 6) has been answered by Mr. Iqbal Zutshi. Feed your knowledge dear.
      Jai Hind.

    • the ace of knaves says:

      As you, I am also residing outside India for the time sake. I have been fortunate to visit Ralegan Siddhi, Anna’s native place. I am from the same district, Ahmednagar. But lets talk about your points.

      1: Anna did tell everyone about this planned fasting at the start of this month. And yes, he is trying to arm twist the Govt. through his non-violent fasting. Cause he has been badly deceived by this same Govt. before in April when he commenced the fast. They said they will propose this bill into parliament and it will be thoroughly discussed. To Anna’s surprise and to my no surprise, Govt presented a completely different version, putting PM out of Lokpal’s ambit. So this current one is his second fasting.

      2 and 3: To put Jan-Lokpal bill in short and easy language, it guarantees the formation of loops of people, posts and authorities. Many loops are intertwined, intermixing and overlapping. So the chances of any dead end are less. Everyone in the system can be accounted for and brought to justice, EVERYONE including the Lokpals themselves. This system is not perfect cause it isn’t implemented yet. Once in force, it will keep on refining and that WE people are the ones who will refine it time to time. People bribe and employs take bribe cause the system is not transparent and they know there is nothing going into the books that will prove a strong point that they have made this wrong doing. What Lokpal assures is that all the system and it’s working will be made transparent and common people like you and me can keep an eye on it. They will form many websites. I think considering the immense system we have, they will create websites of each dept. and each district and each city. So that they will upload the documents online and we can see them.

      4: To some extent your point is right. But what if everyone is being watched and being kept a nab on? if I know I haven’t done anything wrong and unconstitutional, then I have nothing to fear of. For sure the political people and activists who are benefiting from this corrupt system will try to overwhelm this new system with many many fake allegations. But Lokpal has a clause to deter these people and to bring them to justice under appropriate clause.

      5 and 6: Social impacts will be immense. You should know one thing though. If you want to take a long jump, you SHOULD have to take some steps back. This new system will take some time to settle and refine itself. No one know how much time. We haven’t implemented it yet, but surely we people will contribute in making it better and better over time. In that time, maybe our growth rate falls down, our GDP slows down. But with current scenario, all the success and all the fruits are falling in the hands of select few. Malls are growing on the lands of poor, airports are being constructed for rich. But what an ordinary person getting out of it? Jan-Lokpal in the time of it’s development will assure equal opportunity to everyone through tight monitoring over corrupt people and corruption overall. Equal distribution of wealth and opportunities are like Trojan horses of this Jan-Lokpal. For that, we should be ready to see a decreased growth rate.

  94. Amith Narendra says:

    So wonderfully penned. You’ve hit the nail on the with every single point.

  95. Smiti says:

    Very nice article … nicely written ..

  96. No Words..
    Very well written shredding Arundhati roy’s each and every lie in parts…
    I think she needs to be given ample rest by sending her o tmental asylum for whatever she has written.Better still she must be charged with sedition .

    Hats off to your writeup:)

  97. prabhat kumar says:

    very good and eye opening facts against arundhanti roy she is always Anti India.

  98. A Y says:

    I just read Arundhati’s Article. Its amazing how she is elitist, uninformed, and banally verbose simultaneously. But most of all the article is only skirting the actual issue, and is not taking the debate head on. She has devoted a couple thousand words in debating on tertiary issues that are not part of the actual problem – that the govt’s Lokpal is a Cruel Joke. The article tries heavily to divert the actual debate into unethical territory. A lot of her argumentative power relies heavily on projecting a fear powerful corporates that are going to take over India in cohorts with the JanLokpal and repress the Dalits and Adivasis and steal these people’s simple lives.

    Shame on you Arundhati.

  99. Nanda Kumar says:

    Perfect example of getting Pulitzer for speaking anti-Indian

  100. tapesh says:

    Heads of to you…keep the good work going..

  101. Anand Kumar says:

    Very well written. Muhtod Jawaab 🙂

  102. Thanks Brother ….Keep it up…

  103. mohit says:

    wht she is doing is cheap than wht osam bin laden did. anna is trying give the food to the kids who r dying with hunger and poverty in india backwards area she is trying to stop him and trying to tel public nt to support ana.

  104. Varun Koshal says:

    Hats off to you. I was enraged when I read Arundhatis article as it made no sense at all. It just shows how unaware she is of what’s actually happening. Great work hope this gets published, would be a good slap on her face.

  105. mahesh says:

    Actually Present Government is puppet pawn of all those Big white color criminals.
    and this movement has bring out all those criminal in front and they all are against Anna’s protest.

  106. Few months Back :

    Raj. Congress Minister have Exposed “Our Honorable President of India used to clean dishes and cook food for Indra Gandhi’ and because of it she become president of India..

    So now what could we expect in our country ? Where our Prime Minister is HELPLESS..

    Seriously India is a BANANA Republic – Even our New Rupee Symbol , truly symbolize Corruption”

    RTI Activist Exposed Rupee Symbol Design Scam and now Delhi High court allows RTI activist to file PIL….

    for more information go to >>> http://www.saveindianrupeesymbol.org

    To put it rather bluntly, and without any apologies, we are morally and culturally corrupt. From the ordinary cops, to the CM or the PM – we nurture corruption, nepotism and filth in our close proximity without battling an eyelid. Be it moral depravity, social callousness, or human brutality, nothing shocks us. We have accepted the “juggad” as the way of life. If there is “something in it for me” anything goes.

    We are tolerant because we are habituated to live on crumbs and proud of it – never caring to ask if we deserve the rewards that someone else worked for. We, our people, our institutions, are like street dogs – can be easily swayed from our goals by the scent of some easy crumbs that is put in out way.

    And if we we have to fight against corruption.. we need to take action instead of only commenting HERE !

  107. Neha Asthana says:

    Its sad when some ppl (read Arundhati) try to meddle with a very serious message which after such a long hiatus has made the Indian people unite & fight once more for what is rightfully theirs. Ok, so you got a Booker prize, does it mean you have the right to put 2 & 2 together & call it a five? You may be a literary genius Arundhati but your math still sucks. Mr Clarity…you be aptly named Sir Mr Clarity! 🙂 Way to go.

  108. A Y says:

    2. The lokpal is as strong as the people. If people report corruption, the lokap will take action. Just like RTI has helped expose corruption – but only when it is used properly. Also, unlike RTI, the JLP proposes safe-guarding of the whistleblower. Over time it should bring Corruption down. No one can really say for sure how much it will be. There are 3 important parts to JLP
    a) Transparency (all Lokpal work in in public purview)
    b) Citizen’s Charter (govt agencies clarify what they will do and in how much time)
    c) The whistleblower is protected

    • ........... says:

      I have a serious doubt if this will work.
      What I understand of the janlokpal bill is that any person, irrespective of his status in the society, can file a complaint against any officer, irrespective of his position in the system.
      Does it mean that a traffic police constable demanding bribe to let you go off without a challan will be complained against in the same manner as a chief minister demanding favors in kind, to the same person??
      Just taking rough calculations…….can you even imagine what will be the number of complaints that the lokpal will be getting??
      And are you so sure, that the lokpal will be able to look into, decide if it is worth intervention, and also solve all the matters that he will be getting in 1 year’s time?
      And yeah, would it be possible to give protection to each and every complainant?
      Also, would it be right to impose a fine of lakhs of rupees (minimum of JLP) on a constable who was demanding, say 100 Rs. from you?
      I remember having more doubts….but I forgot those 😀

      And of course there’s the casual doubt of…what if the lokpal is corrupt? But I guess you, me and people like us will be visiting their website on a daily basis to check if he is doing his job properly or not and also bring him down whenever about 2500 (is there a number?) of us decide that he is not fit for the job.

      Waiting for a reply.

      P.S.: Why is it, suddenly, that in our country one is either an Anna supporter or not an Indian anymore?? Why, not an Anna supporter means corruption-supporter??

      • A Y says:

        Citizens can complain today – they dont because they know nothing will happen. The JLP wants a citizen’s charter to be implemented – which means that each department will list its responsible person/dept and the time it will take to process any case. In the case of reporting about a bribe seeking Traffic cop you will report to the concerned dept in Police and not to Lokpal, they will initiate action and if nothing is done in the stipulated time you can approach Lokpal against this. So basically simply out of fear of Lokpal this polics dept will work. Right now in most govt departments 80% of the people do not work with sincerity (based on a govt officer’s estimate) in private companies the number is 20% (my estimate). In a way most govt departments work at about 50% of actual capability. So I do not expect the need for any extra budget in any department due to lokpal bill. You are not supposed to approach Lokpal for stuff till you have not reported it to concerned dept already. In the case of trafficwala asking 100 Rs. The department will fine its cop according to its own rules. The Lokpal will fine the grivience department office in amount that will be based on the payscale of the person mis-handling the case. Most govt departments have vigilance commissioners of there own to handle these case, but do not have a charter of responsibilities. They are in most cases afraid of working against there own colleagues (vigilance personnel are frequently shifted between other departments and are not a dedicated lot). If lokpal refers a case to a court then the minimum fine runs into lakhs. You can be assured it is unlikely to happen for most cases. As an added deterent to cases, you will be asked to pay a fine if you bring about a frivolous case.

        The mere fear of the fact that members of lokpal (its not just one person) will be working in transparent manner is deterrent enough to corruption – and this part is obvious. Maybe, you are making this argument simply for the sake of making an argument, but I will assume you are not and will still dive in to answer. No, no one will visit the lokpal’s website to look at what is happening on case number 45324. People will go on the website to track personal cases. They can bring any wrongdoings to the notice of anyone – press, lokpal members, or Supreme Court. No number of people are needed to decide if a particular person in the lokpal is not doing the job correctly and needs to be removed. If you file a case and a bench of people (includes ex-judges) decide that there is merit to a case against Lokpal they will be able to proceed with the case. You also have the right to approach Supreme Court.

        Like I have said else where in my posts, the Lokpal if anything will save us money (read my other comments).

        Your post script point is unoriginal tripe that I have read in some other anti-anna articles. I have not come accross anyone who calls an anna or jlp hatter un-Indian. I was personally against the Bill for a long time, and people listened to me patiently and some agreed to my points. The only difference now is that I know the Bill better then I did earlier.

  109. vai says:

    Wonderful reply, unbiased and to-the-point. Now how do we make the concerned lady read this?

  110. Raj says:

    Arundhati Roy must be preparing for her next publication and will need a poorer India, so that to grab her next price.

    A corruption free and developed India is no good for her.

  111. Hitender says:

    Superb, hats off to you

  112. Naj says:

    Strike 3!! Arundhati – You are OUT!!!

  113. A Y says:

    3. The lokpal can be corrupt, but
    a) the Transperancy of its proceedings (everything in public domain) and
    b) the right of any citizen to ask for removal of Lokpal members by directly approaching the supreme court and
    c) the independent body that will investigate Lokpal (unlike now where the same body investigates its corrupt brethren in several organizations)

    will insure that the Lokpal isn’t very likely to get corrupt.

  114. Naks says:

    Ms.roy has just made a monkey out of her…
    she shouldn’t have used words like anti reservation,that just shows to how low level she could fall…
    well I am more surprised why a reputed newspaper like the Hindu should publish such an article,full of lies?….

  115. Vijay says:

    @Arundhathi Roy, Hope she understands the pain we are going through because of corruption. This Movement is against the corruption, Please don’t use this as an opportunity to get cheap publicity.

  116. Ashish says:

    You are wasting your time arguing with a mental case.. this woman needs to have her head examined!!

  117. sunny says:

    Firstly THANK YOU.

    @ Arundathi : Get the @#$% out of INDIA,we are capable of fighting corruption with ANNA.we dont need @#$%,stupid @#$% like you to talk abt OUR INDIA. you were the one who said india should be more worried abt HINDU TERRORISM right. say that again ppl of INDIA will peel you @#$%face back of your neck. you @#$%.

  118. Rightly said…
    The thing is that today each and everyone opposing Anna doesn’t want to face the truth.
    They must think not as an individual; but as an Indian; then they will be with Anna and his movement.
    Rest Arundhati to Bhagwan sadbudhi de..
    Kabhie insaan ki life mein aisa phase aata hai uski budhi brasth ho jati hai..

  119. A Y says:

    4. A fine of 1 Lakh for frivolous complaints is a deterrent. Also you can still accuse anyone of corruption and organization still exist to allow this – though there are too many of them and a lot of people do not know about them. When you can even accuse everyone of corruption but do not do it today, why do you expect this will happen more due to Lokpal?

  120. AVANTIKA says:


  121. Nesar Ahmad says:

    One correction: Mr. Gadkari has said that they would not mind joining the Annaji protest if they were asked for it.

  122. praveen says:

    good explanation.. we support Anna (Fight Against Corruption)

  123. A Y says:

    5. I am afraid the question is not framed correctly, maybe you can put it up as a question and try not to put it as what you think is an answer. I am just suggesting you reframe your question, it is very badly written and I do not understand it.

  124. Devendra says:

    I thank you very much for exposing this no good woman. May be its time to take a peaceful protest against her house and persuade her to leave India and its people out of her stupid writing hobby. She doesn’t deserve to be given any consideration. And I urge everyone who reads this, to spread the truth and expose Arundhati’s lies to the world.

  125. Sagar says:

    Great article. Hats off for presenting the facts to d disillusioned Arundhati Roy. And I must say that the way you presented your points is awesome. Gr8 work.

  126. Vibhu Bansal says:

    Arunadhati Roy herself is a champion & torch bearer of corruption. The Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh) plot on which she built a bungalow in the 1990s is a notified forest area, where sale or purchase of property is banned. See Indian Express article http://www.indianexpress.com/news/arundhati-roys-pachmarhi-house-declared-ill/718384/

  127. Ravi g says:

    hello al . her mission accomplished
    because now we started talking aboutnher u see.
    why dont we just ignore and treat her as if a dog is barking at the sun

  128. charmine says:

    Fitting reply dude! She seems to have a problem with everything,but,what’s her solution??? Her article is just crap ,people are educated & know better than to believe her.That article is really a fiction of her imagination. Please put a share button on your site,this is well worth a read.

  129. A Y says:

    6. I am guessing it will help the GDP immensely.

    Think of all the money it could have saved for the govt – no more 2G scam, no more CWG scam, no more loss of confidence, a free society where you can exercise your legal rights easily.

    Even if you ignore the scams, let me ask this. We spend Billions on Indian Army (which too has corruption, and LP could bring the cost of Army down) because we need the Army. We can similarly spend on Lokpal because we need the Lokpal.

  130. vinay says:

    she does not deserve that much attention..

  131. A good rebuttal, but wonder why give her so much importance. She has lost her manners, her article was full of animosity and seems she is deeply hurt for not given due attention and importance. Give her time to do some soul searching.

  132. A Y says:

    Your final paragraph is sort of Utopian. If we could imbibe our kids with all the right values, no one in any part of the world would need any form of govt, and we would all be able to simply do our Job and not care about war, crime and corruption.

  133. Ashok Prasad says:

    This is a great counter to the trash written by the one book wonder pseudo-intellectual.
    She seems intent on sitting back and watching the country destroy itself.

    • George Rego says:

      What about your Ashok Prasad, who non corrupt are you? I bet your as corrupt as any other Indian. If you say your not then you are lying to yourself. I bet you did not even vote.
      Do you ever vote in the elections?

      • Manoj K Mishra says:

        Dear George,
        Let me answer on behalf of Ashok.
        1) How do you come to know that he has not voted in elections? Do you know anything about “How elections are being held, fought and won”? Do you know about Booth Capturing and Booth Rigging? Have you ever voted with a gun pointed at your head? Have you ever beaten by police for trying to cast your vote? Have you faced Naxalites and punished by them for trying to cast your vote?
        Our democracy still exists because we Indians are much more tolerant and hopeful of change, however slow or small the change is, than any other citizen in the world.
        2) I am presenting one scenario to you. You have gone to election booth and find out that all candidates listed on the EVM are scoundrels or criminals. What would you do? Still cast your vote in favour of one of them or return home without casting your valuable vote? Because there is no “Nobody from the list” option.

  134. madhvi says:

    Awesome article …..

  135. shreya says:

    I think people like these speak up only bz they know they would gain immediate media attaention speaking against the wave. That is just about it. She is busy thinking how to promote her next book so against Anna is a way of gain propaganda.

  136. Dinesh Sahu says:

    i think arundhati roy doesnot support anti corruption.. she wants corruption.

  137. Pingback: Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati (via Clear Visor – See Clearly) | Mind Journal

  138. Aayush Gupta says:

    Brilliantly written….
    Lets see what she cooks up now….

  139. ankur agarwal says:

    Great article, keep going this way friend.

  140. Manu says:

    @ Arundhati Roy – have you ever gone to any Tehsil office to buy a Govt. Stamp paper (Govt. priced it at Rs.20/- and Public Notary selling it for Rs.25/-); have you ever gone to Tehsil to get a property registered in your name (Tehsildar asks for Rs.10,000/- as his signing fee and don’t forget payout to Patwari sahib and his peon and clerk); you must be having Indian Passport (the police wala who came for verification, has he not been paid Rs. 300/- as gratitude) and of-course who can forget diligent Postman babu for delivering this document and wishes “sir videsh ja rahey ho, hamari mithai to de do”….what the hell you are talking; come and see real India and live the life we are leaving…nonsense hypocrite!

    • shoba says:

      Thatz true only when she undergoes such a situation she would understand…

    • George Rego says:

      @Manu. I have some questions for you. Why did you pay the Notary Rs. 25 for something that costs Rs. 20. Why did u pay the Thesildar Rs.10,000 when all u need to do was pay the rprscribed fee. Why did you pay the police wall the Rs.300 and ofcourse why did u pay the postman anyting. If there is any hypocrite its you. You did not have to pay any of this yet you did. You are equally guilty of corruption. You and me are the real India. The country is corrupt because you and I are corrupt.

      If you read through all the comments and blogs you will have to answer these questions.

      How will the JanaLokpal Bill eradicate corruption?
      Who is going to be the LOKPAL?
      What guarantee he and the several lakhs of staff the LOKPAL will have will not be corrupt.
      What guarantee will you or ANNA give that when you go to file a case against anyone at the LOKPAL the clerk will not require gratitude.
      Once the LOKPAL bill is passed will you stop paying Rs. 25 for something that costs 20, Not pay the thesildar Rs.10000 (or for that matter even Rs. 1/-), and not pay the policeman a bribe (for catching you overspeedn, breaking a redlight, driving down a one waysteeet, not wearing your helmet, Not carrying your DL or whatever). Will u stop buying tickets in the black. Will you pay your tax (direct and indirect).

      Corruption starts with us and it has to be ended by us. We already have 1000’s of laws but its not being implemented or its being manupilated. What is the guarantee the janlokpal will be HONESTLY implemented and not manupilated.

      Get on with working for the NATION stop disrutpting the country. Do You know how much this agitation has already cost the country. Can you tell me who is paying for all this publicity and the Drama of ANNA. Who is keepign track of who is funding this and who is going to audit the source of funds for this agitation

      • utkarsh says:

        mr george rego, i feel manu paid for because he didnt have any other option than to. what do you expect from the common man, shall he stop getting government documents? shall he stop buying any property just because he cannot get it registered through fair means? shall he not avail a passport? shall he not travel abroad.

        the system is so corrupted that common man doesnt have a choice, NEITHER HE HAS A VOICE. with coming of lokpal, atleast he will be able to complain of these corrupt officials, and hopefully action will be taken.

        besides, what 1000’s of laws are you talking about? institutions such as cbi, cvc come under the control of government itself. they have earned their share of notoriety for acting as per need of government. lokpal is different in manner, that it does not follow the commands of possible corrupts. it is answerable to people.

        true, lokpal cannot and will not end corruption, but it is a significant step forward in checking corruption.

      • ........... says:


      • ........... says:


        I posted my reply at the wrong post, under this one…..sorry for that.

  141. Rohit R says:

    Fantastic article and a superb retort to the illogical and publicity seeking article by the “illogical idiot”. I guess she googles her name every night to count how many results are returned and keeps courting silly controversies to get her name in the papers. I will therefore not use her name here.

    When I read her article, I didn’t know how to react except with a broad grin on my face. It was very rich of someone with her credentials and past record to accuse someone of Anna’s stature. This coming after previously justifying the Naxals picking up arms??? goading the kashmir youth to fight for their rights (just about escaping a sedition charge)??? Sharing the dias with separatists ??? Now she targets Anna Hazare… I am more amused than confused.

  142. milanthgautham says:

    h, man… why can’t you see this is the least of issues she is trying to project or we should be concerned…. You guys makes it sounds like a debate between two film stars…. Get to the core of the issue man.
    Tell me how lokpal, which is also gonna be of humen, who is corruptible, is going to end the corruption??
    And how can you be so sure it’s not gonna be a parellel government once it gets the power of investigation, surveillance, and prosecution???

  143. virender singh Thakur says:

    she fights for the love and pride of the people of India???I doubt !!

  144. Prakasan Muthu says:

    Mr.Clarity.. your reply is absolutely correct, u said it point by point, those who want clarification they can read your reply. Do like this in future alos, and support Annaji for the victory.. All the best.. Jai Hind

  145. pattabiraman says:

    hi, dont bother about the barking dogs on mountain. let them bark . we will do our job. no body is going to bother about these creatures.

  146. Pooja says:

    huh . . reply to the article and the comments arundhati, sour grapes. .

    seriously misinformed, the article as bad as the books, i always wondered what got you fame. i guess writing scandalously, writing to ignite and writing things opposite to what ppl think is your line of writing (and thinking)

    beautiful blog, nicely funneling the anger of all masses and accurately pointing at main points. we need such write ups in support of the mass movement we are participating in and no shit like her’s. Amazing thing is The Hindu printed it. Congress-supporting much??

  147. Mayank says:

    Thats a brilliant post my friend!. Not just a solid response to rather wishy washy post by Arundhati Roy but also a post which clarifies lot of issues currently floating around. I hope you are around to write many more – this movement does need people like you. And why dont you step out and respond to some other garbage being thrown by the likes of @bdutt and other literatti of this country against Anna and his movement.

