And how they preach to their converts!

The Hindu is a fine newspaper. They are old, reputed, and severely unbalanced in their approach to news. I just can’t understand why they are giving room to only one particular viewpoint on the Janlokpal movement. Earlier it was Arundhati who fired salvo-after-salvo of fake allegations and misrepresentations, and now it’s Prabhat Patnaik, and while you may not have expected anything better from Arundhati, but certainly from Prabhat Patnaik we could have expected better. Let down today.

Prabhat Patnaik’s fresh article in The Hindu is a piece only his mindless followers can appreciate. He’s out to score a goal, but he’s running towards the wrong goal-post. The struggle is not for the sake of Anna Hazare, it’s for the sake of the Janlokpal bill. Anna is one among the people in his demands for this. This is the only aim for the present struggle, and nothing less.

Prabhat is upset that Anna ji moved from his “we-have-a-democratic-right-to-protest-and-place-our-views-in-public,” to “Anna-will-keep-fasting-until-his-bill-is-adopted-or-amended-with-his-permission,”. Wait a minute Prabhat, before you get to “we-have-a-democratic-right-to-protest-and-place-our-views-in-public,” there is “we-have-something-we-want-to-protest-about”, and that was “we-want-a-strong-anti-corruption-bill.” It’s because the right to protest in demand of that bill was taken away that Anna protested for the right to hold a protest. And when Anna secured the right to protest what should have been his stand? — “now-that-we-have-a-right-to-protest-let’s-protest-for-the-heck-of-it”!

Anna was going to protest at JP Park to demand an effective lokpal bill, but the government deprived him of his right. When his right is re-instantiated, then going back to his original demand is a flip-flop? According to what stretch of imagination and logic sir? Please say that with a straight face!

Now you have a fine new adjective for Anna’s protest, apart from being dogmatic, anti-parliamentary, and so on… it’s also ‘messianic’. You’re telling us that by demanding a strong anti-corruption law for the sake of the entire country (each and every individual, not a particular caste, not a particular community, not a particular religion), he’s wrong. You’re saying that he threatens ‘mayhem’ when he says that I will not give up my fast until the government presents the Janlokpal bill to the parliament. Mayhem? So you find Anna’s perfectly non-violent method of demonstration a mayhem, and you have nothing but support for the far left-wingers and their right to kill people in the name of revolution. How hypocritical! How utterly fake! Did you listen to Anna last night when he urged his followers. Yes! Urged them to go and give their arrest with perfect non-violence and peace if he’s arrested. That’s the kind of mayhem he’s asking for. Sorry if he let you down last night.

Your concerns sir, are for “pre-modernity of our society, and the shallowness of the roots of our democracy.” Fine words and utterly empty words. The roots of our democracy are not in letting the honorable elected members rape our country so openly, but in building a system that makes them accountable for what they do.

Democracy according you is a ‘subject’ role for the people where they elect their representatives and then from time-to-time they ‘convey their mood’ to the elected representatives through ‘protests, strikes, meetings and demonstrations’, and the whole exercise is to — ‘promote the subject role of of the people.’ If that’s what fits your bill for a democracy, pray tell me how do you find your regime different from Syria where people may have strikes, meetings, and demonstrations intermittently to ‘convey their mood’, but may not request a regime change. Democracy is NOT the people in a subject role. Democracy is FOR the people, OF the people and BY the people. It’s the people who are in charge, and the elected representatives are elected not to subjugate the people but to better their lives. Where did you get your weird notions of democracy from?

I am also appalled at your selective approach to messianism. You certainly don’t seem to feel that there’s a messianic ‘G’ figure in our government that has messianically led our country from the backgrounds to where it stands now. You’re certainly not upset about the powers of that messiah, and the influence in the ruling parties today. You’re certainly not upset that the messiah has a government next door to the government called the NAC where they frame laws which are passed by your parliament without a mutter in protest. Why are you so selective in your approach to messianism Prabhat?

Anna Hazare is a ‘messianic figure’ in your words because he stood up for what people need. He stood up against corruption that’s eating the ‘roots of democracy’ that you are so concerned about, he stood against the deplorable insects who are eating our system from within. That’s why he has become a leader with such a strong presence in India today. And you are only fooling yourself when you say that the issue is not important for the people and Anna is. There would have been no Anna if there wasn’t the issue. There would have been no Anna if there was no corruption to bring the people together against. Anna is not just an individual, he is a symbol of the struggle against corruption. That’s why the cry against corruption is ‘I am Anna’. Everyone is Anna in this fight Prabhat.