  148. John Das says:

    Way to go dear …Fantastic write ….I hope the article has slapped awake Arundhati from the hangover of the only succes she ever had ………………..moreover …i already started thinking she has turned naxal or joined kashmiri militants …..GAWD..she is still alive !!!

  149. Sumeet says:

    Very well written reply. I was very angry at the article by Arundhati yesterday. You have really given eloquence to that anger. God speed.

  150. Abhijit says:

    Alleging that Anna is supporting Raj Thackarey is the ultimate lie….. Rather, he has been fighting the Thackarey family all his life… he has done several agitations against the Shiv Sena government and also made sure that some ministers got sacked. Anna has been preaching the concept of non-violence for his entire life and has been a true follower of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

  151. Supreet says:

    Well written…The main problem with Arundhati is that she is quite anti-peace. Till the time you don’t pick up guns and kill people(like maoists, kashmiri seperatists), she won’t understand you.

  152. pankaj says:

    Excellent reply to Ms. Roy and detractors of Anna Hazare movement, I really wish Hindu should publish it and Ms. reply should give a reply.

  153. GK says:

    Ahhh, this is what I expected…Even Arjun never accepted that he is not the best Archer….I never forgot “if I dont play cricket am not a sportsman” once said to me…..
    I havnt seen a single thought contradicting (Besides truth and lie game) her article or a comment. Instead its yet another Hate SPEECH, something similar to what I read on front page of TOI. “When you will read you will get to know what am talking about”. I agree CHETAN BHAGAT is the in thing, I like his books but you can’t live of only on entertainment.
    And to have a debate will someone come with some points anti/pro her article and not just ANOTHER hate speech.
    To build a nation aint an easy task, look outside the window, other’s and countries ahead of us are still struggling, but we should do what we have been doing till independence.Listen and act/react or what-ever.
    Am not saying Mr.A is right or Ms. A is wrong. She might have an motive behind this article as well, it is for us to listen, read, understand/analyze then act.
    Ciao and Jai Hind (If it makes you happy)

  154. Why should we give so importance to Arundhati ray….What has she done for indian public? Its always easy to sit and talk blah blah blah,,,,,Common man is suffering everyday….

  155. abc says:

    Awesome! Fitting reply to BS that arundhati roy wrote.

  156. nice work,,,,i want to share this article in facebook,,,,,,,

  157. agilranni says:

    i want to share this article in facebook,,,,,,,,,

  158. Awesome article and a fitting reply to Ms. Show off…. loved it.

  159. Amrit says:

    Someone should slap this article written by you on her face and she should be made to read it aloud and then told that how utterly nonsense her so called ‘thoughts,opinions,FACTS and Information’ are.
    Hats off to you for explaining every point so clearly..
    God bless Anna
    God bless India

  160. i can neither b #Anna, nor d #Govt nor #Arundhati & many others …… cause each of them have
    a “Right-to-Speech” n that’s what d’cracy is all about ….. different VOICES n same CAUSE …..!
    #We all have to come-across, in ONE table as ONE family n INCORPORATE, all the VOICES to defeat the common-enemy i.e. the MONSTER , such that, every section of SOCIETY is Benefitted,
    cos, each ONE of these are Representing the VOICES of Many (behind them) …..!!
    #Once U r in Public-domain, every thing is FAIR in LOVE n WAR, but #We all must learn to “Harness”- negative Energy, Constructive-Criticism & positive Energy into ; ” directing the ‘SHIP’ to Sail in d RIGHT-direction” and the amount of Valuable TIME Lost, should be directed in “Strengthening the Institutions” …!!!
    #Make best use of d amount of #Talent, #Knowledge, #Integrity, #Character … #We possess …!!!!
    #Please Remember, Each n Every #DraftBill has a PLACE for itself, do not SCRAP any …??? Infact, WELCOME-All & Start ‘Fill-in-the-Blank’, with the best SOLUTIONS, which is GOOD for the NATION n its PEOPLE …!!!!!

    Chandra ……

  161. Pradeep says:

    Just read finished reading the article by Arundhati Roy…in yesterday’s Hindu, where she just launched a scathing attack on Anna Hazare. She is entitled to her opinion in a democratic country like ours, but I would just like to see her [and Aruna Roy] undertaking a fast like the one Anna is just carrying out. They will only get support from Hurriyat conference, LeT and of course their friends in the Maoist camp.

  162. This is an awesome article, an eye opener….thanks for writing such a comprehensive and detailed analysis for all of us…I hope that lady hears your voice… 🙂

  163. shoba says:

    Arundathi…plz stop those non sesnse things we all are educated and know what Anna is doing and dont forget you are an Indian women…

  164. Very well rebutted. Arundhati is suffering from ‘intelligentsia syndrome’, which makes her believe that she is always right. Just recently she was on the other side of the fence when she stood for ‘The right to referendum’ of the Kashmiris towing the Pakistan line vis-a-vis the Indian government’s. she is ‘running with the hare and hunting with the hounds’. let us not take her diatribes seriously.
    Let the likes of her be reminded that when ever the country is in distress there will be a ‘Gandhi’ to be confronted with. and the world is a witness to that. This is a History in the making.

  165. Parikshit says:

    Brilliant, masterpiece Sir !!!
    I am believing every bit of what you wrote is well researched unlike Arundhati Roy’s article. Have already uploaded this on my FB page

  166. Yatin Salvekar says:

    Jealousy, thy name is aurndhati roy.

  167. I agree, Arundhati roy just speaks crap. Every-time she opens her mouth bull**** comes out. she must visit Agra ASAP.

  168. ashish says:

    ये है एक ऐसी कड़वी सच्चाई ..जिसे हर उसे जानना चाहिए ..जो अपने आप को सच्चा भारतीय मनता है ..! जय भारत ..!
    Anti Hindu Scums
    क्या आप अरुंधती राय को जानते हैं ???

    आप अरुंधती… राय को जानते हैं? आपमें से कई लोग कम से कम इतना जरूर जानतेहोंगे कि वह भारत की प्रसिद्ध लेखिका व समाजसेविका हैं। पर क्या आप यहजानते हैं कि उन्हें खुद को भारतीय कहने में शर्म आती है। हैरानी हो रहीहै न, पर यह सच है। यही नहीं, वह भारतविरोधी मुहिम भी चला रखी है, जिसमेंउनका साथ दे रहे हैं कई एनआरआई भारतीय। मुहिम रूपी इस राष्ट्रविरोधीदुष्साहस का मकसद है, भारत से कश्‍मीर को आजाद कराना, जब पूरा देश’नक्सलियो की इन हरकतों से परेशान है तब एक रैली में अरुंधती राय बोल रहीथी,‘ ” बददिमागो का ये कदमठीक है” वाह! धन्य हैं भारतमाता और उसकी सहनशीलता, जिसकी कोख से पैदा लेकर, खून-पसीने से हासिल आजाद भारत में पल-बढ़कर कुछ लोग उसी मां की अस्मिता वअस्तित्व के खिलाफ वातावरण में जहर घोल रहे हैं।कैसी विडंबना है, इतना गंभीर आरोप लगाने वाले तथाकथित मानवाधिकारकार्यकर्ता इसी भूमि की पैदाईश हैं। क्या कभी आपने सहज भाव से भारत केनक्‍शे की कल्पना कश्‍मीर को अलग करके की है? क्या हमारे ही पूर्वजों नेइस देश की संप्रभुता और आजादी की खातिर अनगिनत कुर्बानियां दी थीं औरगुलाम भारत को अपने खून से सींच कर अहलेचमन बनाया था? कल तक तो पाकिस्तानके भेजे आतंकी हमारे देश की संप्रभुता पर हमला कर रहे थे, अब तो अपने हीघर के लोग और वह भी जाने-माने लोग, स्वार्थ में इस कदर वशीभूत हो चुके हैं कि अपनी ही मां से गद्दारी करते उनकी रूह तक नहीं कांप रही हैं…

    अरुंधति राय ने यहाँ तक भी कह दिया कि कश्मीर भारत का अभिन्न अंग कभी रहा ही नहीं। उन्होंने भारत को उपनिवेशवादी भी बताया।

  169. Mohammed Masood Alam says:

    Superbly written reply! What is her credentials, except a book. she pokes her nose in every matter just to be in news.

  170. keshav says:

    great work n research arundati roy is good fro nothing she should be made to read this .. all that the is page 3 socialite who can only speak in front of media make useless comments . she has written books but but she dosent know anything about the corruption in India. so Ms Roy if u dnt support the movement then better dnt be against it.

  171. ravi says:

    I never expected such an article by Arundhati Roy. She has mentioned many points without knowing facts. and many of her arguments are vague.

  172. Anil says:

    Carry on your good work in bringing out the truth.

  173. milanthgautham says:

    i believe the best thing Anna to do is start a political party. With all the support he gets from the so called India against corruption, he and all the candidates of his party can easily win all the seats and then they have all the possibilities to make a law to end corruption and not only that but all the evils India is facing now!! Then there wouldn’t be even a need for the lokpal….
    What are we gonna do if the lokpal gets corrupted??? Fight again for a body that can control even the lokpal???

  174. Alok says:

    Now I call upon the newspaper who published her article to publish this befitting rejoinder; who i equate with someone worse than a prostitute….a prostitute sells her body while keeping her soul intact….this woman has traded her soul for money that she earns from playing to western galleries….i had written a piece after she justified DANTEWADA massacre last year…..which India is she talking of? Same, which she abused on so many ocassions in the past…..she calls herself mobile republic…..and if she thinks that Anna is challenging that republic, then she shud be happy as she is not part of Indian republic.

  175. Ravi says:

    I just want to say to Arundhati that you are GOOD FOR NOTHING so plz f**k off and Spare our movement…Anna ji had done a lot for the people. You are not even the sand of his feets. So plz go live your luxirous life and write some cheap novels on vulgarity…or Whatever.

  176. kvivek05 says:

    Apart from the points made regarding the donation – I am not one bit convinced why I should be Anna ?

    The bill clearly will screw the system more than it is already screwed – and anybody who has ever read the bill will understand that. The emotion and support for Anna is justified and well taken -but that’s something definitely I would like to stand for. + We all know how many people understand what Lokpal is.

    • Anand says:

      Whether people understand or not, it is clear that you don’t understand it a bit. There is no need to convince you ‘why you should be anna either’. Please educate yourself about the bill provisions first and then comment. The bill will screw the system more? really? Can it be screwed anymore? And how is not “trying for a change” will change the system.

  177. Neel says:

    Very good reply to an effort to malign the image of Anna and his team. Point to point reply is awesome!

  178. shafi says:

    its a crap thing written to satisfy your own egos.Accept an opinion and if u find differences defend ur opinion by logic. not thru frustation.. I know this comment is not going to see the page but at least the author would get to see it.

    • Optimos says:

      Your reply seems to be venting frustration than the writer of this article. If you think that perspective and thinking of 100 ppl is undervalued and your is superior than to theirs then I can’t think of a more foolish person than you and you still talk about the logic…have you ever applied the same before replying this. Critiques are good for everything but when their thought process and comments are based on facts than personal biasing. What the write has presented here are the facts than what comments arundhati had stated are purely self built just to bring her presence. I am no fan of this writer but definitely was a fan of Arundhati before this. Have read most of her work and was quite fascinated sometimes. Anyway as you said accept this opinion of mine and start thinking logical than venting out ur frustration again by replying to this email. I am a anonymous person and it will not matter what soever you may write against or for me. But I couldn’t keep myself replying to your comment. My email will be mentioned below in case you would want to vent your frustration at different level.

  179. प्रवीण says:

    Awesome! Very well written!!
    We need more of such allegation rebuttal articles. A few days back I too wrote one such post to answer government’s propaganda against this movement: http://pravinsingh.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/objectionmelord/

    Keep up the good work.

  180. What a gr8 rebuttal to Dhoti Roy?

  181. Saurabh Saxena says:

    The article is really the best on this laudable topic. Thank you for the post. You made some good points here. Gud work.

  182. T.Sivaraman says:

    Sir! Arundathi Roy is distantly related Mr.Prannoy Roy and hence gets her due coverage in NDTV. Prannoy is also related to Mr.Prakash Karat. Hence you will get only Pro Congress / Communist news/views. Also kindly note that approx. week back Ms.Barka Dutt – ((Placement Assistant (Ministers) Part time job – Anti national and Pro Cong. Stand at NDTV)) – asked Sibal that telecom ministry lost due to faulty policies of Mr.Raja. Sibal shot back even transponders were sold to NDTV at lower price as they are in nursing state and the same was repeated for telecom! Will CBI look into this also?? But unfortunately no! They are all united in their fight against anti-corruption!! It is time we unite to defeat them.

  183. What a weirdo!! she’s the one who once said that kashmir is not an integral part of India..Even High Court had asked to file a case against her..Has she been supported Anna,she would have gained a lot of respect among public..Everybody has it’s own way i.e. Claim to Fame!!! These guys must be dumped under national security Act.

  184. The best way to come in limelight is, by giving radical views about a movement which is being supported by the common man, lead by a man who owns nothing with a team who have unquestionable record and knowledge by a woman who has done nothing with her life except doing what she has done with her recent article.
    I hope one day she gets what so ever she wants in life so at least one supporter/promoter of corruption will be less in India.
    And its great that you have written an article which has the enough information to actually show the real knowledge/inclination of the people like her. I hope this article is printed in the same paper which published her article
    I’ll try my level best to circulate this article among my folks, although I know very few people have taken Arundhati’s article seriously or taken her seriously

    Let democracy prevail and Corruption fail

  185. Jai says:

    Very well written. Tore up Arunadhi’s article to shreds !

  186. rahul says:

    Please find some one in capacity to publish this in mass media for we do not want any misleads on the movt.

  187. Muks says:

    She is a Page 3 brat,constantly drawing attention with her foot in the mouth comments,I have a feeling she shares the same genes as Digvijay Singh

  188. PAWAN PANDEY says:

    I am speechless… what a rebuttal! I salute the person who wrote it.

  189. JUMRI_RIBA says:

    “If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country.”- (Jawaharlal Nehru) is the opening lines in the article “THE GREATER COMMON GOOD” by split personality A. Roy. Then why is she not with Anna, who is suffering for interest of the civil society and the country. It is also crystal clear to 1.21 billion Indian, that other than those Ill-fated men, who preach practices and involves in misappropriation are supporting Anna Hazare. More over people know the credibility difference between A.Roy and A. Hazzare. I feel her personal inconveniences are making her justify all the nonsense statements that she makes (Kashmir or anti corruption movement) shame on you Roy. When the whole nation understands that a man who has no empire to expand no possessions to accumulate and most of all a man who has no personal inconveniences at all is doing it for INDIA. I am optimistic that Anna is the first man to been seen in the present era who really stands for India. If, she doesn’t agree to it then I am sure that she should go and see a Psychiatric.

  190. Sim says:

    What rubbish!! Did the RSS pay u?
    U are abusing the freedom
    of speech by hurting another citizens opinion. What a childish way of getting back at the article. It’s definetely people like u who poison indias culture. Shame on u..!

    • T.Sivaraman says:

      I am sorry you can’t stay that Arundati’s hill resort home during summers but she will deposit cash for your faithfullness. As regards to her hill resort home It was demolished as per court order as she had unlawfully built it!

    • Anirudha says:

      Really? If Arundhati roy has the right to publish an article, why doesnt the author of this blog have the right to reply? Or have the rights been modified to allow only pseudo-intellectuals to share their thoughts?

  191. gaurav chaudhary says:

    I don’t doubt Anna’s integrity neither I saying that jan lokpal is not a good bill but I fear the fact of making all this a big tamasha. May be jan lokpal is the right way to go but giving dead-lines to government to pass the exact same bill in parliament, it all looks like black mailing the government. They should debate it in a proper manner in parliament in-spite of doing this so called second freedom struggle. They should try to co-operate with government and listen to all points and should not think that its their way or the high way. If the government doesn’t listen to their points at all and if they think that they have public support than they actually have done a lot of negative publicity of government already so that in next election we might see a new government, which will be bound to take their points in consideration. I think addressing the issue of corruption is above jan lokpal or Arvind Kejriwal or even Anna.

    • Jai says:

      This Bill has been lingering in Parliament for over 40 years. Has 8 committees drafting it. If the Bill isn’t pushed like Anna is doing, it will vanish again for another 40 years.

      You (and our elected public servants) have got it wrong. Parliament isn’t paramount. Its the People of India who are Paramount. Have you read the Constitution of India…it says “WE THE PEOPLE….solemnly swear..” It doesn’t say “WE THE ELECTED SERVANTS…”

      Our elected representatives should be exactly that – Our Elected REPRESENTATIVES. They are OUR voice in Parliament. They seem to forget that. In Democracies like UK & USA, their MP’s before any important Bill, visit their constituency, talk and take the pulse of the people. Then they vote on that basis.

      Here in India, once you get voted, you think you own the People. You are King and master.

      The People of India are Paramount. Never forget that.

  192. Satish says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. clarity for giving reply to Arindhati’s article!

  193. Brilliant effort & writeup! but she doesn’t deserved to be talked about.

  194. Iyer G A says:

    It is unfortunate that Arundhati could make such a comment about anna! It appears she has taken it personal and she is blind to the cause! A individual cannot be including Arundhati cannot be perfect in all that they say, write or do. And it is not necessary that every one should comply with what she has in her mind ! Having won an various awards for writings her commends are reprehensible, giving an impression that she writes something but talk and does something to the contrary!
    We are all clinging in the name of democracy and constitution but the events over the last few months have shown that it is only one which is meant for the rich and afluent! If one has been observing in differnt channel the senior ministers are stressing that anything we do should conform to the constitution and parliamentary procedures! But they, elected representatives of the ruling government are the ones who are violating both, constitutional stipulations and democratic principles, this is glaringly displayed by the Arrest of both Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare ! No one is sanctified enough to take the name of democracy or constitution and it has now dawned upon public that in the name of constitution and democracy, both being used as a tool, throw dust in the eyes of the public who struggles day and night to make both ends meet! Arundhati, if you do not want to scuttle your crusades, whatsoever, please apologies to Anna and the people of India ! You appear to be in your own world unable to realize momentum and motivation Anna has given to the public not onlyu in India but all over the world!

  195. Mahesh says:

    Fantastic. India needs your kind of support against some over filled brains who will be cursed by several victims of corruption.

  196. sandeep Babbr says:

    Arundhati should be sent to the arctic….Freeze her so that the after 50- 100 years people can see what kind of sudo’s lived in this gen and what people like Anna had to go thru….Is’nt Arundhati the same one who had illegally got a house built in some sanctuary at M.P , which got into trouble…. maybe she wants to get on the good side of Congress to get her illegal house back illegally with their help

  197. Nice to read this article , thanks for this article
    really clear reply for AD ROY …she must read this and next time an words before writing any think she need to think about the facts, this is the revolution against corruption,

  198. She`s a Publicity seeking women. Remember her comments on Kashmir….Ms. Arundhati needs to know her limits…

  199. bizsafari says:

    Kudos!!! Befitting reply to attention seeking ”intellectuals”

  200. sandeep Babbr says:

    Arundhati should be sent to arctic….Freeze her so that the after 50- 100 years people can see what kind of sudo’s lived in this gen and what people like Anna had to go thru….Is’nt Arundhati the same one who had illegally got a house built in some sanctuary at M.P , which got into trouble…. maybe she wants to get on the good side of Congress to get her illegal house back illegally with their help

  201. rahul says:

    Madam Arundhati Roy,

    Why don’t you find a place called hell in your life so that there, you can find people at your same mentality. I think you don’t deserve to live in INIDIA you should leave immediately, if you have a little bit shame. Who told you are a writer before becoming writer first try to become good citizen of the country I don’ t know where you born and I don’ t know who might be your shameful guardian who had given birth for a such a shit……..At least give back something from your life to the country INDIA which had given you fame..and popularity, and if you are not capable to contribute anything then keep your dam shit quitly…. Arundhati Roy MURDABAAD…..

  202. Arundhati is going into same states of mind ,others are going into, I mean jealousy. You arrange a consensus and let only upper class and highly influential people be allowed in, 90% will appose Anna. Simply because they are either jealous with Anna and massive support he is receiving or they are not affected by corruption or they manages odds on their way by money power or influence. They wish India remains what India is now to enjoy superiority over millions of poor.
    Ms. Arundhati are you a freak saying Anna is a “freshly minted saint” or for that matter gandhiji was also a freshly minted saint according to you?

  203. Dear Mr Clarity,
    Thank you for your blog post. I do not agree with one remark in your PS, allowing someone to post it in their own name. I appreciate that you are remaining anonymous and do not want to take credit for what you have written. And what I point out could seem like a minor transgression, but it goes against the very spirit of all that you have been arguing against – corruption.

  204. Mayank says:

    Linking this to my blog here . http://mayank-p.blogspot.com/2011/08/why-id-rather-be-anna-than-arundhati.html

    Also on twitter from @mayank211
    An articulate and strong response to Arundhati Roy post http://t.co/hAhXMrw pl RT coz this needs to reach those who read Ms Roy post.

  205. “the powers of Lokpal are limited to investigation, collection of evidence and prosecution. The Lokpal can bring a case to the court, and the judge will then decide on the basis of the presented evidence whether the person is guilty.”

    That’s what Kejriwal and others say too. However, there seem to be a few contradictory clauses in the bill. Take these instances. Please, correct me if I am wrong, and the following clauses have been modified in the latest version of the bill.

    1) “…no proceedings or decision of the Lokpal shall be liable to be challenged, reviewed, quashed or called in question in any court of ordinary Civil Jurisdiction.”
    What decision is the bill talking about here? Can the Lokpal impose punishments? If so, however minor the punishment may be, this is akin to handing judicial powers to the lokpal. That goes against the separation of powers envisioned in our Constitution.

    2) “(2) The Lokpal, after getting such enquiries and investigations done as it deems fit, may take one or more of the following actions:
    a. Close the case, if prima facie, the complaint is not made out, or
    b. Initiate prosecution against public servants as well as those private entities, which
    are parties to the act
    c. Recommend imposition of appropriate penalties under the relevant Conduct Rules
    Provided that if a government servant is finally convicted under the
    Prevention of Corruption Act, the penalty of dismissal shall be recommended
    on such government servant.
    d. Order cancellation or modification of a license or lease or permission or contract or
    agreement, which was the subject matter of investigation.
    e. Blacklist the concerned firm or company or contractor or any other entity involved
    in that act of corruption.”
    What are (d) and (e) if not a form of punishment? Shouldn’t that be the prerogative of the court? Or, does the Lokpal do this only AFTER the court has given a verdict?

    3) “(5) Orders made by Lokpal under sub-section (2)(c) of this section shall be binding on the government and the government shall implement it within a week of receipt of that order.”
    Again, if it is the court that gives the verdict, what lokpal orders (when read in conjunction with (2)(c)) are being mentioned here?

    4) “(2) For the purpose of any such investigation (including the preliminary inquiry) the Lokpal shall have all the powers of a civil court while trying a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 , in respect of the following matters, namely:-
    (a) Summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him on oath; ”
    Why would a non-judicial body examine someone under OATH? Can the CBI/Police do this?

    5) “(3) Any proceeding before the Lokpal shall be deemed to be a judicial proceeding with in the meaning of section 193 of the Indian Penal Code. ”
    What does that mean?

    All-in-all , the bill does not clearly specify how the trials will be conducted. It is not clear if the lokpal has absolutely no judicial powers. There are many more clauses like the above that warrant a healthy debate. This debate is essential before passing the bill and thus, the August 30th deadline is unreasonable (and undemocratic if it stifles this debate). There are some genuine concerns about the bill out there as well and, unfortunately many of these are getting lost in the posturing that these concerns are not “well-intentioned”.

    Btw, clearvisor, this point aside, nice post.

    • Mayank says:

      Well highlighted. There is misclarity because in current form, Lokpal does seen to have judicial powers. This needs to be clarified, since there are clauses which seem to contradict this when it says, the chargesheet will be filed in courts. Am no lawyers, but something seems amiss.

  206. harshit says:

    good one!!!

  207. Energy says:

    Roy is one of th pseudo intellectuals who can’t digest how a simple man could gather such a huge support when her senseless comments don’t.
    Somebody should tell her that twisting simple things up n unnecessarily complicating them is nt a sign of intellect. It’s time media distances itself from her n nt give her space.
    Anti Anna voices r welcome but not misinformed ignorant voices who speak up with the sole purpose of being perceived intelligent are not.
    She sounds like the Rakhi sawant of writers except that she isn’t even entertaining like Rakhi. Any publicity isn’t good publicity a. Roy!

  208. अब तक अन्ना को गाली दे रहा था ! कल फैसला किया अब नहीं दूंगा !


  209. arvind menon says:

    brilliant stuff!

  210. Manoj Pande says:

    I will pray that the bill for a strong Lok Pal is introduced in this session …a debate in the parliament happens…and Anna comes out of the Fasting Soon….so that he is healthy and in good health to see the nation building after the bill is passed…

  211. raj says:

    great point-by-point rebuttal!!!!

  212. The best way to deal with bitches like Arundati Roy is to ignore her. Really she is a good for nothing *****

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  214. Arundhati, read this carefully!
    Shame on you….

  215. Pingback: Anonymous

  216. I was exhausted after replying many…This is a welcome move…great relief for people like me.

  217. Shamim Khan says:

    Writer is so coward that he has protected his identity, anyways this Anna Chalisa is written good.

    • That is not true. If you know where to look, you can easily find his name. Incidentally he has published the same piece in his personal website too.

    • Shailendra says:

      Not cowardly, but sensible. Now shut up and go make me a kebab, b!tch.

      • Deej says:

        Dear Mr. Shailendra, it was unfortunate that Shamim Khan couldn’t find the writer’s name. But well with the lokpal bill i was also of the mindset that it was about doing it the right way. She, being a citizen of a democratic India, had expressed her opinion and your comment is very unfair, and represents how you distinguish between a Hindu and a Muslim. India is for everybody, and calling somebody Bitch was well something I guess Anna would be very amazed to hear from one of his follower.

        Dear blog administrator, your article is really nice. Another perspective. Its a healthy debate.Why play blame game. She said something, you say something, I say something, in this course we are getting aware, more conscious, which I think is really good and healthy. I saw a couple of abuses in the page which is really spoiling the spirit. Imagine Anna or Arundhati shouting at each other such abuses, because they are both making a point.

        And yes Mr. Shailandra, people like you should control your anger. People like you are very dangerous for India’s integrity.

  218. She’s been pwned. That’s all I can say!

  219. Ranjit says:

    Some self styled moral monitors in our society who thrive on bringing themself in the limelight by making outrageous statements. Ms Roy is oNe such person.her lies have been exposed.

  220. soma says:


  221. abirami says:

    its us who promote and help the politicians to b who they r
    this shows how we lack unity in acceptance & fight of truth
    y civil society must fight among them? let us leave the blame games and Hippocrates to d corrupt
    few so called ‘intellectuals’ r no so straight and socially concerned as they pose, ms.A.Roy’s personal views r hers not India’s.
    Anna’s team has helped in boosting our conscious, its a fact.

  222. Akshat says:

    A great point by point rebutt

  223. No point wasting time on Arundhati.

    I do question your suggestion that “Even now Anna Hazare and his team has announced that they are open to any public debate on Janlokpal and they will answer all the questions that anyone might have on any issue.”

    I have been long trying to get these people’s attention, and recently even wrote a blog post and ensured that it was personally communicated to Arvind. However, no response.


    My point is that EVEN when clearer and FAR better solutions are being offered, we are wasting time on something that will make NO difference to corruption.

    You might wish to critique what I’m suggesting, instead of wasting time on Arundhati et al. And if possible, do try to get IAC to start thinking about CAUSES, not about cosmetic decorative and ineffective “solutions”.

    Sanjeev Sabhlok

  224. ajinkya says:

    Kudos to your participation in activism. its commendable. However your comprehension of arundhati roy’s article leaves a lot to be desired.
    Her essential premise is systemic. its a question of concentration of power and solution sought being simplistic. both are fair arguments. you got lost in her sharp vitriol. she is at fault for making the argument a little complicated with emotional outbursts. she should know that not many really understand english all that well. people misunderstand figures of speech and confuse systemic issues with specific acts.
    She plays a very important role of agitating. people fail to realise that any society needs good agitators for a saner system that doesnt settle in stupor. an agitator need not give solutions. he/she only needs to create ground for debates. she does that wonderfully. asking for quick solutions and creating ‘us/them’ polarity is very irresponsible and counter productive. but unfortunately all arguments in indian media boil down to banality.

    • Shailendra says:

      Well said. You too have played “agitator” in this forum, by speaking in favour of Arundhati Roy, when everybody here (including myself) is against her. But you have done it rather well, politely and in a way that will make us ponder, rather than fume. Arundhati, on the other hand, also wanted to stir a controversy, to avoid being clubbed with the others who have said pretty much the same thing as she did.

    • Rodosee says:

      Very well said indeed.

    • abhaytiku says:

      Hmmm……..people should now see the “systemic” elements within the editorial spread that Arundhati graced the world with. And you can’t identify the “systemic” elements in this blog, I guess.

      Maybe you like “Salo”, or the parallel universe where Roy is beatified. I am yet to see such a subtle example of prose that reeks of sycophancy (fetish, is it ?).

      “an agitator need not give solutions” , Sartre would turn in his grave. I am sure that role was very well played during the conference in delhi where the reds, and the Hurriyat and Roy got together for the bonfire.

      Maybe a little context would do you some good (I see that your love for wikileaks, kundera, tea, menial work, big open spaces, arguments, arts hath your cup overflowing. Damn then again, did i read “wikileaks” there ?). So the account of a chechen mujahid’s wedding in Wikileaks is not as banal as what media made out of Anna in here ? Who the **** are we kidding ?

      The agitation is systemic, its the agitation that is moving elements post this monsoon revolution in India, you can be a part of this physically or in spirit and action, both ways we bring forth incrimental change. Grow over your Roy wet dream and see the real world.

      • you are funny. 🙂
        and in the barrage of your words, i fail to see a coherent argument.
        so you don’t want me to support arundhati, is it? or should i go dig and physically stop sartre from spinning? why would u resurrect him here anyways?
        where have i said that anna’s revolution is not systemic? I believe you misread me.
        i support his motives. this revolution is the best thing happened to india in ages. But does that mean we go blindly for it? don’t we have the right to question facets of it? to have discussion? and if for a moment you put aside the prejudice towards arundhati, you will realise that her arguments are quite clear and valid.
        As intelligent beings, we should be able to chose parts from the whole or identify whole from its parts. so while wikileaks threw some garbage, weren’t there massive nuggets of irrefutable political jewels? in what arundhati says, isn’t there a valid argument about the core reasons for corruption not getting addressed through law? Its a sociological reality which cannot be simply wished away through a law. there are structural reasons behind corruption. until they get addressed no amount of laws will help.
        anyways, if you are going to reply, please try and write a little simply. from what you wrote, there’s just a vague idea of opposition without any concrete ideas in opposition.

  225. BITS Pilani Goa Campus says:

    Once LOKPAL bill is passed first person to go through trail shpuld be lady arundhati roy for her nonsense writing

  226. fiaz says:

    I dont see any of your comments defy any of the points she raised.
    Corruption in India is systemic and endemic and we are all to blame especially the corporates which fuel corruption with their greed for profits…
    Laws have to be passed by elected parliament…. Next we will have mobs blackmailing to enact laws to remove reservations, protect cows, attack PAK, evict slums… My issue is on the sanctity of democracy… & the media misguiding nation saying the bill will close the pandora box….
    I agree that the nations sentiment us against corruption… And we respect it… But not at the cost of logic… Hope the pressure will ensure a good bill but the “my way or highway” attitude is not good… Also all politicians are corrupt and the rest pure is pure hypocritical….
    But on the bright side it’s triumph for Indian democracy that allows for such discourse…. Let’s hope we have strong bill but also we protect the freedoms , constitutional sanctity that our forefathers shed their blood & sweat….

  227. vipin says:

    This is excellent reply to these Arundhati Roy kind of paid political agents….

  228. Vinayan.v says:

    Good work yaar…….Congrats…

  229. Shailendra says:

    Excellent article. But we ought to know that Arundhati Roy has no choice but to be Anna, because you cannot spell Suzanna without Anna!

  230. Kishore says:

    She openly supported separatist kashmir movement and got scolding by the supreme court. Time and again she works and acts against Indians. I do not support her at all.
    I need to corruption free India. At least I want the years following to be corruption free.
    I support Anna for the Jan Lokpal bill.

  231. Shaurya says:

    Well Done.

  232. puri says:

    The lady thinks and acts as an expert on all the matters under the sun just because she has received a literary award and creates only an ill feeling and contempt towards herself.She shouild just focus on the subject she is best in.

  233. sundert says:

    Very correct and strong replies..

  234. Prats says:

    Brilliant Post… Kudos to your great and in-depth analysis and reply

  235. Ritu Bhardwaj says:

    Too good! Can Hindu publish this too! 🙂

    I too have a picture to share..

  236. Pushpak says:

    Unbelievably awesome! You are a HERO, friend.

  237. Rohit Tagore says:

    A fit reply for the sick minds !!!!!!!!!!!

  238. kuhlmann says:

    Anna Hazare wants anyone who wants to drink alcohol to be flogged in vigilante style, everywhere in India, claiming that physical abuse is a necessary evil to destroy the free will of any responsible adult who wants to consume alcohol, specially in villages.[31] [32]
    See clearly. Now? Please?

  239. KISHOR mULAY says:


  240. johnbaby says:

    Now that all are charged and involved in the battle against corruption, please do tell your parents, relatives, your kids and most importantly YOURSELF, that Don’t Give or Take bribes. That would be the sweet result of this campaign. Can you do that?. Along with waiving the Indian Flag, show some self integrity to be part of this campaign, if you are into this for a real cause.

    • Mayank says:

      Unfortunately bribes are never given wilfully in most of the cases. By law it is illegal to give and receive bribes. A strong law and good enforcement will go a long way in addressing this issue. If self integrity is all that was needed and was so easy, there would not be need of any law, governance or judiciary. So while we can all talk of a Utopian world, with high level of integrity, it is a bit unrealistic. Not many people around like Anna who can stand up and be counted as clean – even the best efforts of Govt couldnt dig any dirt against him.

      • einzztein says:


        May I ask you, what exactly is the point you are trying to convey here? Corruption cannot cease until the individual ceases greasing the palms of the government officials and the public servants cease to fleece the public. @johnbaby has a very valid request. The Bill, even if properly implemented cannot root out corruption completely, until an attitude change is effected. Even if the effort to bring a constitutional reform either fails/ backfires/ proves to be ineffective – the sole good we can take out of this is the resolve to have self integrity – while we need not be fearful of standing out from the crowd – indeed, that precisely is what prevents us, personally ethical people to commit such mistakes. If all else fails, we may have the courage to stand up and fight. Let us not make the bill a way to circumvent our own shortcomings.


  241. Rachit says:

    Why did you give so much importance to that lady ? She’s plain jealous that none of her so called “protests” did not get so much support. And she never will get support for her protests bcz they are stupid. Peroid. She wakes up one morning and finds that another person who is more selfless than she can ever get is something bigger, and she’ll be all like , ” Oh damn…I could have done that too. Ok now let’s get mileage out of this. Let me as usual speak the opposite and prove how much more dumb I can get !” Much on the lines of Digvijay Singh and Manish Tewari ! She shouldn’t even get newspaper space to write. I read 1/4th and left reading her article. No use giving her importance. She can shine her Booker prize or whatever literary award everyday and be happy with it.

  242. ravikant says:

    Parcel her “Arundhati” to Pakistan or POK without visa..

  243. thanxs for writing this..
    i was shocked by reading her article, how THE HINDU ppl thought it is good to publish..??

  244. Neelam Singh says:

    slaughter arundhati roy!!! (non violently though)

    • Aggresive India says:

      just wanna ask a simple question neelam. Dont u think slaughtering is a bit to harsh even if it is done non-violently.

  245. JAgs says:

    recently she supported to kashmiri seperatist…….now subotaging the environment, made by ANNA against the corruption …………either she is aGOVT.’s agent or somebody help this mentally retarted mind………must be thrown out to mental asylum………..

  246. nish says:

    One of the best replies written….
    we dont need any gyans from arundhati roy

  247. Tushar says:

    Problem with the people like Arundhati Roy is that they believe themself to have a better brain than rest of the world. When you tell her that most of india is in support to Anna, she wants to go against the flow just to show how intelligent she is..
    But honestly..she is making a fool of herself

  248. Vinit says:

    Arundhati Roy a typical page 3 personality, running big mouth thinking she is expert of everything in this world. Controversy is her favorite word and she lives for it. Infact thats what she writes :). Better to ignore her, because I think this is just publicity stunt she is pulling probably for her next novel 🙂

  249. subbu says:

    Never really had a very high opinion of Arundhati Roy. Comments from her and people like Aruna Roy reek of people jealous of anna hazare being able to bring people together which has been the dream of A and A roys all their lives…and probably will remain a dream.

  250. GG says:

    Arundhati Roy wrote the article in a imaginative mind set like in books. She should be confined to her book and should not come to real world.

    My humble to her request not to write anything in future………
    Get well soon Arundhati………..

  251. kishoregeddam says:

    very well written

  252. Sunil says:

    Very Strong reply Hats off

  253. Ganesh says:

    she is good Sales-manger

  254. 100,00,00,000th Anna says:

    I liked your comments about hobnobing with India haters. Well said. I wish all newspapers and electronic media websites who published AR’s article yesterday also have courage to publish yours too. We can not really change the mindset of people like AR by such articles but the least we can do is (in Munna Bhai’s type Gandhigiri) is to send them wishes – Get well soon.

  255. Arv says:

    Anna and Team consider themselves as the be all and end all in this issue. That is not right. A much bigger consensus need to be there and Team Anna cannot be considered in any circumstances as the deciding authority as they claim by setting deadlines to the govt for passing the bill. There is no magic wand to remove corruption. The existing system itself is good enough to set things right. Only people have to select the right persons to govern us rather than voting based on caste and money given out during election times. People need to reform themselves by refusing to give bribes.

  256. ADS says:

    This is such a childish write up!! lie-1, lie-2, lie-3,…! Think deeply and properly and read what she has actually written. Be rational guys!
    I support Anna totally but these kind of neo-national sentiments are working against the movement.

  257. Shanj says:

    Now it is government which is seems to be fascist. Rather than analyzing both Jan lokpal bill and Government bill and which one is better, She started attacking Team Anna and its movement. Government lokpal bill is garbage and no different from present system…..Lokpal will be elected by virtually government nominees and it can be removed by government( again government control), No independent agency for investigation( Government controlled CBI will do that), giving chance to accused to remove the evidences, only ministers can give order to start the investigations, only one section of government brought under it, providing insufficient manpower to lokpal……The list goes on.

    People like Arundhati thought that they are doing something great by thinking differently but proved to be idiots.

  258. Awesome… This is the reply which Arundhathi Royi deserves….. I am sharing it in all social networking sites possible… People should read this to understand, how people like Arundhathi Roy can mislead the people… Once again.. Good work, Great Job!!!

    Hope we will achieve our mission soon…

    Jai Hind

  259. rahul says:

    To All Indina.

    For Arundhati
    Please don’t purchase any book written by Arundhati Roy, LETS DO PLEDGE SO that in future people of such mentality should not survive in this beautiful country INDIA.She should suffer in such a way that she should not able get two times food in a day.

  260. Bhim Singh says:

    Y arundati roy/Aruna roy is coming in between? ANNA JI has started this protest against corruption & thats y we indians have come forward for support. If there is any discussion 2b done it should be only JANLOKPAL BILL which was presented by ANNA JI & TEAM, coz its 100% against CORRUPTION.

    Presently Congress is ruling india since >5years,earlier BJP, what hav these parties done to bring corruption down? Result as of today is “WORST”.

    So, atleast we should try this JANLOKPAL BILL, as ANNAJI has said this will bring 60-65% corruption under control.This achivement will be very very very big for our country.We should consider this as 100% as compared to wats going on.

  261. prashant says:

    To All Indina.

    For Arundhati
    Please don’t purchase any book written by Arundhati Roy, LETS DO PLEDGE SO that in future people of such mentality should not survive in this beautiful country INDIA.She should suffer in such a way that she should not able get two times food in a day.

    • Vinod says:

      rashant , i agree with you. We the younger generation must start a campaign against such people. She is just trying to get more attention and publicity using this issue. I pity such people. I hope she reads my comment below and gets some wisdom

  262. Vinod says:

    Madam, wish u have more grey cells in you. Its amply evident that u are writing this for 2 reasons-1 is to make yourself more popular using this shortcut to try and sell more of your books and 2 would be that you have been paid to do a job by someone here.

    Please take a piece of paper , on the Left handside write all that u did for India and on the right handside write all that Anna did for India, before this go to Anna’s village and get a first hand info than depending on government agents for info. You will then ralise the greatness of Anna and fall on his feet with apologies.

    Or the least u cud hv done was to just think of Anna when he was a soldier braving all the odds in Indo Pak Border , with all his fellow soldiers getting killed in an ambush. have u at least gone to the border as a tourist!!!Stop fishing in troubled waters

  263. prayag says:

    she can not do anything for public,she can just sit and speak out.
    1) Ask her is there other way she can do for Indian public instead of keep talking.
    2) Ask her to do Fast for At least 5 days.
    3) Why she did not speak about corruption,when it was Uncontrollable.And now If Someone (Anna) is protesting,She is claiming.
    4) She just wants publicity stunt.

  264. Biju Abraham says:

    Why is it that Anna and his army not trying for eradicating poverty from India, rather fighting for the PM and Judiciary to be included in JANLOKPAL..?

    • Amit says:

      Biju –
      First you have to think why people like Anna Hazare has to come out to protest..
      Removing poverty.. tackling corruption are all Govt. role.. But this Govt. failed at all corners.. that’s y Anna hazare has stepped up for this noble cause..
      and remember.. Corruption is also a key index for rising poverty and rising prices..

  265. boseaniirban says:

    No wonder after the bill passes she is heard being lynched from publisher’ offices 🙂

  266. AM says:

    a fitting reply to Arundati Roy’s article….she seems to be jealous of Anna’s Anticorruption movement and the kind of unexpected response it received….

  267. Sriram says:

    Quite a task reading the article and the comments but it did shed light on one small thing. We read and blog and therefore we are. I agree that she is somehow totally weird and eccentric in her methods but the way she actually writes to get points through is too much a pain in the brain but it sure made us sit up and read up on the issue. Maybe that is her role. But that being said I wonder how can a person be so ill-prepared when writing a piece against a movement and consistently do so at every other controversy and people who print her op-ed do so either with flagrant disregard for their newspaper’s or magazines reputation or they just want to grab eyeballs in the ratings game.

    I do agree a bill or law wont stop corruption but I am reminded of a line from a movie that said that govts should be afraid of its people and not the other way around. Maybe this whole movement has to bee seen in context. This could very well be the beginning of a step by step method of ridding this country of this flaws.

    I do believe that Team Anna is unreasonable but I believe we all know, unreasonable people brought change and this is a classic mentality of a going into a situation where there is bargain. In a shopping parlance, if its value for money, you begin at the lowest price and the shop keeper at the highest and then you come to middle ground. This is precisely what is happening. It might seem transactional but the very crux of negotiating is a transaction.

    I do hope we get the Team Anna version of Lokpal. It may not be magic wand but for the lack of a more stronger and refined law, we have to work with this for now. In time there can be changes to make it better and stronger.