Why do you think the people who are leading the movement are not trying to educate the people? If you have been attending the Ramlila Maidan protests you’ll know that several people have come on stage at different times to explain many demands and counter demands of the Janlokpal bill, vis-a-vis the government lokpal. The people fighting for this include the urban, educated citizens, and not just the most-deprived class. Do you think they have lent their support to Anna Hazare blindly? How many political leaders have they come out on the streets for in the near past? Sir, if you believe that you not only insult their intelligence, but yours.

And then you go on to talk about leaders who gave speeches so long that people could interrupt, go for lunch or dinner and then come back to continue with the speech. And when you talk of ‘inimitable’ Jyoti Basu, you certainly not trying to cultivate a messianic figure. Merely someone who likes to have a discussion and rebut the oppositions argument. Sir, now your West Bengal fort lies in ruins and only because for 30 and more years you were secure in this shell of false security, of lengthy speeches and funky discussions while you continued to ignore the plight of the people and the violence in West Bengal at the ground level. We won’t let you do this anymore to our nation. We want, and will have a strong anti-corruption law, and pray, what’s wrong with that?

Here’s the most appalling part of your article. Here you say that you “I am not concerned here with whether the Jan Lokpal Bill is the best piece of legislation on the subject.” You are not concerned with something that’s the center point of a major struggle in India, and you’re criticizing it? And you’re upset that people don’t know about it? You were always lost in your own politics to pay heed to what other people were doing it seems. If it didn’t come out of your party, it doesn’t exist? But Janlokpal exists, and the team that’s pushing Janlokpal has spent months and months creating awareness around it. There have been meetings, presentations, email campaigns, reach-outs. They have been to universities, company campuses, villages, cities. They’ve taken out demonstrations, distributed pamphlets. They’ve done everything you asked for while you were busy not noticing them.

The rest of your article sir, is repetition and repetition and repetition of your earlier points, with fancy words and empty meanings. Messiahs, you say, are dangerous. Let me hear that from you about your god and master the great Marx.

You may not be in the fight Mr. Patnaik, but Anna is in it for YOUR sake and he won’t give up.

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  1. Anand says:

    I really don’t understand why the reputed paper like the Hindu keeps publishing articles which are against the Lokpal. I have always considered it to be a neutral paper which puts forward opinions from both sides. I think today they have come up with an article which supports the bill vehemently. The simple reasoning which I have had for the Bill is that it would save enough money in India in future. For example, the current estimated black money figure in Swiss Banks is around 1.4 trillion dollars. If this bill is able to put a 20% check on higher level corruption, we would be able to save 280 billion dollars for the country in future or may be more. This money would be a huge impetus to the economy and the country. We don’t want another oligarchy in the making but yes, we do want a law which makes the politicians feel that they are accountable to the people. Why don’t papers like The Hindu come up ideas of refining the existing or proposed bill rather than taking up articles which criticize/praise the movement. Thanks for your write up. They are really enlightening.

    • Piyush says:

      I think editor has sum words with Govt. N now they are forced to dance on govt’s tunes

    • bharat says:

      No surprise …it is Communist paper..

    • SP says:

      The Hindu is the same, your logical level has been influenced by media hypes. I appreciate that in this scenario also someone has guts to bring out issues. Lokpal=one more bureaucratic organization=20000 employees=1% of GDP=75,0000 cr=More power concentrated on specific group=more chances of abuse (as their removal or any action against them is complicated)= giving too much opportunities for fake complaints that can lead to dismissal of employees (think about all the employees getting dismissed). Corruption has two types= forced and willful…….Que is long for passport, pay some…… is not because the corruption is there, it is due to the large number of applicants, one does not want to waste his time…………… How this Lokpal is going to be implemented in the State like UP and Bengal? Their is no depth but yes, legal language is good in Lokpal bill. There can be good combination of Govt/Anna/Aruna Rai’s drafts. However, combined also, they need to work on the fine details to actually make it implementable. Its better to build a strong boat, rather than sinking later. This bill is a hope……….lets not waste the chance……….And I strongly believe that all NGOs should be included. They raise funds from public, they should be made accountable and answerable……….However the allies of Anna will not support as each of them is running NGO business out there.