  268. raghunath says:

    Is she relevant? there is a sanskrit saying meaning” Do whatever you can, but get famous”. arundati is an example of this. a hollow human rights movement in favour of killer maoists and now this so called slamming of anna. she herself never regarded Indianness in herself, just because the booker award was given to her by foreighners. try to stand out, differently. by discussing her more and listening her more (joournos) are cooking rotton meat, ultimately to smell foul.
    india is proving arrogance is not tolerable. does she want to experience herself!

  269. Ila Upadhyaya says:

    This article shows your passion, commitment and humility to do what any opinion maker must make his top priority – get the facts right!
    Arundhati Roy has made it her life’s purpose to filter everything through the lens of her own ideology, to shove it down our throat with fluent sentences and banal, verbose and convoluted writing, and has become a predictable alarmist (yeh ho gaya to duniya khatam ho jayegi).
    Amazed to see all the myriad issues (worthy in their own right) she is trying to crunch into this article that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. She rubbishes everything that is not her own battle/cause. This time round she has touched an all-time low by her astonishing ignorance of facts involved.
    Thanks for making the effort of being there and sensing the spirit of this movement. I felt the same after attending a few marches 🙂

  270. P.K. Murthy says:

    Fantastic. Will Arundhati Roy STOP commenting on issues she does not understand. I wonder if Arundati ever had to visit a Tasildhar office for ration card or legal heir certificate or liaise with any government body for getting the most basic need fulfilled. Have she been on queues in rationshops? Dealth with linesmen in electricity boards. Authoring a few books does not give her the authoity on all issues.

  271. prayag sonar says:

    Just want to say She is Fourth (4th) Idiot.

  272. amrut says:

    superb work. arundati roy is pathetic, not to say predictable. sadly, its seems fashionable these days to speak against causes and movements everyone seems to support…which is wat arundati seems to be doing to get attention.
    i think the lady needs a psychiatrist. and only a real expensive one 🙂

  273. Ravindra says:

    Arundhati is out of her mind……throw her out in POK or Pakistan……She is the brainchild of Congress……

  274. Aditya Jha says:

    Thank you so very much for the brilliantly written response.

  275. Superb Article… Nicely written….

  276. Pratap says:

    My dears’, anyone can write something in favor or against of a person. While many people are telling that yaa, see is right , at that time some people are telling she is wrong. So, we don’t know to whom we’ll believe.
    Not only you but also I believe a person’s word when some people or majority people are believing that person. Here, Arundhati Ray is a well known figure not only in India but also internationally as a social worker. What she says’ not only people but also our government is listening her words. But, I don’t know who is this Mr. Clarity, who clarifies who is Anna Hazare and who is Arundhati Roy.

    My dear, before believing any one we have to think who is really telling the truth about the fact. Now my question is: Do you personally know Who is Anna Hazare? Why in Janlokpal bill not included corporates, media and NGO’s who are most corrupted in India. Everyone might have seen Peeli Live (hindi movie), what it shows. Basically, it shows how Indian media to whom we are believing now, what it broadcast? There was a farmer who died while he was digging a well for his land cultivation, media didn’t show it.

    Similarly, NGO’s, everyone knows that Anna Hazare is Owned by a NGO’s. Now my question is Did he publicly tells from where that is funded. Who is funding and how much they are funding, etc?
    Similarly, corporates are playing a major role for corruption in India. Why Anna’s proposed Janlokpal bill not includes these three things which are most important to stop corruption.

    No one wants corruption because everyone is victimized of that. That doesn’t mean today you’ll come with a bill and force to government to accept this bill. All are not foolish in the parliament those who accept this bill without any discussion/debate of all issues in that bill.
    I thing you got my points what I am trying to say.

  277. Surekha says:

    Very lucid. Articulates the valid points very well. It not only answers al lthe cynics and naysayers but gets united thumbs up from the supporters to see their thoughts so well put in words.
    Needs to only communicate about the point where anna is holding the govt to ransom by his fast…If our ministers and govt were capable people and knew the pulse of the people this stage would have not come in lives of indian…in the first place…superliked it

  278. Achyuth B says:

    Hey great… Amazing work…

  279. was a great read… thanks for the write …..

  280. An excellent piece of rebuttal to the attempted spread of misinformation. No doubt Arundhati might have done so for some vested interest, for which she should feel ashamed. She has obviously tried to scuttle a pious movement and tried to vilify blotless persons who are selflessly working for this noble cause to emancipate the common man from the clutches of the corrupt system prevalent everywhere in this country.

  281. great article…I have always found her to be an opportunist who comes out to get cheap publicity. An armchair social activist who reaches the ground zero only after others have worked tirelessly to grap the nations eye. Its a clear attempt by the government to influence the acedemically inclined class of India.

  282. Babu Vannaratta says:

    The information and reply given is very correct and what she did at the time when the farmer’s were died in this inefficient & ineffective system continuing for several years!… I she can’t do anything for any other people why she cry against Anna’s movement against corruption?

  283. sarabjeet singh says:

    arundhati roy who?? is she related to Rahul Roy ???

    • bluewaters says:

      she is the dim witted author of errrrrr….what was that book which she got her recognition, it was something to do with her fascination for pee pooph ….yuks

  284. Great Article..loved it

  285. Ravi Garg says:

    people r fre to voice thr opinion in favor of maoists and sepratsts like arundhati bt whn a common man raises his voice fr d bettermnt of society, he is called wd frivolos names by d lady.

    i thnk this article is a fitting reply to her

  286. rakesh says:

    i support Arundhati for her analysation of the Lokpal where she states that the total new system of high profile corruption will emerge…wats so doubtful about it…why follow someone who was sleeping when his own farmer brothers were suicidal…i think it resemble to maoism in a way…its just non violent urban people and maoists are true sufferers villagers

  287. viney says:

    You have been blessed with great intellect and “lekhni” – pen !
    Crisp and to the point answer for the corrupt minds like Arundhati. Shame-Shame Arundhati !

  288. ayush says:

    She calls Anna a ‘feshly minted saint’…. That shows as if she has been in ages for writing whatever stuff she did…just winning a prize from someone….openly being pro-pakistani and collaborating with the traitors of this nation.. This is always what she wants….PUBLIC ATTENTION !!!… its time to rubbish her at the cheapest …..and show the worst dustbin (hopefully one to match her thoughts). to dump them all… ask her to go to pakistan…poss she will have more attention for what she has always carved…. and yes lets contribute 1 rupee each to her hair style…. as rotten as her thoughts……GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY !!!! you writer.

  289. Mukesh Shivdasani says:

    It is a sad commentary on our present situation when one sees such exchanges.Think of the emotional, mental and physical energy that must have been dissapated by Arundhati in writing her article and then..in this reply and all of us who read it.This game of intellectual masturbation has to stop. Can we not understand our priorities? The fact is a time bomb is ticking and just like in the 1990’s movie INDEPENDENCE DAY somebody has to say the magic words “time’s up” before the aliens fire their destructive arsenal.
    It does not matter whether Anna is right or wrong.it also does not matter what the final or best solution to Team Anna’s demand is.What does matter is this vacuum and the opportunity available for negative “particles” to fill it.
    Right now, millions of Indians are frustrated…Corruption seems to be the major block.But what if,
    just what if, some leader got a team together and incited the poor of this nation to revolt.Can you imagine 16 million people,desparate in themselves,starting an agitation against poverty? And what is the probability that such a movement will be a peaceful one like Anna’s?
    India is at the cross roads.Strong institutions or people power seems to be the quandry.But we got to have both.Sacrice one and the consequences are unimaginable.

    • einzztein says:

      You sir, seem to be the epitome of Clarity. Every issue has several perspectives. It is quite important that we probe them deeply and see the far reaching consequences before we take an uncertain step. The precedent that is being set here is potentially hazardous to the nation. I pray people look at all the aspects of the issue before getting into rigid belief systems.

  290. KK says:

    Dear Sir,

    All that you have mentioned is fair & fine.

    Why are you writing under an alias if you can write so clearly?

    As you have mentioned in your article – the Lokpal or Janlokpal or Anna’s & his team’s Pal is an alternative to all the other investigating bodies who are placed under restrictions – why cannot the restrictions simply be removed to make these bodies effective? Why do we need an alternate body to do this? We the public, you & I (assuming you are surely a tax payer) will have to fund this – hopefully I am right or you may come up with some alternate source of funding for this body to the credit of Anna!! – why should we unnecessarily fund another body when you can tweak the laws & bye-laws of the current bodies & make them effective – you will probably come up with another logic to say that it is not possible & only Anna’s Pal is the best.

    Anna’s team has such luminaries that I really wonder why they are not fighting against the very laws that encourage corruption – why cannot they fight for a system of good checks & balances in the system that will hinder corruption? We are following laws that are so antiquated that it can only breed corruption. We have so many government servants & are trying to distribute a small chunk as salary among them rather than having a trim number & distributing a greater amount to each, especially now that there are computers to aid. The meagre salaries will breed corruption.

    Corruption has also to be categorised – one where it has to be paid just to get a work done quicker & one that is paid to overlook a fraud or crime. The latter is more dangerous & has to be dealt severely & you do not need a Pal for this. The former is something that can be avoided with a better process.

    Yes, it is a great achievement – that of Anna’s – let us hope that he would extend it to many more causes in a more meaningful way – when farmers commit suicide, when small time business women have to pay huge interest on their borrowings of micro-finance, when inflation soars leading to corruption!

  291. kavitacd says:

    thank you thank you thank you for this.

  292. wisetongue19 says:

    I am reblogging this, you pure gem you. this is just phenomenal. who the hell are you? JAI HIND !!

  293. rahul says:

    I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati

  294. anarkanu says:

    Most of what is put here is rhetoric and chest thumping without giving out any facts.. for one Anna hazare’s authoratarian streak in transforming his village. There’s been factual research done on the same. Now if its china that would have been alright.. His viewpoints on range of issues are downright fascist!! And the Team is behaving exactly like that especially Kejriwal and P. bhushan who lose it whenever their’s targeted to the point questioning of their methods and statements! Not to say i dont respect anna hazare’s and his team right to put forward their opinions but both their draft and the means adopted are unacceptable to large majority of this nation… let that not be a delusion they suffer from

    • Rishav Rastogi says:

      So true, It still doesn’t answer the question that her article put forward… its questioning her morality..

    • kishorshack says:

      Team anna has been compelled to behave in that way by the govt

      As lokpal is a bill that hits these politicians right at their heart & their soul which makes them to do corruption

      What guarantee do you have
      even if this bill comes in parliament Mp’s will pass it
      becoz it is almost like hitting yourself with a hammer
      atleast for them.

      What guarantee do you give that even if the jan lokpal bill comes govt will pass
      As they are in majority
      they will ask all their MP’s to vote against the bill

      What will you do then?

  295. Upendrah says:

    good one..

  296. Pingback: Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati (via Clear Visor – See Clearly) « Craptivate

  297. SHK says:

    Arundhatti it’s time to think before you pen it down, don’t mislead people.

  298. Novacaine says:

    Respect. I have always believe in power of blogs as a medium of communication from those who otherwise have no representation – and you’ve proved that fact to great extent. Thanks for being so clear and forthright in bringing out the unspoken side of issues. Thanks for catching some of the half spoken things, which can be misconstrued as lie.

    Small thing: I think you forgot to put a ‘not’ before $400,000 in this line “The amount Kabir has received as donation from Ford is $200,00 and $400,000 as you claimed”


  299. Novacaine says:

    Respect. I have always believed in power of blogs as a medium of communication from those who otherwise have no representation – and you’ve proved that fact to great extent. Thanks for being so clear and forthright in bringing out the unspoken side of issues. Thanks for catching some of the half spoken things, which can be misconstrued as lie. Thanks for going to great lengths to bring out facts, and Grazie Mille (Thanks a tonne) and bravo for the pictures. You’ve done a great bit in your support to corruption free government.

    Small thing: I think you forgot to put a ‘not’ before $400,000 in this line “The amount Kabir has received as donation from Ford is $200,00 and $400,000 as you claimed”


  300. Arpit says:

    Plz do read these lines from AR’s article and u can not deny the tiny possibility of this being true…

    “Remember the campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill gathered steam around the same time as embarrassing revelations by Wikileaks and a series of scams, including the 2G spectrum scam, broke, in which major corporations, senior journalists, and government ministers and politicians from the Congress as well as the BJP seem to have colluded in various ways as hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees were being siphoned off from the public exchequer. For the first time in years, journalist-lobbyists were disgraced and it seemed as if some major Captains of Corporate India could actually end up in prison. Perfect timing for a people’s anti-corruption agitation. Or was it?”

  301. AG says:

    Awesome Article!!! This female likes to gain attention by opposing anything that the country supports.. So she’ll support the Maoists, She’ll support the congress, she’ll support the jailed and convicted terrorists and will oppose the IAC campaign and Annaji…

    Neways.. Lets ignore this anti India lady and carry on with the good work.. She not worth wasting out time on..


  302. Vinod says:

    We often debate “whats wrong with the country” along with the obvious, it is pseudo-everything “intellectuals” like Ms Roy who support a death row convict who had raped and murdered a 14 yr old mentally challenged girl (!!!) I think the media should just blank her out of coverage – such a waste of time !!

  303. The Confused Orient says:

    Given Arundhati Roy’s track record, the footprint she has left behind thus far in public domain, I would rather have been surprised had she not said something on these lines.

    Appreciate your effort for this thoughtful rejoinder albeit she does not deserve to be noticed.
    I must confess though that I have not gone through your entire piece with as much attention attention, I read half and skimmed over all, well done !

    I have a question for “The Hindu”, could they please the readers if possible, where did Ms roy Send her Museum piece from, Gilgit or Aksai Chin ?

  304. G.Kashinath says:

    Forgive her. She is mentally sick.

  305. very well presented! this should certainly help to unveil the true traits of someone like this lady! the way Arundhati Roy conceives and portrays rays the whole movement led by Anna and followed by billions is a sheer disgrace brought to society which cultivated her to make what she is today! Shame on you Arundhati Roy!

  306. The Confused Orient says:

    A request, to “Clear Visor”.

    If you feel confident to write a satire, respond to Ms Roy with a Satire, it will make a good reading.

    For ex: Aditya Sinha’s satire on DNA Analysis today is worth reading.

    • M sure the author would certainly feel good about your advice! 🙂

      But i found the article written in genuine spirits. It was meant to be informative and for the masses, to help people from being mislead and misguided by people like Ms Roy! Yea, on any other day a satire is always a good mean to attack if at all you want to take Ms Roy on a one on one!

  307. Vishnu says:

    Nice one.

    Arundhati should donate herself to medical studies. Rarely has a human spoken through his or her ass with such consistency.

  308. An excellent write up, a fitting reply to a lady, who is currently on a mission of losing all respect and reverence that she had earned through her literary success. A woman of her caliber should have shown a little more intelligence and understanding before she had written her outrageous piece on Anna Hazare’s mission.

  309. ashok chharia says:

    Thanks for cleaning our mind, for a moment this Lady has forced us to think.
    May God bless you.
    Ask this lady to put butter to Gandhi family.
    She is an agent opf Congress out to devid the nation like V.P. Singh

  310. Superb article bro !! You must go ahead and publish this in a leading national daily. I will try and ask some news papers to take it forward with you.

  311. tojo says:

    hey guys it was nice to see all of you ppl views i am also a good man , but havent been a civil activist but i to have been writing a bill :my lokpal bill: and i am also going to educate ppl about the bill i wrote and going to fast soon at some app place hope that govt will send someone to negotiate with me and pass my bill
    thnks and regards
    yours only
    tojo joseph
    vande matram

  312. Esophagus says:

    “Would she prefer if they said (a) India Hai Hai (b) Indian govt murdabad (c) Jeeve-jeeve Pakistan, when they come out on the streets to demand that the Indian government creates a better system for our people?”

    Please read Arundhuti’s article again. The reason she mentioned those four options is because nobody in the streets with Anna Hazare has any clue as to how to tackle this issue. The only answers they have is slogans. Is that how we are going to tackle a problem like corruption?Just because an old man with a true heart and certainly good intent has come down the streets skipping meals, people have given him the status equal to Mahatma Gandhi. It’s like taking off the guilt of corruption (which we have all engaged in) by following the heard and making yourself feel – “yes! I have done my bit for the country”.

    I might not agree with Arundhuti Roy on a some of the points, but I appreciate her to have a voice to counter this argument. It’s sad to see how voices like these are drowned by personal attacks and nonsensical arguments. She might not be the epitome of peace and anti-corruption, but she has a valid point when she says “While his means may be Gandhian, Anna Hazare’s demands are certainly not”

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  314. Dr. K S Parthasarathy says:

    Arundhati’s Op/Ed in The Hindu and the reply from an anonymous writer offered sufficient food for thought.
    Shri Anna Hazare and his team must exhort those who assembled before them and elsewhere that they shall never offer bribes or receive bribes. If the support to the movement is genuine we will win half the war against corruption if every one follows this advice. Most of the protesters are mainly angry because they have to offer a bribe to get anything done. They are fed up with the situation
    Shri Hazare and his team must read out a suitably worded pledge every two hour or so so that those who assembled will repeat it. Gentle persuasion is also a Gandhian approach.

  315. shreya vardhan says:

    my reply to her article!!!!!!!!! jus a few points to mention..none of team Anna z saying tat thr bill z gonna root out corruption absolutly, bt if thr version of bill is passed its undoubtedly gona curb corruption considerably..if u’l go thru both versions of d lokpal bill u wl defently agree!! if c z comparing Anna’s efforts wit “maoists” then wat will c say about her “so-called” efforts of espousing the cause of kashmiris by carving out kashmir from India?? according to her the political set up of india shud also b draconian coz jus lyk d lokpal, here also “a panel of carefully elected ppl administer or in a sense rule a giant population of 1.2 billion!!!!!!!!!! c shud mk some sense yar!!! y didnt anna speak abt singur, nandigram n blah blah..bt mam he spoke abt something atlst!!! n ths Q can b placed bk b4 her as well!!! y only kashmir???

  316. Indian says:

    all i know is that today if u r not with anna then u r corrupt and against him and India . Isn’t it …

  317. well written Mr Clarity…i would like to say you have been extra focused in criticizing Arundhati Roy that you missed some vital points about the lokpal… lets forget what she says… Do you really think accepting the janlokpal the way Anna proposed will mark an end to corruption in India… If you have read the draft of lokpal bill kept in parliament by the govt and the one proposed by ‘team Anna’; can you point out the “huge differences” between the two that can bring about such a drastic change in our society.. Both the bills are not flawless…We have lokayukta in different states … How effective is it in preventing corruption….If implemented both will work almost the same way but neither can bring an end to corruption.. Corruption starts in us Mr Clarity…We the the common man.. We refuse to pay our taxes, we pay bribes to get our work done faster, we elect MPs and MLAs who are known to b corrupt again and again and make them rule us and plunder our wealth… If you really need a change, it has to start from within and lokpal is not the answer….

    • Himanshu says:

      I would like to reply that for you..
      “Marking the end of corruption in India” .. no.. it won’t, but you would get a forum where corruption IS a crime and not just a way of getting work done. Even after the Jan Lokpal is created, awareness will be the biggest problem. Just like the RTI, Jan lokpal will face difficulties but the society will evolve and our children will grow up in the right consciousness. Right now, their dads do it, so it is all freaking fine for them to do it too! A law will be able to accomplish that.

      If you wish, I can elaborate in great detail about the “GAPING” (not just huge) differences between the two bills. Read them and be logical and you will know what is wrong and which one to support.

      Yes we have lokayukta, but it is not independent! To initiate anti-corruption prosecutions, permission is sought from the same people. Justice Subhash Hegde had to write numerous reports on the illegal mining before the CM was brought down. He had to destabilise the state government through a no-confidence vote and then prosecute the CM ! That’s how you want EVERY case to be? Independence of the Lokpal is the primary requirement of the JanLokpal Bill

      Just like Arundhati Roy, you hit point blank shot in the last line. Yes, corruption will not end by just one Law. But it will start. You know of an RTI Act, probably, u will never use it in your lifetime. Your kids will and they will have information that is important to them and the society.
      Similarly, your kids will have the Jan Lokpal, maybe they will never go to it for redressal because corruption is in grained in them. But their kids will

      Why do you think that major support Anna has is from the youth? Because we are tired of killing out own consciousness every time we give a bribe and want a change.

      This movement is more than just Lokpal, Corruption, Graft. It is a symbol of the Indian Youth revolting against the traditions their father had been following. It is completely up to you to decide whether you are a part of our father’s legacy or we are a notion of change.

      Cheers! (and i do need a beer now :P)


      • kishorshack says:

        I agree wid u of not bribe and those stuff
        but whatever we do today
        we give bribe or we dont
        we will be on the side losing side
        Rather for the corrupt its always that they are gaining something

    • Jai says:

      No where has any of the IAC people said that the JLP Bill will eradicate corruption. It will get it down to reasonable limits. And what it will do is put some fear in the minds of our “elected representatives” and government servants who at the moment think that it is their birth-right to loot the Indian Nation without any fear of punishment or accountability.

    • kishorshack says:

      Miss ashwini
      obviously u cant achieve everything
      but atleast this is the first step
      if u say JAN LOKPALL cant stop corruption
      n restrain yourself from supporting the movement
      U will be left with nothing

      Its always better to intiate and have something in your hands

      Rather than making excuses
      coz then in the end u will left with nothing

      I just wanted to ask u a simple
      Is 70 to 80 % corruption free india is better or
      0 % 🙂
      U have the answer 🙂

  318. Himanshu says:

    Kudos! great article.. one blog post and band u hit the target!
    I was writing a similar article for my blog, but then , i think i will just share a link to yours !!

  319. Roy got Booker prize not for her literary genius, She was picked up by the publisher cartel to expand the market in India and to add bit of variety into the market. All this Award business is all related to business motives. Same like chemical companies giving Miss universe and miss india to indians so they can bank on the buying power of Indian people. That’s how we been sold out. Im sure she must have been paid to write the Hindu Article. No doubt.

  320. Abhilash says:

    Arundhti roy is not doing anything for problems of INDIA , and if someone is doing like anna then she is ready to comment.

  321. Priyanka Dubey says:

    I am an alumnus from IIT Roorkee and IIM Lucknow and have personally read and compared the points in Jan Lokpal bill vs Govt. Lokpal Bill. The points laid down in Jan Lokpal Bill are perfectly valid and will definitely provide an effective deterrent to corruption.

    As far as AR’s “whatever questions – likely answers – Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai” stand is concerned, its totally baseless. These are not ANSWERS, rather an array of patriotic sentiments raised in awakened Indian citizens. For ANSWERS watch any TV news channel, where Arvind Kejriwal is meticulously answering all questions related to the Bill. Many of them are redundant, still he patiently replies to them all.

    AR mentioned “largely urban, and certainly better off people” are supporting Anna. The last time I checked, “urban” people were considered “more educated & rational” and “less likely” to be influenced by barbarism. If “largely urban” and educated people support Anna, this obviously means that Jan Lokpal Bill holds positive gravity. Ironically, its the “rural” population who is majorly at the receiving end of corruption’s wrath. If “urban” supports it and “rural” need it, I fail to understand who loaths it? Rhetorically, only corrupt people…

  322. delhizen says:

    especially started this blog to criticize criticism ? All I will say, if this campaign is so genuine and every single person out there shouting “I’m Anna’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ so pure and never been corrupt then let yr work talk… don’t push ppl to believe what you want them to see…. Its as hogwash as the politicians.

    Lokpal will not solve a thing at micro level.? Corruption will not cease just by saying I am anti it. think about it, people!! I am no anti Anna.. I am just not in favour of this dharna and shouting business coz – we need to a self check too!!!

  323. sanjaykapali says:

    This article gives the exact reply needed by the b@t@h arundhati roy. She should analyse the facts first and then write anything. Anna Hazare Zindabad.

  324. Varuna Yadav says:

    The Hindu and Arundhati Roy should appologize for presenting so many wrong facts

  325. Megha Agrawal says:

    How can an esteemed newspaper like ‘The Hindu’ even publish such articles? It is worth trash!

    Thank you for this amazing rebuttal. Have shared it on fb !

  326. Bhoot says:

    his lady has always found fun in creating controversy..she has got a tendncty to speak exactly opposite of watever is going on..

  327. neutral party says:

    who is the author? why is he or she hiding behind a pseudonym? why no explanation on ‘lies’ like usd 400k received by kejriwal? why no explanation on ‘team’ anna and its backers? Waxing eloquence may fool some people all the time, but not all people all the time.

  328. krzna says:

    Great Piece of work! thanks so much!

  329. Ramneek says:

    Thanks for cleaning a lot of people’s minds man…… I guess this could be very well expected of a lady who calls Maoists as “armed Gandhis” …

  330. tio85 says:

    Excellent piece of work. Not emotional, based on facts and well researched.

    I was surprised to read Ms. Roy’s article in first place. All good people work for different causes and their innate goodness shines through their work. How can Ms. Roy compare greatness of causes and consider herself greater? it only shows her shallowness.

    Further more, she goes on to say that why Anna was fighting for other causes. For her, Anna’s commitment to one cause is not good enough.

    Article from Ms. Roy only shows her pettiness and jealousy. I lost whatever respect I had for her.

  331. venu nallore says:


  332. ajay says:

    wonderful article. An eye-opener truly!

  333. manish says:

    TIME Pass kar rahi heay

  334. I feel like something as ridiculous and baseless as Arundathi Roy’s article does not befit a response. It needs to be ignored. Having said that, this is a very well written article. Articles like this will help us better articulate our rebuttals too. Thanks for the write up!

  335. aruna gokhale says:

    why do we even care for whatever, Arundathi is and her thoughts ????
    People just ignore her stupid senseless, she is crying hard to get some attention in media…
    Senseless women…

  336. Anagh says:

    Beautiful article.

  337. Rahul Nair says:

    Very well written…Hats off..

  338. one has to be well informed in order to stand out of the crowd, otherwise you look like a fool!! unfortunately, the latter is the case with Ms Roy!! i dont find any difference between Ms. roy and the jama masjid imam Mr. bukhari (who says that the campaign is anti-islamic) coz people dont care if they exist or not until both of them come out with their own conspiracy theories and diatribe against something positive!! She has been known to be illogical and more of a conspiracy theorist earlier too!! all i found in her article was, “why is anna getting so much media coverage while there are other issues in the country (which i am supporting)”!! at the end of her diatribe, she leaves her article open ended without providing a better solution!! its always very easy to criticize

    in all, a negative person like her cannot have the courage to ‘fast until death’!! so i prefer she had rather not be anna, otherwise i would have had second thoughts!!

    thank you for posting this article, i want arundhati to read it!!

  339. raahein says:

    A couple of points I wish to make about what you have said

    1) Your facts by and large seem to be fine. But there is something beyond legal understanding you must realize. When Arundhati says that the Lokpal prosecutors will ask “hafta” from the poor, it doesn’t come out from law. The issue is not the law, it’s how the law will actually work on the ground. I think the bigger point one should realize here is that institutions are not the panacea to all problems. But this does not mean we don’t need the Lokpal. And just because what Arundhati said may happen, does not mean we should not have a Lokpal.

    2) I admire the article because Arundhati compares us to Afghanistan. Now that’s stupid. I wish also to know where is our Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden, so that we can kill them also.

    The major issue with Arundhati is that she does claim to talk about structural issues which require deeper delving, but if the protest or the issue does not include her, automatically it goes out. It’s as if say a rich family protests the municipality of not being given proper quality of water, it really is rubbish. It is not. It may not be a larger issue, but to say it’s rubbish shows the level of mental bankruptcy. What’s more, wrong facts are put up in the domain. She has done previously the same also. And she continues to do so.

    3) I think you must correct one lie from your point also, the first one. When Arundhati says that people put those slogans as answers, I don’t feel she is talking about the IAC group. She is talking about those who have come out on the street. Do they know the difference between the govt. draft and the IAC draft, is the question. That is most important. As Yogendra Yadav said in Tehelka, it’s as if people have put faith in Anna that he will come up with the right bill only since politicians are crooks. As for the referendums, the question obviously is: did people understand what they are voting for when they voted in the referendum? That must also be found out. Until then, to say people actually are taking a rational decision may not be fair.

    4) I think the central issue which you have pointed, is not about mindset of the MPs or elected officials alone. The mindset issue is central to our whole system, beginning with the elections and the bureaucracy. You have to tackle them, and a Lokpal can’t solve the issues alone. You need more things than that. You definitely need electoral, police, judicial and administrative reforms in conjunction with the Lokpal, which would have to be debated and fought out.

    5) Finally the point about Gandhi and Anna. Here, my view is that while Ambedkar can’t be derided, he has the strongest take on the situation. He would believe that legitimate parliamentary procedures must be followed. For RTI and MNREGA, it was the Standing Committee which improved the bill. In this case, the impasse can be easily solved by constituting a body of parliamentarians, civil society activists of all kinds and other individuals interested in putting their views or helping, outside the Parliament, discussing the different versions of the bill and then coming up with one proper version, which goes to Standing Committee and then finally the two houses.

    Instead of Aug. 30, let us put the winter session as the Deadline for passage of the bill. If that does not happen, go to fasts, make Delhi a city which can’t be governed, spread it across India. Not only Anna, let us all sit on fast-unto-death and push the government into crisis. But before allowing this procedure to work even once, it could be a big disaster. Because if today the government passes the bill in a hurry, tomorrow RSS can come and say no voting rights for minorities and fast. Are we prepared to do that? Other groups can also come.

    So the people are right in demanding a strong law against corruption. But not through threats which undermine our very own democracy.

    • Rodosee says:

      One of the sanest responses on this thread. Thank you for being a voice for reason, even if it takes you against the tide.

      That’s what the country really needs to fight corruption: people who will brace against the tide, stand firm, and say ‘no, I will not be corrupt, nor aid corruption, nor turn a blind eye to it.’

  340. abhishek says:

    Did you try to approach Hindu for publishing your response ?

  341. Ben says:

    Awesome read. But N.Ram is a communist party card holder, why would he want to publish this one, if CPI really supports Hazare? :/

  342. Ek Hindustani says:

    Arundhati, Sonia Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, Pranab Mukherji Sab Chor hai, sab ko pakad kar marna chahiye gatiya insaan hai yeh log

  343. amruth kumar juturu says:


  344. Pingback: Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati (via Clear Visor – See Clearly) « Gits's Blog

  345. Rajesh says:

    There are several types of people with Public/Political life in our country excluding the Mango People…like Arundathi Roy…
    1. People craving for Attention, Media Publicity ultimately to promote their ideas and ideologies
    2. People who started of with great aspirations and were unsuccessful working with the system
    3. People who loose hope with changing the system and get consumed by the system
    4. People who lost their will & direction finding a way around the system…
    Arundati Roy is a victim of one of the above mentioned reasons…

    But my advise to her and her folks is very simple…..this is a time for people like Arundati Roy from the Civil Society to join hands to fight for what they believe….. If she believes something is wrong , go on public (TV) and voices ur questions directly…instead of using the Media to play a blame game….
    It’s Now or NEVER….

  346. Jasmine says:

    WOW! this article is really funny.. looks like the author had to prove Arundhati Roy as wrong more than support the whole “Hazare” etc clause. While Arundhati’s article was more insightful and practical with facts, it can be easily understood that this has been written out of emotions. The emotions which Mr. Hazare is very easily manipulating these days. Look at some of the comments in this post against Arundhati Roy. They are personal and abusive and only people acting out on emotions will do that. So it is no wonder that people did not like her article, because they cannot possibly open their mind to anything else or a little perspective, until they are emotional. It is like trying to explain a 5 yr old kid who just wants to have his way and will not listen to anything else or consider to question once what they are supporting.

    BTW cannot wait for the personal blows people will target at me if this comment gets published. But that is expected from the emotional fools such as Indians.

    • Naveenkumar C M says:

      thanks for calling all indians emotional FOOLS, Jasmine. I am an Indian, if call me a emotional fool, I accept it still being proud to be an Indian. What did you say, you can’t wait for personal blow, immediately blowing off all indians FOOLS. Hmm I don’t have to say, who is what. If understand, very nice, if you can’t (mostly is the case). One thing remember, most of the emotional fools are fighting for a stronger lokpal bill. They are not fighting against constitution or politicians but against their unwillingness to make that happen. You said Mr. Hazare is manipulating our emotions, what for he will do that, money, fame……!!! grow up please, put forth any other conceivable theory, let us listen to it.

      • Jasmine says:

        Hey.. I never said that being emotional is WRONG.. I meant in a tone of irony and sadness that how the emotions are being manipulated by slogans like “Anna is India. India is Anna”. Slogans are like this were once used for Hitler who managed to manipulate thousands of Germans to do heinous things. Anna’s cause may be good, but means are dictatorial, proposal – more than impractical and attitude – childish. And I never said “FOOLS” but “EMOTIONAL FOOLS”. There is a difference, but you just got carried away in your emotions and replied 🙂 and that proves my point. So what is the point in having a discussion when I know nothing fruitful is going to come out of it. Whatever I say, just like how AR said, will be ridiculed amidst personal blows and abuse just like you and most of the people are doing here.

    • Naveenkumar C M says:

      that is really a hypocritical, when you brought out Hitler in between…. May be you could have done this about Gandhi as well if AR said Gandhi is no good. YOU KNOW NOTHING FRUITFUL IS GOING TO COME !!! Just sit and watch, when we try to make some difference, again not Hitlers way, we are not saying Hail hitler, and kill some one. Any way you will get it and I am not going to argue with you anymore. You need not bother to reply to this message. Have a GREAT time.

    • the ace of knaves says:

      ‘Arundhati Roy’s article was more insightful and practical with facts.’ Really? You are praising her cause your insight resonated with her one sided approach? If not, then why did she write and rewrite on only one side of the story? Why couldn’t she be neutral and pull down both sides of the tale so to let us decide? Reread her article again and you will understand that she had made her mind to oppose this movement and then she wrote it(So are you). And she has written so many things which were completely unnecessary.

      As for me and many many other Jan-Lokpal supporters, the idea of team Anna is quintessential rather than Anna himself. I don’t like the glorification of Anna more than his ideas. But whatever the way he is choosing to make this bill a reality, I am always fighting to achieve the final goal.

      To contradict you, yes the author has only one reason to write THIS particular article. But it doesn’t mean that he has not done anything else than this. Now tell me what you wanted to achieve by your comments?

      • Jasmine says:

        OK so let me take this one by one..
        first Mr. Naveen Kumar CM.. I was up yesterday night but still did not reply to your comment because.. man!! are you emotional. Let me explain what I am saying, why I am saying one by one –
        1. “that is really a hypocritical, when you brought out Hitler in between” – ok. First I never compared Hitler to Mr. Hazare. I rather compared his campaign and provocative slogans used to the ones used during Hitler’s reign. The campaign of which Kiran Bedi and many others are part of and not Mr. Hazare alone. So there was no personal blow to him. Secondly, do you even know what hypocritical means? How is this hypocritical, which means “to play a part or to pretend”. In what context did I pretend? I am holding my ground since the very beginning. Hypocrites are those who go and protest about anti-corruption, but do not hesitate to pay bribes to traffic cops, or produce fake house rent slips to get HRA exemption. I have seen such hypocrites in my own office who are on one hand supporting Lok Pal and on the other hand do all this and much more. So please get your facts right.

        BTW #This was your blunder 1 and 2.

        2.”YOU KNOW NOTHING FRUITFUL IS GOING TO COME” I said this about discussion which we are having on this wordpress blog and nothing about the protest etc. Can you please try to read something straight atleast.

        #This was your blunder 3

        3.”Just sit and watch, when we try to make some difference, again not Hitlers way, we are not saying Hail hitler, and kill some one. Any way you will get it and I am not going to argue with you anymore.” ok this one was the best. It just shows your attitude of having a herd mentality. I am saying this because the only thing you know about hitler is “hail hitler and kill people” and nothing about the automobile and arm’s revolution he had brought to the people of Germany. Well this also does not mean that I support Hitler and his means (coz this is the next thing you are going to reply). Just brush up on your reading for once instead of believing what people tell you. And regarding “you will get it.. blah blah”, I will get what? you talk like a kid and I just find it very funny by seeing your attitude just like others in this protest.. rather not others but most of them (as some people still have some sense)

        #This was your blunder 4

        BTW I am just curious, did you ever read and “understand” what AR wrote or even the author of this blog wrote? or you are again commenting because everyone is? Dude the only difference you should try to make is read more and do not get so provoked so fast.
        Also it was really fun taking your small comment and dissect it one by one and criticize it , again proving my point what the author “Mr. Clarity” or whatever did.

      • Jasmine says:

        Now taking Mr the ace of knaves,
        You make a good point and a reasonable one and I admire that. It is very difficult to find a person with a sane attitude to discuss something in this whole scenario.
        See, for every issue or problem or solution, there are 3 sets of people, 1. Who are FOR it. 2. One who are against it 3. And one who are neutral or do not want to say anything. That is why in many polls you see there are 3 options – 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say.
        So if AR has chosen to side with the Against motion, what is wrong in that. She was representing herself and not any one else in that article. Why should she be neutral and pull down both sides of the story if she does not want to. See even you have chosen to go against what she has written. Even I can say, that why you could not be neutral and pull down both sides of the story. The reason is simple, you do not believe in it and hence you do not want to. And so did she. So I just do not see why is that the reason to abuse her and throw personal blows on her.
        Also, it is very important that in a system, we have both kinds of sources, for and against, to balance it and to keep a check. That is why we are taught in civics that the opposition should be as strong as the ruling party, to keep a check. Just because you believe in something, why should everyone else. That is the power of democracy, that every one has a say. That is why having a supreme independent body as Lok Pal is a bad idea because of its vulnerability of being a puppet. Imagine, how greatly this can be mis used.
        I agree there has to be some way to stop or reduce corruption, but should this be the way or means to it? Before answering me just read about both sides (for and against) of this debate on other forums and then debate it with yourself. Just because we do not have anything to curb corruption, let us have Lok Pal , atleast it will do something (this is the attitude today of the mass). This is an act of desperation and frustration. Do you think the Laws and the Constitution were wriiten because some people one day got frustrated and did it. NO right?
        And please do not ask me that “then what is the alternative?”. Because all I am saying this is Lok Pal is not the answer and the change should be brought in US not through a law. IF law is a deterrent to stop anything, then we should technically have no dowry, no murders, no rapes and no terrorism.

        And regarding your question that “what you wanted to achieve by your comments?”, I want to ask you what you will achieve if I give you the answer to this question? You wrote something you believe and so did I. I do not see why people have this urge to question others if they do not agree with you. All I am talking about is the pros and cons of Anna campaign (again not him) and Lok Pal. But people make it personal because they give in to their emotions.
        And again, if you get provoked and angry after reading this post, then please give a break of 20 min before replying to me, so that you can reply with a calm mind with no prejudice for me.

      • the ace of knaves says:

        First of all, this movement is not about changing the constitution, but the way our democracy is functioning for past 64 years. We have good laws, perhaps better. Yet crimes and corruption is superbly high. Do you know why can’t we be at par to the western society as now? Moral degradation of our society over centuries. (I am talking about the whole society. Now you will object to this saying our society is best and our culture is above all. So dare to roam in any any place in India late night without any trouble). To quote, ‘Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s understanding.’ So to speak, Jan-Lokpal assures accountability and transparency. Many of the Anna’s followers will abandon this cause if they are told that they will be accounted for their role in corruption. They are opposing the corrupt officials and system, but are squarely denying their part and role in this indulgence. That is our moral degradation.

        You and me are all taught in our schools that Bhagat Singh did explode bomb in our very own Parliament. Why? Cause it was the only way to make the deaf Govt hear the voice of people. This congress accepts he was the greatest freedom fighter and so we do. If this current Govt doesn’t listen the new voice of India which they strangled and ignored for decades, and if in desperation and frustration I go and explode a bomb in Parliament not hurting anyone, they will label me as a terrorist! Why? Because British Govt also labelled Bhagat Singh as Anarchist. See, over the time, nothing has changed. The people in Govt are so lost in their ‘privilege’ of being elected, they are literally disconnected from the very people who elected them. Don’t you think we should rattle their cages and remind them of their duty? That’s what people are on the streets now. As I see this, the ultimate goal of this movement is and shall be to remind the system, politicians and officials that they are there to serve and not to enjoy.

        Back to Arundhati Roy. She is perhaps the best known Indian writer. But she tends to forget one thing. With the fame she earned comes some responsibility. With any normal person who tend to think intellectually, he always think of all sides of the issue and that’s what makes him a good debater too. Not once, not twice, but as always it is her tendency to portray herself something different, as if a beautiful droplet on a lotus leaf rather than part of a flowing stream. And it’s pity to see her trying to remain in limelight.

        To some extent, yes even I am skeptical of team Anna and the outcome it might bring. I don’t want to live in a country where alcohol is prohibited and where there are restrictions on my personal life(That’s what I am hearing the situation in Anna’s native village). But Jan-Lokpal is about binding the society together, in a transparent way.

        If you want to take a long jump, you SHOULD have to take some steps back. This new system will take some time to settle and refine itself. No one know how much time. We haven’t implemented it yet, but surely we people will contribute in making it better and better over time. In that time, maybe our growth rate falls down, our GDP slows down. But with current scenario, all the success and all the fruits are falling in the hands of select few. Malls are growing on the lands of poor, airports are being constructed for rich. But what an ordinary person getting out of it? Jan-Lokpal in the time of it’s development will assure equal opportunity to everyone through tight monitoring over corrupt people and corruption overall. Equal distribution of wealth and opportunities are like Trojan horses of this Jan-Lokpal. For that, we should be ready to see a decreased growth rate.

        It’s always better to act for change than to stay in a situation that is actually hurting but not killing. I would rather chose to die than to suffer long enough. What democracy and What constitution people like you are talking about? The democracy where people (actually goons and rich) are elected not on the basis of their qualification, but on their muscles. The democracy where elected people are considering it as a privilege rather than their duty. The democracy where they are busy in buying new cars, furnishing their official bungalows (Mayawati spent some 10 crores someday back) and putting thousand security personals around them for the sake of security.

        The constitution saying it is secular, and yet special laws for every religion? What kind of secular constitution is it? Why even after 64 years our constitution is not free of religion? For the sake of time, we are if not happy, then atleast content with the constitution. But this democracy needs some major overhaul. And we should have it done NOW.

        Now, do you know, if I want to file a case against a judge, I have to have a permission from the Chief justice. To this date, that stupid Chief Justice has never allowed any judge to be prosecuted. Can you imagine what immense relief those corrupt among the judges have? To put Jan-Lokpal bill in short and easy language, it guarantees the formation of loops of people, posts and authorities. Many loops are intertwined, intermixing and overlapping. So the chances of any dead end are less. Everyone in the system can be accounted for and brought to justice, EVERYONE including the Lokpals themselves. This system is not perfect cause it isn’t implemented yet. Once in force, it will keep on refining and that WE people are the ones who will refine it time to time.

    • Jai says:

      @Jasmine – I agree with you. A very powerful Lok Pal will undermine all our Institutions and destroy our Country……???!!

      What are you talking about? LokPal will be investigating allegations of corruption against Govt.servants. LokPal after investigation will pass on the case to our normal courts for judgement.

      By highlighting the “worst case scenario”, you are doing exactly what the corrupt are doing. Scare mongering. “Lok Pal will wake up kids from their sleep at night and throw them in Jail…..” !!

      As per your logic, we should start disbanding our Army too!!! What if, they turn against the Democratic elected Govt. and decide to stage a coup!!

      What if, what if, what if….people like you prefer the status quo because the current systems works well for them on a personal level.

  347. amitab says:

    love it completely.

    I more requrest if anyone has Arundhati’s email ID please post this link to her.

  348. Rahul Sharma says:



    By making the Janlokpal bill an excuse to talk about all the different malaise we have, people are attempting to short-circuit the anti-corruption drive itself.