      • Anand says:

        I have a very simple reply to your argument. Most of the politicians are involved in corruption. Half of the politicians are either criminals or hardly literate. What is their recruitment procedure? Ignorant people elect them either out of fear or absence of options. A Lokpal would be kind of a recruited body. It makes a HUGE difference. I gave bribe when I was 15. I was too innocent to know the meaning of the bribe that time. Since then, I had to give bribe many times, not because I wanted to, but I had to. I hate it from the depths of my heart. Giving bribe is never justified. Most of the times, people who are sparsely literate or illiterate want easy money and resort to taking bribes. If a body which consists of highly educated people can put a check on such incidents, it would help democracy in big way. Corruption in Lokpal is also very much possible, but that can be easily curbed if the recruitment is fair and provisions for heavy punishments are made on such people.

      • Jaai says:

        Hardly literate? Please check your facts. Over a hundred members of the Lok Sabha are post graduates, quite a few have a doctorate degree and a majority are graduates. And even Lalu Prasad Yadav (with all his faults), made an excellent speech which was a hundred times more sensible than any Team Anna speech. but no, who watches the Lok Sabha channel. Everyone is content with being misled by the rest of the media.

      • Anand says:

        @Jaai – I think ‘hardly literate’ was a strong phrase. I should have used ‘hardly educated’. There is a big difference between being literate and being educated. Just having degrees doesn’t mean that the people are responsible to their position and job. Literacy is just a platitude showing that the person has some understanding level. But ‘greed’ erodes all that literacy factor. For your information, I don’t watch much television, rather I believe in reading. Lalu Prasad Yadav is a LLb. I don’t know whether you have an inch of an idea that how easy it is to get degrees in Bihar (but that is something else). I may respect him for his ‘literacy’ but I would never respect him for the treatment he has meted out to the public of Bihar by looting them.

      • Jaai says:

        Assumptions, assumptions. You believe in reading what…The Times of India? I’ve lost all my respect for that paper. Or even if you read anything else, most of it is hardly reporting. They twist facts so unscrupulously I wonder how they can fall asleep at night.
        Also I have my own problems with Lalu Prasad Yadav: he didn’t support the women’s reservation bill, for example. What I am saying is that his speech (on the Lokpal issue, and without considering his educational qualifications or other views) was an excellent one and would have solved all your doubts if you had only bothered to listen.

      • Anand says:

        @Jaai – I read most of the newspapers everyday. TOI, Hindu, BBC, NYTimes etc. etc. I can give you some links which criticize Hazare blatantly and give adequate proof. I cannot comment anything on your Laloo’s perception. It hardly matters to me. Ya, I accept that I didn’t follow the speeches but it doesn’t really mean that my thought process is on the wrong lines. This debate can go on endlessly, but the motive for everybody is same. By the way, the tagline of your blog says a lot about you. 🙂

      • Anand says:

        And yes, I love mathematics. So ASSUMPTIONS are part of my life. And unfortunately, we can’t debate AXIOMS and ASSUMPTIONS in mathematics 😛

      • Jaai says:

        It’s weird how all of you sincerely Lokpal-supporting people never answer questions that make you think. I guess I should learn to live with the dumbness epidemic and go study. Oh, and I’m going to ignore your very sarcastic remark about my blog’s tagline as best as I can.

        Have a great day.

  2. very well said Mr. clarity ! keep it up. These pseudo secular intellectuals are book worm only.They do not know ground realities,that is why naxal movement has gone into worst condition at present You can not convince them at any cost. They are anti democratic and do not understand democracy otherwise their movements would have done good to the people they have been fighting for.

  3. sridhar visvanath says:

    I actually am not surprised. The Hindu always had leftist leanings. But I still used to like it. Now they are going into annals of history in this way is really sad.

    Excellent write up again !!!

    I like this

  4. Prasenjit says:

    The Hindu tried to `rationalize’, just stopping short of justifying the massacre in Nandigram in 2007. You can go and read their editorials. What better do you expect from them?

    It’s good to kill people, but protesting peacefully for a corruption-free India is dangerous!