  349. Manvendra says:

    I was waiting for A Roy article wait for some more time to hear from Pankaj Mishra , Angana Chaterjee Praful Bidwai She had writted for years against corrupotion and she is first to oppose if some body is doing meaningfull job She had dirty pen whenevr she writes Its dirty She should remain stick to fiction since she writed fiction only which she told reality

  350. PR says:

    Excellent blog to show the ill intention of Arundhati.
    This is like the bit** is f***** in broad daylight, lol……

  351. rahul rkssss says:

    haha ….. childish

  352. Ilhaan says:

    Instead of trying to check and remove corruption among big time politicians and ministers, Indians should work on removing corruption from themselves. All these people supporting Mr Hazare don’t want anymore Raja or Kalmadi episodes. But when it comes to paying off a traffic cop for a speeding violation, they would do so without a hint of doubt. A structure will stand as long as it has a strong foundation. This foundation of corruption in India is in the hands of it’s citizens, not it’s lawmakers.

  353. kusuma srinivas says:

    Really great article. She is making irresponsible childish comments instead of joining this anti corruption movement as a responsible citizen. This is not fair. Thanks a lot for this article with lot of useful information.

  354. Ashish Sharda says:

    awesome buddy…banged it

  355. Neeraj Kumar says:

    She mocks the people who don’t know what a Janlokpal bill is. She has her own conspiracy theory which she has proudly included in this article. And, she has no solution apart from hinting that NGOs, corporates should be included in Lokpal. This movement has taken a new dimension and its no longer just about Lokpal. You don’t need to be booker’s prize winner to figure that out (but, still she didn’t). How many MPs she thinks know about the bill? But, they will be all too eager to vote on their party lines. An eloquent attempt to undermine the movement.

  356. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Only concern she has is that she thinks bill is draconian. Rest is all a very cheap attempt to undermine key people involved in the protest including Anna H and Arvind K apart from taking cheap pot shots at the manner in which the movement is being held. At a stage when country has got some kind of momentum to bring some decisive change to address the biggest issue that the country faces, such an article definitely makes me very angry. Has she made a single constructive argument? Arvind Kejriwal is the same guy who along with Aruna Roy played key role in giving India RTI, the single most important tool at the moment to fight corruption. She trashes him. Then she trashes Anna H. Anna has links to RSS and I am not saying he has but, how is that a relevant argument when you are discussing the bill? If it does not undermine the movement, what value that argument added? He is known for the work he has done for Dalits, muslims and other minorities. But, that not withstanding, how is that even relevant unless someone conclusively proves a hidden agenda?

  357. Bindu Nag says:

    Arundhati a oneliner is sufficient for u . U HAVE GONE NUTS and your right place is THE MENTAL ASSYLUM. Your minds working overtime.

  358. Prakash Acharya says:

    Good one

  359. Rita Nayyar says:

    i am so glad someone did such a good rebuttal..thank you

  360. kalin says:

    Amazingly written and backed by facts. To miss roy…anna anna sabho kare mohe pooche na koye….main bolungi anti anna..sabho mohre peeche hoye…I don’t know your name mr. Blogger but it was a real treat to read. Thanks for such a point to Point bifurcation of arundhati’s post. Do mail it to all leading dailies in india and make it reach to all. I am planning to send it to korean english news dailies only with ur permission and along with your name.thanks again. Read a mature article after a long time.

  361. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Your article is very well timed considering the stage the movement is in. The dedication and committement this movement requires can at times be wavered by articles like that of Arundhati R.

    Following is something I wrote about the janlokpal:


  362. gaurav says:

    Kudos to you man!!!!….very well analysis of that hypocrite lady arundhati roy.
    Keep writing with this clarity and reasoning. Looking forward to vising your blog again.

  363. lady says:

    Where does she live? We need t go and protest in front of her house and hand her this article.

  364. Vivek sharma says:

    Why on earth are we giving importance to someone whose only claim to fame is a second-rate, soft porn book? All through these years it has been Arundhati’s USP to get her two cents of fame and bread by blindly writing what is completely opposite of popular belief (and yes, true), ideologies and thought processes be damned. This goes all the way from her stance on the Maoist movement, the Kashmir issue, and now the Anna fervor. I am sure if it had been the case of a lonely, 74 year man dying to death against the menace of corruption, with the people paying no heed to him, the tone and tenor of her writings would have been a complete opposite of what she has written now. It would have focused on lambasting the government and the common people who have not come out to support the “poor, old man”.

  365. One of the many reproachers in the country… Arundhathi Roy, an inept novelist for politics…Just darn

  366. winktoall says:

    wonderful article. I hope all the Roy supporters or infact even Roy can read this.

  367. Priyanka says:

    Awesome! I totally love the way you have refuted her argument.

  368. Amit Mehta says:

    Very very well written! Thank you.

  369. crazy says:

    the attention wh**e got the required attention!

  370. She is nothing but a so called intellectual liar……..Who can write book on india`s misery rather than strenghth..And every good thing about India always hurt her…That`s why people`s initiative regarding corruption hurt her…

  371. Absolutely Bang On …Pseudo Intellectual and Biggest Moron…Who the Hell gave her the Booker Prize ??

  372. priyank gupta says:

    ur the next on our list. Anna ji follwer

  373. Shohit Chaudhry says:


  374. Abhishek Prakash Chaturvedi says:

    I had a lengthy argument with a die hard arundhati roy supporter. And I wanted to write a point by point response to her article. As I was doing the research I found this article and I must admit that I could not have written a better response. Hats off.

  375. luttapy says:

    Arundathi is trying to live a Rakhi Sawant life by living on arguments that makes no sense but meantime hurting a million emotions.

  376. chith says:

    Hi ji very well written. Full of Facts .

  377. Krish Menon says:

    i dont know if anyone – including N Ram – ever reads what spouts from the pen of the Al Mighty arundhati roy! it is a well known fact that one cannot discern if she is holding the pen in her fingers or on her backside orifice. it doesnt matter anyway – it reads the same. she must be a definite relation of the congress spokesperson – that manish tiwari. one cannot discern whether the sounds emanate from his front side or back side. both sound similar!

  378. Well….I was hoping to get some good sensible arguments as I set myself to read this tiresomely long article. But thankfully I did not have to do it because I got a sense of what I have run into with your very first argument about the slogans. I like Anna guy, he has a purpose and a method but I am amazed by the stupidity of the people. Anyway, people who are intellectually challenged and devoid of the ability to reason out things, are in abundance and make up the majority.

    But you know who is corrupt in India?…No it’s not the system. It’s the people who are corrupt. You can keep bringing new systems but that won’t help because they will be made corrupt. And it’s not just bribe or exchange of money which causes corruption, it’s the collective decline of the society in terms of morality and the inability to think with logic and reason.

  379. http://sudiptounplugged.blogspot.com/2011/08/arundhati-is-back-again-with-what-she.html

    This is what happens when an engineer tries to be a doctor and a writer writes to be an activist. She is really the Goddess of all small things, I mean all meanness. She can sleep with the Naxal (who have killed more innocents than perhaps the police), and can openly support the Kashmiri separatist movement (that has created the second largest displaced community of the world – the Kashmiri Pandits), and now she speaks like Manish Tiwari about Anna. Does she mean that she is more intelligent than so many intellectuals who are supporting this movement? I don’t think so. She has the right to voice her thoughts, but she can’t demean someone, or someone else’s thoughts. That shows how mean she is.

    Have you ever heard her saying anything about the Sikh riots of 84 that had killed more Sikhs than Muslims killed in Gujarat riots in 2002. No, she never writes. Did she ever write about the Kashmiri Pandits? Did she ever write about the Bhopal Gas tragedy which has been the biggest genocide in India till date – that was something like the concentration camp and still she is quiet. Why? She finds it interesting only when it augers her agenda, I don’t know what. She is just a media hungry hypocrite who shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

    And what the fuss about using Vande Mataram? Arundhati Roy writes in English. But she could have been a little more aware of Indian languages. I’m not expecting her to be an authority in Sanskrit (thanks God, at least she doesn’t shit in that language), but still she should have referred to any Sanskrit dictionary to find the meaning of vandana.

    Let me quote from the Monier Williams’ Sanskrit to English dictionary. The word vandana comes from the root vad, which means to speak, to utter, to praise etc. And vandana also means praise, other then just worship. Sanskrit is a very metaphoric language and one word has multiple meanings. Vande Mataram doesn’t mean only to worship the motherland, it also means to praise the motherland, to speak of the motherland. What’s the wrong in that. Is any religion of the world against praising his or her motherland. If yes, I do condemn that religion, and those thoughts.

    But I still maintain, she is a good writer!!

    BTW, our movement is to fight corruption, and everything that she has mentioned is a fruit of some corruption. We’re fighting with ourselves too, because the root of corruption is within me. Whenever I don’t want to take a bill to avoid the sales tax, I’m being corrupt. Everytime I ask my CA to find ways to evase tax, I’m being corrupt. Everytime I jump a signal I’m being corrupt. Every time I use office resources for my personal use (even taking printout of fligth tickets) I’m being corrupt. We’re fighting against all these. Once we’re free from corruption only then we can change the world. And what’s the problem in doing that? If Arundhati doesn’t want to be the Anna, thanks. Let her sleep with the Naxals and the Kashmiri terrorists!! We don’t need her in our movement.

  380. mona sharma says:

    Great job Mr. Clarity, i think she just took some bribe and tried to come up with nonsense like this.

  381. Hariharan says:

    Excellent Article Sir. Arundhati will you give an apt reply for this??????

  382. Shubhra Mukherjee says:

    are brother! where were you all this time?!?! this is the best slap-on-the-face answer ever! great job! when i read arundhati’s article yesterday…it seemed to me she’s writing because she just wants to be that one person out of millions to do the most opposite and different thing so that she stands out and people go wow! who is this who so bravely declares her hatred!!! she just wanted the spot light on her…gosh! i did not expect this from her…get your facts right woman then comment! anyways…i hope she is clear minded and motivated NOW! ab jab kuch ho raha hai finally corruption ke khilaf tab bhi problem hai? agar kuch nai hota to phir am wahi bolte na – india ka to kuch nai ho sakta! its happening dear. be a part of it 😎

  383. Shashi Menon says:

    very powerful thoughts! inspired

  384. Nachiket Mehta says:

    True. Extremely well written and effectively articulated. Someone like Arundhati, who knows that she is influential should watch what she says. I am also moderately annoyed with the people who are playing the “moral” and “change at grassroots” card. They are simply twisting words with common sense advise, which frankly is of no use at the current moment. Saying that corruption should be eradicated by educating people and not having them fall for corruption is right, but it does not rule out the framework to deal with corruption. Even if we have Lokpal, we can still educate the masses, especially the youth to prevent corruption

  385. Pingback: Arundhati Roy blasts anti-corruption 'saint' Anna Hazare - Page 8

  386. crossroads says:

    Hi , I hope the author reads this reply. From the beginning of your counter argument, one thing is clear.. you are not thinking with clarity, You must want to crush down anybody that says anything against the movement.You wrote “Arundhati’s most important gripe seems to be that the people in the movement are raising slogans like – (a) Vande Mataram (b) Bharat Mata ki jai (c) India is Anna, Anna is India (d) Jai Hindi.” That is not Arundathi’s most important gripe. Arundathi is making the point that most people are supporting Ana without even thinking. That is a very eloquent way of writing , but you take it up in the literal sense. Because you are emotional and just want to counter her…. Just like all the people who supports Ana….99.9% of the people dont even know what the Jan Lok Pal bill is…They are just supporting Ana because he is fighting corruption

    • Saurabh says:

      You seem to be the part of 0.01% who does not understand Jan Lokpal bill. Remaining 99.9% people clearly understand what Jan Lokpal bill is. It is not necessary to understand all the technical details of a bill.

      99.9% people of India have never seen or met A Raja or Kalmadi but they know both men looted public money. The case report against people like A Raja, Kalmadi and Kanimozhi will run into thousands of pages. Should people protest against them only after reading all the thousands of pages of documentary evidence? That is the job of investigators, lawyers and judge to take care of. 99.9% people including our PM and MPs do not know how the missile is made but each one of them supports its making and pays money to the scientists to build it because we know this is the right thing to do.

      Anna is doing what everyone wanted to do but could not do. That is why he is getting everyone’s support.

    • raghunath says:

      instead of pointing to people not knowing the draft, pl count how many people you educated about this bill and the exact nature of the movement going on. pl read, understand and explain. instead of simply pointing shortcomings here, that clarity of information should be spread across the nation.

    • Naman says:

      Exactly. In this frenzy, thanks to the media like Times Now for hyping up things ten times more than they are, we are losing reason and clarity. First of all, these are not “lies”, to use the outrageous term for what could be, at worst, “misconceived opinions”. Plus, the author has absolutely mis-interpreted Roy’s theme of the article. The comments here are full of hate speech, the same thing that the Congress did to Anna by implicating him in corruption, we are doing to Roy, by saying “she’s bribed”, “is antinational”, or has been “fed by the Congress.” How insane and unreasonable can this get? Roy’s only point was that we should look at the big picture and ask the uncomfortable question. “Will the Lokpal become just another structure with too much power?” If that is the case, we know we might not be on the right side.

  387. The Confused Orient says:


    “Under attack over her statements on Kashmir, writer Arundhati Roy on Tuesday said she only spoke what “millions of people” in Kashmir have been saying everyday for years.” !!!!!!!!!!

    So has she changed her liens now for the poeple in Ramlila ground !!

    I think Anna Hazare has to go to Lal Chowk and fight for Azadi for Kashmiris and backed by LeT and Co so that he will then become secular !! (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Anna-Hazare-is-not-secular-Arundhati-Roy/articleshow/9700692.cms)

  388. amanv says:

    where are the IIT and IIM grads they should be coming together to make this country a better place oh wait they r busy completing their novels and earning a quick buck in the states or europe. till when we’ll hav to depend on old people to guide us why cant we ourselves do smthing bout it (corruption) these oldies use their old school ways to do things why can’t india become an efficient working machine like many other countries. but i think atleast something’s better than nothing respect to mr. hazare for all he has done and a big thumbs down to all the naysayers (roy)
    but more young blood should be there at the top level (and m not talking bout the silver spoon licking rahul baba) change is happening and it is hapening fr the better. india is mobilzing and will create fear in the heart of those who want it destroyd.

  389. Sreekar says:

    Fitting reply. She is just nonsense. Gone out of her mind. Paid by Govt.

  390. vikas says:

    what we can expect from people like arundhati roy…she has a habit of doing this. giving comment against kashmir is an act which is going to strengthen indian republic and what Anna is doing is weakening it.. hats off to you mrs. roy only you can think these kind of things.

  391. Aswin says:

    Directly taken from JanLokPal:

    On Powers that it can only take people to court:

    7. (1) The Investigating Officers of Lokpal authorized to investigate offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 shall have “all the powers which are vested in a Police Officer while investigating offences under the Code of Criminal Procedure”, as well as the powers conferred on the director of enforcement under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 as well as under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.
    (2) The members of Lokpal or any officer under the Lokpal while exercising any powers under the Act shall have “the powers of a civil court” trying a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

    (3) All members of the Lokpal and all officers of the Lokpal superior in rank to an Investigating Officer may exercise the same powers as may be exercised by such Investigating Officer.

    Note: These are points Govt and various others raised objections to, but ‘Team Anna’ wouldn’t listen. And they claim they’re willing to talk!!!

    And yes, to me, this is capable of doing anything to the country. That’s why Judiciary is different from legislature and police. Look up separation of powers

    On your claim that it can only act on cases related to corruption:

    (7) While investigating any offence under Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, Lokpal shall be competent to investigate any offence under any other law in the same case.

    Does this amount to your LIES being CAUGHT? No?

    I’d rather not be you, Mr.Author, selectively twisting stuff.

    • Sumanthnth says:

      Bravo…! I’d rather not be Anna (with all due respect)…

    • Maneesh Velu says:

      You missed the important bits. The Lokpal can Investigate. Not try, not convict. Investigate & present the evidence (if any is found) to court. The court will try and decide. Do you not believe in the Judiciary?

      If the Lokpal is not empowered to investigate (per the govt. draft) any irregularities, it is called a “loophole”. We all know that there is no shortage of those in the system at present.

      • Rodosee says:

        Appears you are the one missing important bits, friend. See here: “(2) The members of Lokpal… shall have “the powers of a civil court” trying a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908” In India, trying a suit is a judiciary function and supposed to be separate from executive and legislative functions so as to thwart (ahem) corruption.

      • Are you sure the Lokpal cannot convict or impose a punishment of any sort as per the Draft Jan Lokpal bill? There are a few clauses in the draft that are contradictory and seem to hand the lokpal judicial powers. Check one of my earlier comments out (9:45 am on Aug 23rd 2011).

        I am all for a strong lokpal, but would like these ambiguities in the bill to be debated and clarified first. That is a reason I believe the August 30th deadline is unreasonable. Hope everyone at least agrees that it is a bad idea to give both investigative and judicial powers to one body.

      • Maneesh Velu says:

        From the explanation of the Janlokpal draft:

        1. Against politicians (for their conduct outside parliament), judges and bureaucrats, Lokpal will only investigate complaints of corruption and file a case in court. The courts will have the power to try and award punishment. Lokpal will not have powers to award punishment.
        2. However, in case of bureaucrats, the institution of Lokpal will have powers to impose departmental penalties including dismissing them, if after investigations by the investigation wing of Lokpal, the guilt of that officer is established. For Joint Secretary and above, a bench of members of Lokpal will impose such penalty after giving an opportunity of being heard to all affected parties. However, if accused are below the rank of Joint Secretary, the same will be heard by a bench of senior officers of Lokpal. These orders of Lokpal can be appealed against in respective High Courts.

        3. If any Member of Parliament or a Minister indulges in any corrupt activity inside Parliament, then a complaint could be made to the Speaker of Lok Sabha or Chairperson of Rajya Sabha. They would forward the complaint to the Ethics Committee. If Ethics committee recommends, the Speaker or Chairperson would forward the complaint to the Lokpal for investigations. After investigations, Lokpal would submit its report to the Speaker or Chairperson, who would then present it in Parliament. The Parliament would decide what action should be taken on the report.

        Therefore, Only junior bureaucrats would be dismissed by the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta. These penalties are also restricted to the departmental penalties. This is similar to the system where individuals are suspended pending investigation. Here they would be dismissed post investigation if evidence of corruption is found. Also, the penalty can be challenged in high court.

        The Janlokpal provides for the body to have powers similar to the police (where they can issue you a fine for jumping a signal, improper parking etc and also tow away and impound property (vehicles) if the fine is not immediately paid). This is because the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta will include the anti-corruption investigative agencies of the police, vigilance and CBI at the various levels. The police is already given both investigative and judicial powers – upto a certain limit. In the Janlokpal draft, so is the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta. I don’t see the problem here.

        If you say that these powers are akin to a license to do anything to the country, then the Police should be the biggest threat to Democracy in India. It is obviously not, because there is a balance – The civil courts. We have the right to challenge any fine from any government agency in court. How many of us have done that? Well the reason for the expected answer is that – it is too difficult and there is too much red-tape (bureaucracy) involved. This is where the Middle Class’s “forget it, just pay the fine/bribe and get on with our lives” attitude comes into play. This very attitude has resulted in the government being able to take us for granted, get the maximum in taxes and revenue from us while providing us nothing in the way of infrastructure or civic development, and Get Away With It. This has gone on for decades.

        Do you REALLY think that treating bureaucrats the way we have been treated (with greater transparency than we have ever been granted in proceedings) will be a threat to our democracy?

      • @maneesh With regard to your comment –
        From the explanation of the Janlokpal draft:
        ”1. Against politicians (for their conduct outside parliament), judges and bureaucrats, Lokpal will only investigate complaints of corruption and file a case in court.
        Lokpal would submit its report to the Speaker or Chairperson, who would then present it in Parliament. The Parliament would decide what action should be taken on the report.”
        Thanks for your well thought-out response. However, are you quoting from from the actual Jan Lokpal draft or from the spirit of the draft envisioned (which has been published as an explanation of the draft)? I don’t know if you read my earlier comment (August 23rd 2011, 9:45 am); but, if you did you would recognize some contradictions in the bill. The clauses I mention seem to provide the decision of the Lokpal immunity from judicial review. The Lokpal also seem to have a complete authority in selecting the judges for the special court. These go way beyond the quasi-judicial powers the police/CBI have. These ambiguities are genuine concerns which have to be debated and clarified.

      • Maneesh Velu says:

        I’ve read your article. Your main problems seem to be with the following:

        1. Section 27.2
        “…no proceedings or decision of the Lokpal shall be liable to be challenged, reviewed, quashed or called in question in any court of ordinary Civil Jurisdiction.”

        This is clarified in the draft that the decision can be challenged in the respective High Court. Therefore, the decision of the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta cannot be challenged in lower courts (courts of ordinary Civil Jurisdiction).

        2. “Section 13A
        Special Judges under section 4 of Prevention of Corruption Act:
        (1) On an annual basis, the Lokpal shall make an assessment of the number of Special Judges required under section 4 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 in each area and the Government shall appoint such number of Judges within three months of the receipt of such recommendation.

        Provided that the Lokpal shall recommend such number of Special Judges so that trial in each case under this Act is completed within a year.

        2) Before making any fresh appointments, the Government shall consult the Lokpal on the procedure to be followed in selection to ensure the integrity of the candidates selected. The Government SHALL implement such recommendations.”

        Doesn’t this in essence give the Lokpal complete authority in selecting the special judges? Doesn’t that sound like an encroachment into judicial powers?

        One other thing, I don’t think it is the Government that appoints judges. According to the Constitution that is the prerogative of the President or the respective Governor. Correct me if I am wrong.”

        In each instance the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta assesses and recommends the Number of Judges that are required to ensure that trials in all cases reported are completed within a year. The Janlokpal/Janlokayukta also be consulted on the Procedure to be followed in selection. This does not mean that the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta will recommend the judges, just recommend that they should not be influenced/influenceable. Obviously when judging a trial on corruption, a unbiased judge is of prime importance.

        Also it should be noted that these special judges will be required if the current judicial system is insufficient to process the cases.

        The selection is not of making someone a Judge, but of selecting from amongst judges those who will become the Judges for the special courts under section 4 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. This act is already in place (hence an act), therefore already passed through parliament. The three month time-constraint is added to prevent governmental bureaucracy from delaying the trials.
        Hope that clarifies 🙂

      • @Maneesh
        Once again thanks for your reply.
        “This is clarified in the draft that the decision can be challenged in the respective High Court. Therefore, the decision of the Janlokpal/Janlokayukta cannot be challenged in lower courts (courts of ordinary Civil Jurisdiction).”
        I couldn’t find this clarification in the draft. That is fine if it is legally understood and recognized that “courts of ordinary Civil Jurisdiction” mean lower courts? If not, won’t the clause 27.2 be a loophole? This is just a technicality, but an important one nonetheless, in my opinion.

        Regarding 13A, you are right. Apologies. I missed it in the verbosity. “Before making any fresh appointments, the Government shall consult the Lokpal on the PROCEDURE to be followed in selection”. That could be a problem, still, though not as serious as having actual authority in selecting the judges (by that I always meant, for the special court from already practicing judges. Thought that was obvious 🙂 ). I never had a problem with the time constraint nor with the concept of special courts which is an already established practice.
        There is one technicality, again. I don’t think it is the Government that appoints judges. According to the Constitution that is the prerogative of the President or the respective Governor in consultation with the CJI.

        Next, regarding the punishments the Lokpal can impose (provided review is possible) it should be clarified what the level of these punitive measures are. In my opinion they should only be administrative ones in line with the quasi-judicial powers with the police.

        Finally, I still don’t understand the relevance of section 10.2 and 10.3 as far as a Lokpal is concerned. In particular, the escape clause 10.2.h worries me.

  392. Aswin says:

    To almost all commenters above:

    Your hate comments make you at least as bad as you think she is. Think about it.

  393. Suren says:

    Great article Mr. Clarity.
    This India Against Corruption-IAC movement will make every citizen realize themselves and say
    (I) (A)m (C)lean.
    Jai Hind!!

  394. Naveenkumar C M says:

    With all due the due respect I ‘HAD’ towards Arundhati, I must say ‘Bravo Mr. Clarity’. A neat answer for to ridiculously biased and narrow visioned article by Arundhati. Really great job, I totally appreciate your effort and time. Wish you more strength 🙂

  395. Suhani says:

    ONE TIGHT SLAP, Arundhati!!!
    awesome reply!
    we were all waiting for a reality check that Arundhati needed!
    Thanks to the writer!…Great job done…hats off!

  396. Shobhit Gupta says:

    Very informative Article.Very well written… hats off to u ! Im ur fan !!

  397. Naveenkumar C M says:

    With all due respect I ‘HAD’ towards Arundhati, I must say ‘Bravo Mr. Clarity’. A neat answer to ridiculously biased and narrow visioned article by Arundhati. Really great job, I totally appreciate your effort and time. Wish you more strength 🙂

  398. nidhin lal e s says:

    i wish there was a “hate” option along with “like” option

  399. awesome article…
    must read for all…

  400. This article explained to me that telling lies requires less writing than proving them they are lies!

  401. R.Kasthuri Rengan says:

    Lie 7) Rich and influential people are filled with upper caste people is an inappropriate comment. Otherwise, a fitting comment to Arundhathi and the like minded

  402. Sourabh Jain says:

    I am so grateful to you Sir … thank you so much for sharing .. we’ll spread it like anything … May I know your real name please ??

  403. Alan says:

    On ready the article by Arundhati Roy, i was anxious for a reply from somebody who could address it point by point. This article is exactly that. Thanks!

  404. Joe says:

    What’s your problem? Why are you saying MCD didn’t do anything? MCD worked hard to prepare the ground and a lot of public money was spent on this. What did you do “Mr. Clarity”? This is the worst rebuttal I’ve ever heard. Like all Indians, I bet you are involved in personal corruption and black money as well. You are a typical anglophone, middle-class Indian: never appreciative of the thousands of MCD workers who work year round with little pay for your benefit!

  405. malvika singh says:

    i would be an anna any day than an arundhati, and im sure that most of the nation will concur.

  406. Swarupa Dey says:

    An awesome article.There is clear explanation given by u Mr. clarity to explain the points raised ( means lies told) by Arundhati against the movement for Janlokpal…..

  407. malvika singh says:

    not believing in the concept of a nation or nationalism is acceptable, but making personal attacks on a man as tall as anna fills me with disgust. I feel sorry for this woman, all her education has been wasted. her article was paranoid and a bag of lies. what’s worse is that the Hindu even bothered to publish it. Its good that she doesn’t live in this country, because the people would have thrown her out anyway. besides, I dont think Americans like her either. she really doesn’t give one the chance to like or even respect her, irrespective of a booker. after all, people have been known to lose their sanity with age.

  408. Nanda says:

    Arundhati believes herself to be part of intelligentia, its a big joke

  409. Nupur says:

    I think you have missed the point. It isn’t fair to grab words/phrases from an article and disembowel them, it takes them completely out of context. I have seen many of the anti corruption protests happening in my district and while traveling around. I have to admit that for the most they have been disorganized mobs, mindlessly milling or driving about aimlessly, chanting slogans you know they don’t really feel. The Lokpal is yet another intricate layer that is not going to solve the already layered and complex system of governance in our country, but in fact add to the top heavy and convoluted mess that is our democracy.

    • demonic aura says:

      dude, did you read through the blog completely!?! Well, if you arent convinced, please read this one:

      Jan Lokpal bill can be improved upon, but one thing is for sure, its a million times better than what the Govt has drafted. Its safer to not have a bill than to have a bill as weak as what the Govt has proposed!

      • The Confused Orient says:

        Haven’t read you post, but what you said here, in simple words nails the point.

        Jan Lok Pal is a better talking point, Government drafted bill may be termed as Jokepal..

    • Sumanthnth says:

      Who has the time to understand?? Legislature is about making laws with the far future in mind, considering all the implications.
      Im so sure that the writer of this article does not even fully understand the Janlokpal bill in its entirety, so we can be sure that he doesn’t understand the implications of such a bill on the democratic institutions of India in the long run.

      • The Confused Orient says:

        And hence you trust the men in charge right now ? Who have done everything under sun to suck mine and yours money and let it be Status Quo ?

    • Vinay Thandi Varuvayaa says:

      I agree with Nupur on this…People are openly flouting rules during their protests..Triple riders without helmets are now a common sight..And i cant even begin to imagine the number of times the National Flag has been disrespected by its upkeep and position of display… Sad to see people so mindlessly disrespecting the national symbols..

    • Maneesh Velu says:

      @Nupur & “Vinay Thandi Varuvayaa”

      I think you have missed the boat. The idea is not to sit and whine about the “mess that is our democracy”, but to do our bit to clean it up.

      You are of course welcome to sit by the side and observe. That is the right that our democracy gives every one of us. Must be painful though, atop that fence?

  410. harvinder357 says:

    Arundhati is not writting in recent days and she needs some public attention, so this sensitive issue will help her grab some light. She has done a very cheap stunt by taking help of such issue for he publicity stunt…..

  411. Reetesh says:

    Good but a really long rebuttal, the problem with truth is that while lies can be said as one liners, truths cannot be as there are various aspects to the same. But let me try and shorten this :
    Lie One: One is met with slogans when he/she asks questions on JanLokpal
    Rebuttal : There are youtube videos, information online, efforts by Kejriwal, Bhushan and Bedi on national television as well as on Ramlila ground. There was a public referendum on the provisions of Janlokpal. My take : if you missed all this action everywhere, you are not informed enough to even comment Ms Roy
    Lie Two: Janlokpal seeks to overthrow the Indian state
    Rebuttal: Janlokpal team has worked with government for the past one year, opposition leaders, MPs, individual chief ministers etc. Even when opposing, they have followed a non violent and legal protest method. My take: Janlokpal just seeks to limit arbitrary powers with a select few individuals and puts a framework in place so that their actions can be questioned, investigated and punished if required
    Lie Three: Anna Hazare is a freshly minted saint
    Rebuttal: There are two problems with this statement, a) are only old saints allowed to protest and b) Anna Hazare’s track record is longer than Roy’s age
    Lie four: Anna lived as an honored guest in Tihar and his team whizzed in and out of Tihar as a priviledged guest
    Rebuttal : Anna was arrested for 7 days initially, his public support resulted in him being released earlier, that was not the initial intention. When Anna refused to budge Kiran Bedi and other team members were invited by the government to try and negotiate with Anna, which is very different from “whizzing in and out”
    Lie five: MCD worked hard to prepare the grounds
    Rebuttal: Photos of people cleaning up the ground voluntarily. And the fact that its MCDs duty to prepare the grounds anyways for protests
    Lie Six: Upset that Lokpal will have sweeping powers of investigation, surveillance and prosecution
    Rebuttal: Even the police, CBI have the same powers. Unfortunately with current legislation police and CBI cannot act against ministers, MPs etc and gives them special priviledges which Lokpal seeks to eliminate
    Lie Seven: Suggesting that the hawkers who pay the beat constable to set up their stalls might have to pay the ‘lokpal representative’.
    Rebuttal : A flight of her fancy imagination, extending opposition point of view to extreme lengths to make it seem ridiculous. My take: The only thing she may be good at
    Lie Eight: Comparing this to anti reservation movement
    Rebuttal: An attempt to divide, the anti reservation protest was violent, this is non violent. This is just an attempt to divide on caste and communal lines
    Lie Nine : Tries to separate Irom Sharmila, Bastar, Jaitapur, from the fast and implies by extension that Anna Hazare does not oppose Posco, or the farmer deaths in Maharashtra
    Rebuttal: If a person A fights against something, does he have to fight against everything, isnt it too much to expect. Plus a strong Janlokpal will make the lives of underpriviledged better, for the corrupt will at least have some fear
    Lie Ten: That he supports Raj Thackarey or Narendra Modi’s alleged wrongdoings
    Rebuttal : Anna has said many times that he opposes any wrongdoings targeted at any community and favours equal rights for all. My take: Ah these real jholawala communalists
    Lie Eleven : Personal attack on Arvind Kejriwal, too stupid to even rebut
    Lie Twelve: Janlokpal fails to bring corporates and NGOs in its ambit
    Rebuttal : All NGO and corporate corruption cannot happen without govt collusion. My take : Actually its true, we should take care of those kinds of corruption as well, eg Reliance Infocom/m’s recent case, why does not Arundhati Roy protest for it

  412. Divani says:

    you have some good points. but why post anonymously? And you started a blog with just one post – come be brave & write under your real name ..the way you show your support.

  413. Abhineet says:

    amazing work….

  414. Sameer says:

    Someone shared this on FB with a blurb that says this piece responds to all naysayers. I take exception to the use of “all” in that blurb. I wonder if Mr.Clarity can find out any lies in my piece too.


  415. Anuja says:

    Beautifully written…proud of you!

  416. Raj says:

    Kabir did receive $400,000 from ford foundation. Arundhati Roy says that Kabir received the mentioned amount in the past 3 years and its true. You can verify from the same website mentioned on this page

    search for kabir. youll find two donations: $197,000 and $200,000.
    Dont mislead people with wrong reserach

  417. dheerajg4 says:

    Very nice reply to the woman. Even though I am opposing Jan LokPal bill even I found her article too hard to digest. However, you have gone a bit too far defending IAC against her article on a couple of counts-
    a) Despite so many videos, links, pdfs the public at large is still (un)(mis) informed about Jan LokPal bill. The videos and articles are mostly propaganda type that do not show both the sides of the coin(JLP).
    b) Despite their cause being honorable, by focussing on patriotic rhetoric IAC have managed to take the spotlight away from debate on both (or three) versions of the bill so that the best possible bill (as viewed from powers/responsibilities/checks & balances) comes out. They have also, despite having said otherwise, shown supreme stubborness during negtiations. The points that you call important are precisley that warp the power around LokPal.
    c) As far as powers of investigation go, Police have to go to a magistrate to get them. The LokPal (IAC version) does not. E.g. – Police/Intel agencies can initiate phone tapping against an individual/corporate only when authorised by union secretary while LokPal (IAC version) can do so on his own.
    So while her rants against Capitalism/Socialism/Maoism/Kejriwal/Anna are well rebuttled, I think the defence goes too far in case of actual bill.
    In Punjabi there is a saying which translates to “Even the worst person will have some virtue”. I think that can apply to Arundhati Roy’s article too.

  418. Sameer Ramesh says:

    Awesome post mate. Someone needs to put those oh-so intelligent overlords (who, ironically, are the ‘voice of the common man) in their places.

  419. Awesome………….Good Work ……….

  420. wrongh says:

    Arundhati Just wants spotlight that’s why she is writing these idiotic , illogical articles just to grab some attention . People like her has no right to say themselves Social worker . she is just a selfish lady . SHAME SHAME arundhiti

  421. Arundhati just a cry baby writing this kind of articles and spreading these rumors because she is not getting attention . She call her self a social worker SHAME SHAME … Shame on you …. Ditching country ….

  422. I am of an opinion we are better off in corrupt democracy than a corrupt autocracy. While Anna, we have no iota of doubt in his intentions, the same is not true for the apparent constituent of the the so-called civil society we are talking about. While the requirement of an ombudsman is necessary, this need not be acting as a kangaroo court of sorts. the mass of public supporting Anna today is more than willingly indulges in corruption today on both sides of the table. The same aam aadmi does not have a moral right to blame netas, bureaucrats for ‘rishwat’ if they themselves are not clean. Even in the case of Jan Lokpal, there are alternative drafts, most prominently that by Dr. Aruna Roy which no one is today not even willing to be considered. It is really unfortunate that a section of the same blind and ignorant mass calling her names. This is the irony of a so called democratic and peaceful movement. & there is a great fallacy of Lokpal being considered as Ramdev’s version of TV Yoga!
    Call me a cynic, but we as a people do not deserve a bill that is talking of anti-corruption, tolerance or some of the values long cherished but long lost. Corruption is across sectors but the only people to be blamed are politicians in this. This is nothing but passing the buck. from students to housewives; from a normal office goer to a bus conductor, we have studies values of honesty only in theory. Suddenly one morning after reading about a media friendly scandals like 2G & CWG, the mass is suddenly scandalised about the corruption. This is no latent anger but just a sudden realisation after watching the sensational breaking news. We have faced the demon of corruption since independence but no one complained, till Anna came along with his message, we have conveniently indulged in corruptions to make our lives easier. Post Anna, we will still do it. In a country where, Gandhi has been reduced to be a character of vulgar jokes, people talking about personal integrity is a shame. An idealist like Anna does not realise the power he intends to give us, we have not been comprehended it.

  423. Ruden Wangdi Dukpa says:

    To provide a larger viewpoint to the whole debacle it is important to point out the most obvious fact. In this case, it is the fact that unlike most revolutions or revolutionary movements, we as a people and Anna himself are not pitting ourselves against a dictator or some form of forced government. We are in fact going against our own leaders who we have elected ourselves.
    These are our leaders and representatives who we elect every now and again on a periodical basis. Shouldn’t we be more careful when we choose who gets to lead our country? In some way or the other are we not being irresponsible and have we not brought this upon our own heads? Is it not really a problem of individual moral standards and individual social responsibility?
    In a system where corruption exists at almost every level from the local autowala’s to the highest echelons of Govt., it is impossible to point fingers because as a society we have been insufficiently driven to combat this problem even as we face it everyday. In most cases people have already even taken it for granted that some form of bribe or “bakshis” has to be given in order for some official work to be done.
    I believe that the work being done by Anna is a positive step towards combating the rampant corruption in our country, but it will eventually prove insufficient if we as individuals and as a whole do not accept responsibility towards abolishing corruption. Anna has indeed shown us the way and the only thing left is for us to persevere and to turn the idea of a corruption free nation into a reality. It is fortunate that we live in democracy, because really, it is in fact all up to each and every one of us to bring about change in our situation.

  424. wonderful, I salute you Sir.

  425. riddhi bhatt says:

    Man kudos to you for this awesome piece of work…great going 🙂 !

  426. Ramakrishnan says:

    A great piece of article expoding all the dirty lies of a frustrated Arundati Roy. But is she worth the time and efforts spent in exposing her dirty lies. She has talked absolute nonsense in her craving for some chrap publicity. I am not sure whether she is mentally sick.

    I think we are giving Arundati Roy undue importance by reacting to her filthy lies. Her insane howlers at best should be ignored.

  427. Vikasj007 says:

    Do you even know what prosecution means??? Police or CBI do not have the power to prosecute anybody. they investigate and submit all their findings in a court of law. The Lokpal on the other hand will have the powers to prosecute, which means, that after investigating a person, the Lokpal itself would decide whether the person is guilty or not, and then punish him accordingly. and this cannot even be challanged in a court of law.

    How is that same as the case with Police or CBI??????

  428. Please add a wordpress share button .. it will be easy to share and tweet your posts

  429. Prakhar says:

    This hugely elaborate article is basically saying one thing. Arundhati, you are gravely mistaken. You have failed to look beyond your criticism and tried to malign the anti-corruption drive. And a very horrific description of what you actually think about the same has been put forward.
    DUDE, Big farce this is.
    You are countering AR’s views and putting up analogies which are absurd. True, that what she has written does have harsh critical way of putting the things in public. And even though she does not provide any remedies to what she points out, she has on no account given facts that escape the realm of truth. For instance you say that the police have whatever powers of investigation and that the Lokpal committee being sought to formed will have the same and the ultimately the decision would be taken by the court. Man, do you see the Home Minister or the Finance Minster being prosecuted on corruption charges? The version of Lokpal committee being proposed by Team Anna is solely aiming to add to the already added up pile of corruption charges. I would agree with you that inaction and criticism are definitely not the paths to be taken for such a problem. But this ‘problem’ that is being talked about is not only incorporating the higher ups sitting in the Lok Sabha and making laws, it encapsulates the middle level bureaucracy which actually runs the field wok of the government. IAS, IPS, IES, District Collectors. You name the posts and corruption is a partner. So would you like to make a big hue and cry and start from the top thereby destroying whatever framework is properly working or would you try and start the clean up process from the grass root level and move up making sure that the foundations are strong enough to handle the vibrations that are gonna be created once the MPs and MLAs come under the Lokpal scanner?

  430. Avani says:

    Probably this is exactly what the author wanted.. to get someone’s attention to her ideas 🙂
    Its an easy way to argue your point. Just discredit the person who is coming up with an argument. Everyone needs to be cautious about that and not just Ms. Arundhati Roy.
    People are definetely coming together for a good cause whether with the support of ‘rich NGOs’ or not. True supporters of JanLokpal Bill should watch for anyone who could take an undue advantage of this people power and frustration among the people.
    Yes, corruption does not start and end at a government office. It is prevelant in corporates, social media and NGOs too. There are others who are fasting and loosing their lives without getting any attention. We are adding another layer of bureacracy. That should not be a reason NOT to support Lokpal bill. Lokpal bill will not fix everything. But its a good starting point.

  431. vinod saxena says:

    All the points you have noted is correct except that all rich people are from upper caste, I will not agree with
    naming a few
    Laloo Yadav
    Ram Villas Paswan
    D P Yadav
    A Raja
    K Natwar Singh
    Sachin Pilot
    and many more

  432. Niharika says:

    Arundhati Roy may have the right to hold differing views but she has no business to lie and spread canards.These people lie left and right and then claim that dissent is not allowed. It’s not about dissent but about not sticking to facts.Some foolish folks who don’t know facts and haven’t read enough on an issue read half truths and lies like Arundhati’s piece and then start to believe the canards. This is how rumors replace facts.Arundhati is an expert rabble rouser and a divisive figure.

  433. Arjun says:

    Beautifully written article … I hope we can re-release and re-telecast RANN movie over and over again.

  434. WishToBeUnnamed says:

    What would you say about anna supporting forced Vasectomy to implement family planning?
    Nobody is a saint in today’s world. Everybody has their dark side. The cause a man takes up to fight for does not make him worthy of worship.
    I feel that anyone who has given/taken bribes in their lives or even produced fake medical bills to save income tax have any right to protest against corruption. That would constitute a majority of people taking part in the movement. Reflect upon yourselves before you go out to clean the nation.

  435. Atanu Dey says:

    Absolutely brilliant article.

  436. snigdha singh says:

    Author tried hard to separate grains from chaff but couldn’t see the wood for trees. The cornerstone of the Arundhati’s whole argument was the timing and perspective of the Anna’s movement when neoliberal economic order and political class world over is facing the legitimacy crisis and imminent threat of toppling over. There has been strings of scams (Nira Radia Tapes, 2G, KG Basin etc) exposed or waiting to be exposed in India. All pointing towards inextricable corporate-political nexus. This movement howsoever well intentioned does provide relief both to political class by bringing only policy level changes and corporate by not being questioned.

  437. Syam says:

    Excellent Article ……

  438. test says:

    Ok, a longer version of why I find the reasoning specious using excerpts from the article and why I don’t think Arundhati Roy is the ultimate voice of reason.

    To clarify, I don’t think Anna or any other individual is a saint or that the present version of the Lokpall bill the most effective one but it’s way better than anything that the government will come out with on its own .

    (Which other person would be granted this luxury?)
    Yeah, what about Kalmadi and co. sipping coffee with the jail SP of Tihar.

    “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is One,” the TV anchors tell us.
    And the politicians are scared because these guys were not paid to attend the rallies unless we believe that US is indeed funding Anna’s campaign as suggested by Congress.

    egregiously unequal society
    Totally agree on this one and some of the other problems that she mentions afflicting the country. How is any of it related to the anti corruption movement though.

    The 24-hour channels have decided that there is no other news in the country worth reporting.
    This is nothing new. They have shown more bizzare things for weeks without shutting up.