  5. ANAND SINGH says:

    It seems that the Hindu newspaper is promoting articles against Anna Hazare.It is very surprising!

  6. Everyone who supports the Jan Lokpal movement should stop subscription to The Hindu Newspaper until there is a public apology from the writer of this nonsense.

  7. wisetongue19 says:

    ive been reading a leftist newspaper for 18 years of my life? this is humiliating and wrong. i feel so wronged.

  8. Debojyoti says:

    This what the editorial of Hindu had to say a day before yesterday:
    This was Hindu’s editorial on 17 Aug:
    N Ram reiterated same views in a discussion with Karan Thapar on CNN-IBN.
    For an healthy debate does the paper need to solely publish pro-IAC views? The negative pieces mentioned are filed under opinion section. Indian Express ran far more pieces against Lokpal, and Anna’s methods.

  9. Patriotic Indian says:

    A very nicely worded & stern reply to the so-called intellectuals., who do nothing much except shout from their chairs.
    They are the ones who enjoy pulling people’s legs for their own pie of cheap publicity.
    Dont be surprised., when these people will rejoice in trying to cripple the movement., & later on crib about rampant corruption in the country.
    God, do us a favour., with the help of a time machine., send Arundhati Roy & Prabhat Patnaik to Pakistan. That country is in great need of pseudo-secular dumb ‘intellectuals’.
    Anyway, Is The Hindu going insane. ?

  10. aakash says:

    The articles by Arundhati and Prabhat represent the sad situation of our generation where educated people are putting up shallow opinions forward, and beating up the drums of their popularity index. It is clearly visible in both articles that the emphasis has been shifted from Jan lokpal bill to Anna hazare, which interestingly, is quite similar to the approach adopted by the government itself. There is a huge amount of support to this movement from the class of society which has spent time to read and understand each and every clause of the bill and then only placed a foot in the movement. Some media elements have also lately falsely propagated that people lack awareness in the movement.
    I love your piece.

  11. Danish says:

    Great work Mr. Clarity i am a regular reader of The Hindu and appreciate it as the best paper that give a clear opinion but this time they lack clarity in their approach.

  12. ansuman says:

    I think some black money invested in this news paper business or some corrupt persons are in board of directors.

  13. kamesh says:

    I fail to understand one thing. And today i seek answers from all so called champions of democracy and parliamentary supremacy….. The constitution was written years ago and at that time the people who wrote it did not envisage a scenario like today…. to name these scenarios
    A) Defection- people were so very principled that they stuck to one party. So nothing was written around the defection. But our MPs deviced the technique to seek better portfolios or even berths in the cabinets. They started defecting if their demands were not met. Even Pranab Mukherjee left congress. Even Chidambaram had left Congress… There was no law so they deviced anti-defection law. I still am thinking was this not blackmail – not outside but within the walls of the LokSabha / RajyaSabha … what are we cribbing about when Anna Hazare fasts in a peaceful manner for the introduction of a bill……..
    B) Coalition Politics – MMS did say a few weeks ago, there are coalition compulsions….. What did he mean.. Again blackmail by the coalition partners.. if you stop A Raja, we will withdraw…. So knowingly the PM had to keep his mouth shut and succumb to Coalition Dharma ( read Blackmail). As far as i know/ understand… coalition politics are here for good. that means every incumbent PM will be blackmailed. Is this not Parliamentary Blackmail.

    Blackmail if done within the walls of the parliament is agreeable, but if puritans like Anna Hazare fast it is like putting a gun to the head of Democracy………

    I fail to understand…. Can those enlightened enlighten me on these please

  14. I applaud you for refuting and rebutting each and every aspect of the published article based on clearly thought arguments and factual analysis. I would suggest you to send your articles to “The Hindu” also asking them to give adequate space to clear the air of misinformation spread by the articles by Arundhati Roy and Prabhat Patnaik.
    All my support in this intellectual battle against misinformation. Cheers!

  15. Vimala says:

    I agree with Mr. Patnaik. This morning, there were a paltry 2042 comments posted on the public consultation section of the Jan Lokpal website- NOT what I would call a healthy and vigorous debate.

    I spoke to several people over the last few days in Mumbai. Most stand with Anna because he stands against the government. They see him as the messiah that will save them from not only corruption but also rising food prices and various other malaises. In other words, they support Anna even though they don’t quite understand his demands.

    We all agree corruption is bad. But by hijacking the constitutional process, Team Anna has stymied any DEBATE on what form anti-corruption legislation should take. Not exactly democratic.

    • playingforgms says:

      Hopefully the “several people” you spoke to were all aged above 12?

      • Vimala says:

        They were all voting age. Most had access to mobiles, none had internet access. They were drivers, maids, auto drivers and subziwallas in Mumbai. I’m not trying to say my “poll: was scientific, just that it indicated to me that most people aren’t too sure what Anna is advocating for, just that he stands against the government. And that’s enough for them.

    • Vishal Seth says:

      Most people aren’t too sure what the agenda of the party is when they cast their votes the elections. Your post may have a merit but remember when you start interviewing someone in public, people don’t obliged to answer your questions in details and you may get the impression they don’t know. We’re still a polite society else you might have been interviewed back.

      The optics is that Anna’s movement is about getting strong anti-corruption bill and government does not appear to be sincere in removing corruption. AND THAT IS ALL WHAT MATTERS AT THE MOMENT!

    • Geny says:

      Why is everybody concerned abourt breaking parliamentary rules and constitution. What’s wrong when it’s not working? It’s extremist, but we need a change. Politicians are scared of their future if such a bill comes up and the so called intellects who are anti- Anna are scared to break the code. To hell with it. I am not a supporter of extremist ideas but look, we have a noble cause here and I will go any extent to support it non violently

    • SP says:

      Good comment…………..Be ready for people to get busted on you as everyone is emotional fool out here……………people have not even read the bills and debating.
      A filthy comparison given by Kiran Bedi who finds it an opportunity to bark against present government (as this was the same reason for her early retirement as the promotion was given to more deserving candidate and it hurt her ego)………I know and I understand and there are many out here who agree with you…………so keep writing.

    • Debojyoti says:

      There were few more articles in favor of Jan Lokpal bill, yet the writer seems to ignore them before bashing the paper.

    • Er. pankaj sethi says:

      In reply to the comment by A. Roy In The Hindu.

      Dear Arundhati Roy,
      U r not a person who faces corruption for each small thing.From Ration card to Driving licence to Passport to even petty jobs, petty salaries, to hospitalization in government hospitals to Filing F.I.R In our policestations. Everwhere the common man has to pay bribe.
      The people like u start day in A.C rooms and Acs cars and distrust the person like Anna.This is easy to curse others.PPl like like u compare Annas movement with Naxals. But, have u thought why Naxalites are formed. The simple reasons is they have to struggle for a bite of Bread.
      Also, Despite cursing Indian Electronic media n VIP traetment to Anna in and outside the Jail count the sacrifices by Anna. I heartily thank to Indian Print n electronic media who is showing the sacrifice by Anna as well as dual faced politicians.
      I m absolutely disagree to ur opinion.

  16. Niranjana says:

    Ab samajh mein aaya ki prabhat aur arundhati Ko itna Gussa kyun aata hai. Kyunki anna ban gaye hain hero aur ye dono saabit hue hain joker. Kahaan dono maoist revolution ke sapne dekh rahe the aur idhar anna ne corruption ka ilaaj dhoond liya hai Jo root cause of corruption hai.

  17. Jaideep says:

    Don’t know whether it was the stand of The Hindu or the opinion of the writer, but nevertheless, it is extremely disappointing that some idiotic intellectuals still revel into their highly utopian ideas of democracy, and preach them so dishonestly. Only if the writer could care to know what is the current sociopolitical situation in india and the involvement of money in it, the chrony capitalism leading to the biggest scam in the history and the extent of corruption which places india amongst the leaders in the corrupt countries and not developed, only if he could know the ground realities as anna knows, having spent his entire life at grass root which constitutes 70 percent of indian population, then probably he could have written something else. If the writer could introspect and see the matter through the lenses of realism, he could only be ashamed of writing something like that.