    ‘The People’ only means the audience that has gathered to watch the spectacle of a 74-year-old man threatening to starve himself to death if his Jan Lokpal Bill is not tabled and passed by Parliament.
    It would be informative to talk to anyone who has been to the Ramlila maidan or any of the protest rallies. These are your middle class , educated people working in decent jobs. Not some random folks
    gone to watch a cinema. True that most people do not understand the nuances of the bill but do you think everyone who comes to any rally knows everything. They just support the key causes and expect
    that the leaders will have the intelligence to negotiate the right deal.
    Whom would you trust: Kapil Sibbal, Chidambram and the like or Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi etc.

    praised the ‘development model’ of Gujarat’s Chief Minister who oversaw the 2002 pogrom against Muslims. (Anna withdrew that statement after a public outcry, but presumably not his admiration.)
    This argument has been beaten to death and no rational person should buy it. Just make a claim that someone has an affiliation with RSS, BJP or praises Modi for the fact that Gujarat is the most developed state and then from that
    day onwards you don’t have to do a reasoned debate but just yell “Communal/ anti social” every time someone makes an argument.

    Despite the din, sober journalists have gone about doing what journalists do. We now have the back-story about Anna’s old relationship with the RSS.
    Yeah, this is sober journalism. Creating fanciful stories around individuals rather than presenting facts of an argument.
    We have heard so many stories and all of them have been refuted.
    1. Anna was decommisioned from Army : Refuted through an RTI Claim
    2. Anna has taken a bribe of 22 L : Again, no proof , Utter nonsense.
    3. Campaign is funded by the US : Thankfully they had the sense to not say Pakistan.
    4. Bhushans are corrupt:
    Now you can decide if reporting such shady stories is sober journalism or paid journalism.

    closely connected to politicians who run financial empires that run into thousands of crores of rupees. Some of them are currently being investigated for corruption and other crimes.
    That’s precisely why you need a more autonomous institution to reign them in.

    one would think that these institutions — the corporations, the media, and NGOs — would be included in the jurisdiction of a Lokpal bill.
    This seems factually inconsistent. As far as I have read the public version of the Jan lokpal bill, they said that the folks would be chosen through a representative body that includes folks getting national awards, top NGOs etc.
    But I am not sure of this anymore, since there are so many copies of that draft floating around.

  439. raghunath says:

    i have gone through many of the comments. let all of us remember when they did not have food for 2-3 days. not many can count. if at all someone had done it, it was due to intense love and affection for a person or for an issue. a 74 yera old man is fasting for 8 long days and his deputies are trying to educate about the movement and their draft of Janalokpal. Why this movement is, the government knowing the suggestions of civil society, tried to outsmart by introducing a very compromised draft in parliament. may be to get it passed in hurry to take shelter later on. let we also realise that its due to anna that people could realise their democratic power to make MPs peoples language. look at priya dutt, sanjay nirupam. what is the fund of pointing out mistakes andd raking UPA/BJP matter here?
    those who are raking up communal issues here, are you not Indian? we are not literate, we claim to be educated, is such skewed opinions prove our educated status. those who dont know the bill, to local IAC, they will get you draft. read, understand before deciding. those shouting for democracy and constitution, pl understand there cannot be rules for common citixzens and VIP Rules for VIPs. the movement has shown us that we do matter, even after election. lets take the positives of the movement forward.

  440. machbio says:

    just amazed by the details…ANNA ki jai

  441. Padmaja says:

    You haven’t countered one serious allegation Arundhati made in the article that the campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill “gathered steam around the same time as embarrassing revelations by Wikileaks and a series of scams, including the 2G spectrum scam, broke, in which major corporations, senior journalists, and government ministers and politicians from the Congress as well as the BJP seem to have colluded in various ways as hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees were being siphoned off from the public exchequer. For the first time in years, journalist-lobbyists were disgraced and it seemed as if some major Captains of Corporate India could actually end up in prison. Perfect timing for a people’s anti-corruption agitation. Or was it?”
    It would be nice to read your answer to that too, as she’s trying to say that the movement was timed in such a way to take away public attention away from these scams.

  442. Arundhati Roy is someone who loves the terrorists operating out of Kashmir and has double standards while accepting the Booker prize money, and cribbing about Kerjiwal’s NGO’s fund source.
    Anna Hazare rocks,
    p.s I don’t subscribe to his views on prohibition.

  443. Dr.K.Salim says:

    Anna is not our problem.Corruption is! If Anna survives we will educate him on the multitudes of other problems.

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  445. @Raghu, points well put, however while realising that government’s bill is just an eye-wash, why is the LJP so adamant on their version? While I am no expert, the LJP is also not a perfect document and if initial reports are to be believed, Aruna’s version is much more empowering. In such a case why act as autocrats and refuse to entertain alternate viewpoints? Is this trend from upholders of honesty and democracy not dangerous?

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  447. I am not Anna says:

    Who is this 1 day old idiot Mr. Clarity. Whats the credibility of this blog.

  448. Gankhu says:

    “Arundhati’s most important gripe seems to be that the people in the movement are raising slogans like – (a) Vande Mataram (b) Bharat Mata ki jai (c) India is Anna, Anna is India (d) Jai Hindi. Would she prefer if they said (a) India Hai Hai (b) Indian govt murdabad (c) Jeeve-jeeve Pakistan, when they come out on the streets to demand that the Indian government creates a better system for our people?”

    Your first paragraph being this, in criticism of Arundhati Roy’s article, I gave up on the rest of your article. It’s clear that you didn’t understand much of what she said.


  449. raghunath says:

    Lets have a strong legislation, which we understand. Lets have GUTS to reject bribing andd fight with information on law. this will be effective. a strong law, its wareness and our willingness will be more crucial in weedingout corruption

  450. RAJAT says:


  451. Devan says:

    Arvind Kejriwal is well known as an anti-corruption crusader. He’s got a sharp brain and cannot be bought over. So he’s clearly a threat. This was evident much before 2010.
    Is it possible that nefarious types (if Ford Foundation is nefarious or suspicious, I have no idea) donated to an NGO he is associated with precisely so that this issue can be raked up with the media when he launches something really troublesome?

    Congress stoops to any level, netas are always stooped, never upright, babus happily coordinate and cooperate all types of insidious regulations, laws, actions, procedures.
    So psychologically it is quite a daily affair to frame and smear someone’s name in the media. For example, Julian Assange of Wikileaks was framed in a rape case, and for quite some time, Govt tried to associate Anna with RSS !

    Why would an American foundation help to smear an Indian RTI activist’s name? Simple. So many American industries from technology to petroleum to finance are investing heavily in India, they have obviously lined up pockets of Indian ministers, babus, MPs, maybe even the odd judge. To “safeguard their investments”, a donation designed to smear an RTI activist is quite logical, and even to be expected.
    Is this so?
    Any leads to this angle?

  452. ashok goa says:

    well written mr. clarity The best part is “The communists have no love for Hazare, the right wingers have no love for Hazare, and the Congress has no love for Hazare. My God! He must be awesomely right!” very true…

  453. ivstring says:

    Arundhati Roy’s article got published in The Hindu (This newspaper has always been one of the best newspapers), so Mr./Ms. blogger if your so called reply to Arundhati Roy’s ani anna article so commendable, try asking The Hindu to publish it. You have not displayed your opinion here, you have displayed wrath and jealousy against a Man Booker prize winner writer. If Anna Hazare has done so much for his village, he would not need to show his concern there if Panchayat elections were held there. You city bred shams have no idea what are actually country is like and how the 80% population which dwells in villages survive.

  454. raghunath says:

    her comment indicates difference betweeen reading and understanding,

  455. Sumanth says:

    I guess each person brandshing a sword against Arundhati Roy is from the rising, successful middle class of India.
    “One of the issues with the middle class in most post-colonial states is that it is more in tune with western social and material development and is frustrated by the slow pace of local politics, which is built around the less-lucky common man. But the change over time is that, in the past, this middle class would turn into Jawaharlal Nehru and muddy their hands in mass politics. The present-day middle class is more elitist and colonial in its attitude and more authoritarian in the way it perceives political change. It does not want to admit that the middle class massively contributes towards the clientelistic orientation of the political system, like everyone else in the country. In fact, clientelism becomes imperative in a society with huge natural disparities.
    This upcoming middle and upper-middle class, is highly opportunistic and politicised while being extremely apolitical at the same time. This means that they do not have the patience to struggle through the political system.
    The problem at the moment is that, despite being as predatory as the traditional elite, the middle class presents itself as rather angelic, mainly due to its ability to control the narrative of both the state and society. Since it is educated, it monopolises media and communication within the country and with the outside world. It uses this influence to knit the myth of the imagined progressive tendencies of the middle class. Progress for them basically means neo-liberalism and economic development. This class posits itself as an alternative to the redundant traditional elite, one which will rescue the uneducated masses who have no capacity to bring change.”

    More reading – India’s selective rage over corruption: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/18/world/asia/18iht-letter18.html?_r=3&ref=india

    Just wanna share something which Gandhi said when he joined Congress –
    “This Congress tells the world it represents India. My brothers, India is seven hundred thousand “villages” not a few hundred lawyers in Delhi and Bombay. Until we stand in the fields with the millions who toil each day under the hot sun, we will not represent India.”

    Its pretty relevant now-
    “Team Anna said it represents the voice of India. My brothers, India is seven hundred thousand “villages” not a few hundred activists in Delhi, Bombay n the metros, nor a few thousand affluent youth of the ‘middle class’ (who go to private schools, private colleges n private employment n whose only interaction with the state is to pay a bribe to an official to get their work done), nor even a few million people on Twitter and Facebook.
    India is more than 500 million people who live on 20 rupees a day and I’m sorry to say, Team Anna doesn’t represent India.

  456. shailendra asthana says:

    This is a good clinical analysis of an opinion which spontaneously evoked revulsion on the parochial mind of the writer as well as pity for her because she assumes possession of superior intelligence. This is a problem with some people whose self-esteem is so big that they do not see what a common man sees easily. They will jump up to take sides with murderers, criminals, terrorists, naxalites etc. against government, citing human rights, economic injustices, etc. Whenever there is talk of Hindu religion or Hindus they will again jump with a cry of ‘fanatics’ and will talk endlessly of secularism and rights of minorities. However if the issue relates to common man they can not see his plight and will preach high level ethics and morale. Ms.Roy is a member of this band therefore her tune should be ignored simply as laments of a mental case.

  457. One Very Annoyed Dude says:

    We need people like you writing articles in the newspapers !
    Not Random blokes who have no idea on what’s going on around ’em !
    Here is another article ! Brilliantly written !

  458. Piyush says:

    Guys she is a member of National council of advisor, which comes under Sonia Gandhi…Actually she was paid by government as an attempt to dilute Anna’s Andolan…

  459. Jay Mohan says:

    Hey dont worry about george .Hes should be from kerala.i am from kerala as well.These fanatic christians fear that now sonia gandhis govt will be toppled and bjp would come to power.They identify india now as ruled by a roman catholic christian ( sonia gandhi) .Indian christians especially kerala ones are religious fanatics inside their mind.For them they cherish their madam ruling now.so all these guys would even sell their mother for clinging congress to power.

  460. ravindra says:

    so called social activist dummy of government since independence dont comment shamelessness of congress and the government. They always debate the real issues and come to the mock issues which were cooked by the paid infra structural agencies and derail the real debate.But in this case they caught on wrong foot dealing with fearless ANNA .THE GREAT ICON.

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  462. Sriganesh says:

    “You say next that the present bill fails to bring the corporates and the NGOs against the ambit of Lokpal. Does our present legal system allow that? Does our present legal system allow surveillance of the functioning of privately funded NGOs or corporate bodies in the same manner that it allows the surveillance of government organisations? The legal experts have said no, and this is the reason according to the team that they are not proposing this at the present time.”

    What do you mean by this? Does the current legal system allow supervising the judiciary? Most of the aspects of the Jan Lokpal Bill are out of the purview of the current legal system. Why didn’t your legal experts say no to everything then? The most circulated reason is that bringing NGOs under the Lokpal’s purview would increase the workload, and that the NGOs are the ones instrumental in exposing corruption. This is the first time I’m hearing the legal experts angle. Would be interested if you can cite some real source for this, like the “data” on the website of India against corruption, as though it represents the complete list of donors.

  463. Hindustani says:

    Bullshit A roy

  464. sanjay joshi says:

    i think arundhati is mentally ill and she need treatment urgently. so i request to all her supporters who are from different parts of india please help her to find a good psychiatrist.

  465. GS says:

    Excellent article!! kudos to the writer.

  466. Hostile neighbourhood anarchist says:

    The knowledge that a majority of my countrymen (and women) belong to the retarded Right makes me sad…

  467. against the grain says:

    The movement that Ms Roy has rightly chastised here is dealing with the symptoms of a plague. Ms Roy has written against the causes for a number of years now and although I do not agree with everything she states in her article I would rather be on her side. A bunch of people, who are usually characterized by their mass media brainwashed apathy towards the unspeakable torment of countless people in their own country, have decided to wave flags in the streets and chant slogans and I am supposed to be carried away by it?

  468. Ajay says:

    pls share this with any newspaper as this will really help people understand the importance of the ‘ Second Freedom Struggle’.

  469. Honest says:

    I am no fan of Arundhati Roy neither am I interested in what she wrote. But I surely want a corruption free India and being an honest citizen of India I follow rules and laws. Yes I do want the Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed. But I imagine why we cant respect the existing laws and why do we need more and more laws. Lets say we will have a Jan Lokpal Bill tomorrow, but who will take the guarantee that the lokayukt will not be corrupt?
    What does Anna meant by, “LAO YA JAO”?
    I am still searching for answers.
    Secondly, I always thought Indians respect women, but many comments here made me feel that things are no same as before.

  470. Likhesh says:

    Great article. Congratulations. I hope people from Hindu/Hindustan Times/Times of India publish this in the news paper. Idiots like Arundhati Roy deserve to be exposed, people should know how she flaunts her ignorance as knowledge, and tries to misinform people.

  471. arvid says:

    Sorry, but you actually evade every point raised by her!

  472. Madhushree says:

    Brilliant article, keep writing 🙂

  473. Thll says:

    reading these endless list of passionate, derogate and informative comments, I can but think of the India 5 years back, when all we could do was read not collaborate … Nice 🙂 .. Every country sees corruption in some way or the other…. every morning there is some news about misappropriation, fraud, bribery, ….. but in countries where we “cannot see” corruption are the countries where a commoner can live his/her life without the hassle of corruption. The basic needs are taken care of, the basic rules are followed, the basic laws are imposed ………….enjoy life without worrying about the ‘babus’ and the ‘dadas’…… common man doesn’t deserve to suffer… it is a long process…. its the responsibility of the people and the government… a person should be punished for giving a bribe as should the person taking the bribe…. easier said than done… lokpal or no lokpal… anna or no anna… if there is a movement with hope of even acheiving this … even 1 % hope… Hell yeah… I will support it…..Atleast there is hope… If Ms. Roy is so concerned about the “other” issues, maybe she should start her own movement 😛

  474. Sindhu Srinivas says:

    A responsible citizen is the one who sees the benefit of the Anna Hazare movement. May be the Jan Lokpal bill they have proposed is not perfect. But ya, it can be perfected by experts in relevant fields..We should feel proud in supporting the anti-corruption movement that they have taken the “first” step which no one else took all these years..Govt. has to learn a lot from this movement..
    Would there be a better chance to protest against corruption, and ask for a solution, other than this? If Arundathi roy had thought the good that this movement can be done to the country, she wouldnt have written the article..Shame on such a noted personality.

    Kudos for you writer of this blog! and thanks for throwing light on many facts we common people din knew about. Thanks again !

  475. RAKESH says:

    what about the credibility of the lokpal committee members?who says that a post of ombudsman is sacrosanct?are the members of lokpal elected by the people like the mla’s or mp’s?what is the assurance that the lokpal will not be corrupted in the future?is it feasible to have an autocratic,centralized institute to look after all branches of democracy right from a post of a clerk to prime minister.the very idea of a centralized institute is a grave concern which needs reckoning.some honest and law abiding govt officials may become victims of corporate lobbying and political clout.rather than finding a solution for today’s problem we need to foresee things and draft an effective and credible bill,which takes some time,it is not wise of us to jump the gun and ask for the bill to be tabled by aug 30th and get it drafted within a month or so.all the pros and cons should be weighed and finally a consensus should be met.start thinking like you belong to the govt and its system.”we the people…”goes our preamble to the constitution,something that we should RESPECT.

  476. Rodosee says:

    Your mastery of rhetoric is commendable, Clarity. Reminded me of Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

    a few rejoinders, then:

    1. “Anna is asking this administration to implement Janlokpal, not seeking a new government” — as it happens, the latter is actually perfectly democratic and Constitutional; the former, however, is NOT. No citizen has any business insisting that the Indian government pass a bill drafted by civil society without due Parliamentary debate, discussion and approval. This bit of government is called ‘legislature’ for a reason.

    2. “freshly minted thing doesn’t sound true at all” — quite so, but you left out ‘saint’, didn’t you, you sly fox, you? 🙂 Roy said “freshly minted saint”, not a newborn! And indeed, the majority of the populace was NOT calling Hazare a saint until quite recently. Certainly in 1978 (and come to think of it, even 1991), most Indians hadn’t even heard of him.

    3. “The Lokpal can bring a case to the court, and the judge will then decide on the basis of the presented evidence whether the person is guilty. How is that radically dangerous?” — As noted in another comment above, the Lokpal bill per Hazare claims for the Lokpal the same right to try as a civil court. That the person who is the investigator is also judge and jury is indeed very dangerous, and almost guarantees miscarriage of justice, because it pretty much means that every accusation will be tried (instead of anything ever being dismissed, because this way shows more ‘work done’, ergo garners more money and support); and that the verdict will always be biased to suit the investigator (in this case the investigator’s job is seeking out corruption, so by hell! corruption SHALL be found on trial). If you think this is a cynical view and the Lokpal will in fact be a man (or woman) of unimpeachable probity each and every time, let me remind you that this was also the hope and belief of the leadership who drew up our Constitution — that the highest office-holders in the government, both judicial and parliamentarian, would be of unimpeachable virtue!

    4. “The Lokpal is not a policing body.” — it very precisely is, according to the Hazare draft bill, because the Lokpal is supposed to have policing powers!

    5. “According to the provisions of the Janlokpal Bill, a citizen can make a complaint against an office holder, and the lokpal will investigate the complaint. If it is found true action will be taken. Lokpal is not going to send beat lokpallers to collect hafta from the poor. That’s downright ridiculous and only a fancy imagination could have conceived it.” — What you outline is also supposed to be the way the police are supposed to function. It is quite a different story in practice. Who or what will ensure that the office of the police-like (see above) Lokpal will also not follow the same narrative arc?

    6. “Even when people are on a march, they stop at the red lights and crossings to let the traffic pass before continuing.” — on behalf of the several hundred thousand people in Delhi who were stuck in traffic because of said well-mannered and orderly demonstrators, let me just say what you might understand: “lie caught”.

    7. “just imagine what Manrega can really do for the people if it is implemented honestly” — I invite you, Clarity, to imagine what the Indian government all rounds, all its many NGOs, its educational institutions and its many citizens could achieve if they always proceeded honestly. And then tell me why it is that we don’t. And also tell me why you think this will be a special exception to the rule of why we don’t.

    8. “he has spent his entire demonstratively in fighting for the poor and deprived villagers and farmers” — not sure his entire what Anna has spent, but it has I believe been demonstrated that side by side, he has also had a hand in beating some of them up for not following his draconian diktats. Last I checked, it was illegal for a citizen to take the law into their own hands and mete out punishment to another citizen — and his diktats are not even law. (Hmm, I guess I’m beginning to see where he gets the idea that it is perfectly fine, legal and Constitutional for his self-drafted bill to directly become the law of the nation!) The only reason he has not been jailed for assault is the corruption of our country protecting him: the poor disadvantaged villagers were likely to scared to complain (inequality again rears its ugly head) and the authorities would likely turn a deaf ear. (Has anyone told Anna it is best not to cut off the branch he is seated astride?)

    9. “Anna Hazare has said it publicly multiple times that he is against any oppressive actions targeted against any community and that he supports a system that gives equal rights to all citizens irrespective of their religion” — see 8 above, as it is the equal right of all Indian citizens to not be beaten up by other private citizens. I suppose Alcoholics Anonymous is also NOT a community according to Anna?

    10. “if you think you were succeeding in your nefarious scheme to distance the muslims from the movement, you’ve failed” — sorry, which scheme is this? Care to quote the same from her piece?

    11. “Does our present legal system allow that? Does our present legal system allow surveillance of the functioning of privately funded NGOs or corporate bodies in the same manner that it allows the surveillance of government organisations? The legal experts have said no” — Funnily, the present legal system does not include provisions for an ombusman such as the Lokpal. But I thought we were in the business of changing laws here?

    12. “it is the government system that’s the worst offender when it comes to corruption, because it allows its misuse by the private sector ” — by this logic, it is we the citizens of india who are the worst offenders in corruption, for allowing any government official or politician or corporate body or NGO to misuse their powers… and oh yes, for allowing mobs to run amok as well, killing people in riots and the like.

    13.” If we can make this start by creating a law that forces the government systems to work properly” — Great! Let’s see you do that. I’ve yet to see a law that by its very existence ensures compliance and justice for all. I understand laws need to be applied by relevant human authorities, who are unfortunately given to being curiously corruptible and easily influenced by emotion, rhetoric, self-interest and the like. (You have yourself gone on to show how PEOPLE were complicit in the corruption of existing laws against fraud, embezzlement, and such.) So let me know when you or Anna succeed in instituting this new form of law. I will gather my friends and heartily campaign for your nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize (because surely such a law that carries itself out on its own will obviate all crime).

    14. “How is fighting government corruption any less holier than fighting corruption in private organisations?” — Where has Roy said that it is? Surely the reverse isn’t true either? You can’t fight corruption in one person without fighting it elsewhere — you can’t, for example, have an official bribed without someone providing that bribe. See how silly it is to try and fight only one half of it? It’s like being told you need new spectacles (w