  18. Shiva Kakkar says:

    Everyone, it seems, for convenience sake has made ‘Democracy’ into some kind of an impenetrable and impeccable shield. Every system has faults and our democracy has some serious ones. Our constitution never made provisions for any disincentives for those in power. Even a software engineer has more disincentives related to his performance than these ministers. It looks like while framing the constitution, all the makers had in mind were the noble images of Pt. Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.They made the constitution on the basis of exceptional moral characters rather than the average Joe on the street who is seduced by every flowing breeze of lust and corruption. Its time we correct the glaring mistakes of our architects. Its humiliating to see that the whole political system is in a way vouching to protect corruption, including those who have studied at Oxford and Harvard like our scandalized Prime Minister and his deplorable lieutenants.

  19. sdey says:

    let us not forget that The Hindu had supported Indira Gandhi’s Emergency. It has a tainted past record.

  20. santosh reddy says:

    The Hindu should not lose it’s credibility like the other media, Mr N.Ram the Editor can u please look into the articles before publishing it or can you explain the loop holes in Civil Society bill so that we the reader’s of the news paper doesn’t feel let down

  21. beinformed says:

    u may read this report : Chapter VII

    Its always better to make an informed decision with CLARITY.

  22. मानस says:

    No matter how much ‘The Hindu’ make its reputation as a non-biased media, it always fails to hide its inner thinking ie Communist one. you can not expect better then this. once when China’s insurgency in Arunanchal Pradesh was the main front news of all the major newspaper, The Hindu did not fine it worth to mention. and it covered army march of china in 11th page worth 3 column (with a pic), on that day only.

  23. naresh kumar says:

    We don’t need to give attentions to these kind of stupids……we should pray for Anna ji and his team to achieve all the dreams the what they are upto…LONG LIVE ANNA Ji AND HIS TEAM.

  24. Ishan Soni says:


  25. Ishan Soni says:


  26. Delhiite says:

    The Hindu is only fair in giving space to all hues of opinion on any issue. It is a matter of journalistic ethics and tenets. Yesterdays editorial in Hindu fully endorses this spirit that has lasted over a 100 years. Though Anna is fighting for all Indians, his followers seem to be bent on making political hay while the sun shines. This struggle has given all anti-socials in Delhi a reason to misbehave and break the law, disrupting traffic & normal life in the city. All of you armchair activists need to keep your opinions to yourselves without slander and libel and let Anna lead a peaceful agitation. Jai Hind

  27. Kanti Kumar says:

    @Mr. Clarity: one of your readers submitted your first article to The South Reports ( where it received many comments. We invite you to join The South Reports and contribute your views there, thus enriching the debate on this campaign and provide clarity on the issues. TSR is an active community of more than 1000 members and you are free to sign up with your pseudonym to protect your identity.
    On behalf of TSR team

  28. Abhishek pandey says:

    you know what is problem that we lack options ,in India whom we discard in one election they r charrged with power in next elections ,due to outrage of peoples ,,if someone told them they r the same party and candidate with no immediate heart change..and this chain continous …

    dmk / aidmk
    bsp /sp
    akali dal /congress
    bjp /congress
    they all just enjoys the power and rode on public anger and sympathy…

  29. Nihar ranjan panigrahi says:

    All those who support Jan lokpal bill, are supporting the following points too:
    1. Include corporates & NGOs into the bill
    2. This bill should empower public and not a small section(Either political or elite civil society members) to raise voice. Previously power & money was required to become politician and change the society. Now according to the bill Elites of civil society(either High court judge, IAS officers, IPS officers) will be part of lokayukta, lessens the chance for ordinary people to get a chance to be part of the lokpal process.
    3. Respect the constitution & the makers of it(Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Sardar Vallabhai patel, etc.) who wanted Indian governance to be free from godmen & self proclaimed heros (Includes Ramdev, Ravi shankar, Bhaiyaji maharaj, etc. who are actively behind the movement)
    4. Bringing out scams (CAG, CVC have been already doing the same). You just need to empower them to move the process faster, rather than running a parallel board to create chaos & redundancy
    5. Stop illegal activities where big companies are mining ore, crude oil from many years and selling it to outside world ignored by the corrupt politicians. For this you dont need a bill, you need to stop companies mining our precious resources & Foreign direct investments.
    6. Educate people about democracy, their voting rights which is possible by minimum education. This is only possible with establishment of vast no. of Govt universities, colleges which also is essential for the fact that by 2020 75% of Indians will be under age of 20 years. How long will we suffer the monopoly of private institutions in education sector? We want a good right to education bill demanding minimum graduation for every Indian.
    7. Corruption only comes if we have greed. Greed comes from inequality in society. When someone sees a guy driving a Mercedes, he will catch his empty stomach and take an oath that by any means he will also one day own one of those. Same is with smart phones, jewelery, gadgets, clothes, etc. So if 75% of Indians are living below an average of Rs. 20 per day and Mr. Ambani is building a 60 floor building(also listed in top 10 richest ppl in world), you can see the heights of inequality and the effect on their brains. So policies should be amended to put a check on this white collared people and bring back what we own.

    So, what i assert is that yes Jan lokpal bill is a good concept but how will it put an check on corruption? How long will India continue to be in elitists(Kings in history, British during Indian freedom struggle, corrupt politicians post freedom & Jan lokpal bill consisting of IPS, IAS, high court judges)? Isn’t it the time the youth take the responsibility(yes the time when we have many youth MPs in parliament now) and become a part of lokayukta rather than these elitists? Don’t we need to concentrate on food security bill, right to minimum education bill, illegal resource mining bill, strengthen our existing CAG, CVC, CBI rather implement new structures that we need spend the whole monsoon session on passing a lokpal bill?

    Guys, please fight for education, food & against illegal mining, corporate interests. This would be my humble request from a guy of your age group. Let’s join hands for a better cause


  30. grokavi says:

    You are being dishonest. As other comments have pointed out, The Hindu has published many more opinion pieces in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. And as for as the editorials go, The Hindu has been completely supportive of the movement. Your reaction is the epitome of the callous nature of this movement.

    And you are an expert in making strawman arguments. You quote incomplete sentences from original articles to misrepresent the author and attack these misrepresentations.

    The original sentence was…

    “But the Anna group’s flip-flops are no less striking: it moves from “we-have-a-democratic-right-to-protest-and-place-our-views-in-public,” which is an unexceptionable proposition, to “Anna-will-keep-fasting-until-his-bill-is-adopted-or-amended-with-his-permission,” which amounts to holding a gun to the head of the Centre, and by implication of Parliament, and dictating that the bill it has produced must be passed, or else mayhem will follow.”

    The author is not upset because Anna Hazare is protesting for a cause. The author was upset because it “amounts to holding a gun to the head of the Centre, and by implication of Parliament, and dictating that the bill it has produced must be passed”.

    The space on the internet is unlimited, please quote the author with the context. But no you will not do that because you will loose the argument!

  31. grokavi says:

    Another selective quoting.

    Original article,

    “I am not concerned here with whether the Jan Lokpal Bill is the best piece of legislation on the subject; nor am I concerned with the possible RSS links of the Anna campaign. These issues, though important, are not germane to my argument. My concern is with the “dumbing down” of the people that messianic political activity entails: “leave things to Anna but do come to cheer him.””

    The author of the original article is not concerned with “whether the Jan Lokpal Bill is the best piece of legislation on the subject” in this article. And he is not criticising the bill, as you interpret it for your own convenience. He is concerned about the ““dumbing down” of the people that messianic political activity entails: “leave things to Anna but do come to cheer him.””

    If you have a problem with the original argument, refute it directly by quoting the complete text. Use blockquotes so that your readers can see what the author meant.

    • Mr. Clarity says:

      What your author is suggesting is that anyone who supports Anna is dumb by extension. Come on, is that any kind of logic? Don’t be sold to your ideology so blindly.

      • grokavi says:

        He is not “my” author and I have no interest in defending him. I am only trying to tell you that your arguments are full of fallacies. I don’t say in my comment that the author is infallible in his judgement. I am trying to tell you that the arguments you use are not sufficient to refute the judgement of the original author. Don’t treat people in that “you-are-either-with-us-or-against-us” way. What do you know about my “ideology”?

        I was, when this movement began, one of those foot soldiers who sent SMSs to friends, called them till they were sick and dragged colleagues onto the streets. You have no idea the kind of support this movement gathered when it first started in April. You have no idea of the diversity of the crowd which flocked at Freedom Park here in Bangalore. You need to ask yourselves why we have stayed away this time.

        You should understand that most of your critiques support the idea of a strong Lokpal with core elements of the Jan Lokpal being incorporated into the final bill. What we do not like is your undemocratic attitude that your leaders display everyday. Tell me who is Mr. Hazare to set deadlines?

        This movement, when it began in April, had the potential of attracting those people into politics, who for most of their lives stayed away from it. This movement, when it began, had the potential of further democratisation of our society. Instead the movement has become anti-politics, authoritarian and undemocratic in its nature. The movement has tended to make itself more homogeneous by encouraging people to wear T-shirts and badges of “India Against Corruption”. I may be accused of a hyperbole but I do see some similarities between this movement and the Tea Party movement which is sweeping USA.

      • Mr. Clarity says:

        The entire irony of the situation is that we aren’t treating people who are not a part of the movement as against us, we’re treating them as people who will join us as they see the merits. It’s those who are maligning us and trying to stop a strong anti-corruption bill who are against us, and we will treat them as such. This movement wasn’t started with an aim to bring honest people into politics, but to keep people in politics honest.

  32. grokavi says:

    “The people fighting for this include the urban, educated citizens, and not just the most-deprived class. Do you think they have lent their support to Anna Hazare blindly? How many political leaders have they come out on the streets for in the near past? Sir, if you believe that you not only insult their intelligence, but yours.”

    This is the kind of arrogance that is hurting your movement the most. You mistake literate to educated. Just because people are “urban, educated citizens, and not just the most-deprived class” wouldn’t make them intelligent and informed. This is the kind of arrogance which many critiques of your movement are trying to bring to your notice. This shows the deep contempt for the illiterate and uneducated masses, who by no way are fools. You are in need of some humility. You claim legitimacy by showing your degrees and five figure salaries. Shame on you.

    • Mr. Clarity says:

      What are your parameters of education? Could you please explain? Oh, I know, those who oppose Anna.

      • grokavi says:

        The point I am trying to make is, education and class, whether you support or oppose Anna, are not the criteria for claiming legitimacy.

        You become more legitimate by employing democratic methods, by listening more not less.

  33. grokavi says:

    “The rest of your article sir, is repetition and repetition and repetition of your earlier points, with fancy words and empty meanings. Messiahs, you say, are dangerous.”

    No. The rest of the article exposes the arrogance and the contempt for democratic debate that you and you and your ilk share in common. I’ve watched the television interviews and speeches given by the so called “civil society” members.

    From the original article…

    “To accept that Anna’s version of the bill is only one of many possible versions, which the final bill could draw upon, amounts to seeing Anna as one among equals, and not as the messiah, that is, to an abandonment of messianism; the Anna group is loath to do this. “Negotiations” with the government therefore come to mean negotiations to make it accept Anna’s version; “compromise” comes to mean a compromise that makes Anna’s version final.”

    Your line…

    “Let me hear that from you about your god and master the great Marx.”

    This is how “educated” you are! The Left and Marx are not synonyms. But then again a movement which has no room for nuanced though can’t be expected of anything better.

  34. Clean and clear says:

    Well the author hardly seems an avid reader of ‘The Hindu’. Haven’t you read those articles, the links of whom have been posted above? I still have no doubts regarding Hindu’s unbiased approach to the Lokpal issue.

  35. Nihar ranjan panigrahi says:

    The Author himself contradicts to many points he is making. He says that they(IAC or Anna) are openly welcoming anyone who is fighting against corruption but again asserts denies the thought or feelings of those(Prabhat patnaik, Arunadhati roy, Aruna roy, etc.) who share a different view.

    Let me tell you a famous quote:

    “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    The very interest you have to bring back democracy is true only if you respect everyone’s voice. Otherwise you are just acting like the people who are running the government now(Mudslinging with no result)


    • Mr. Clarity says:

      Since you believe in defending the right to say things, I hope you were there for Anna when he was put behind bars on the first morning of his fast.

      • Debojyoti says:

        I myself courted arrest at Chhatrasal stadium the day Anna was arrested, but I don’t support bullshit against a reputed, balanced, sympathetic paper, and a reputed writer.
        Just because we were arrested or courted arrest doesn’t make us some greater citizens.
        The author seems to be hungry for cheap publicity, as he/she chose to post it as IAC’s status.
        If you may refresh your memory, Prashant Bhushan got the space to write at least 3-4 articles in favor of Jan Lokpal in The Hindu

  36. hooher tod says:

    Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

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