Would you stand up and be counted once more?

I remember that cold Delhi evening at the New Delhi Sansad Marg. Like millions of Delhi citizens, nay, citizens of India, I felt hopeless, dejected, disappointed in my establishment, my system. It had let all of us down, and we were the people responsible for tolerating it, for creating it.

arvind kejriwal

But that evening, I saw a ray of hope. I heard Arvind Kejriwal speak for the first time in my life. Here he was, a fearless crusader, a fighter who would not bow to pressure, give in to temptation, or be lead astray by misinformation. He spoke with clarity and conviction. He spoke with courage and directness. He was the only guy present in that entire gathering who would actually name names, who would present specific cases, who would take on the mighty and the corrupt.

And now he’s the mighty.

And, I am really, really hoping that he’s not the corrupt.

I knew him only briefly, I worked with him just a little, but I believed in him for that little while. I believed in him with the core of my heart, and I always expected that he would do the right thing.

He let me down when he let the enemy infiltrate and foul his ranks. He let me down when he used the most rotten material available as the foundation of his government. He let me down by letting the Congress collaborate with him.

When that happened, I was shocked, I was dejected, but even through that depression, through that awful feeling of being cheated there was a glimmer of hope. A ray of light. I still believed in him in a corner of my heart.

I believed that all he did was to get to the end, that somehow the means would justify the end. That somehow, those who committed the worst sort of crimes against the people of Delhi and the people of India will yet pay. That somehow, Arvind will not let the greed of power and position corrupt him. That somehow, he will still ensure justice for the 15 years of corruption and negligence.

But today my hope is fading. Even that glimmer of light is flickering away. I feel more afraid than ever for my Delhi, my India. What if I was wrong? What if Delhi was wrong? What if our youth is betting yet again on the wrong horse? What if Kejriwal is just another player in the series of deceiving leaders?

But I want to hope. I desperately want to hope once more. I want to believe in him, and the power of change. I want to believe that we are going to make a difference. I want to believe that the new government of Delhi is indeed the government of the people. I want to believe that all the hope and the aspirations that I and millions like me pinned on Arvind Kejriwal were not false.

He told us that it’s a government of the people. That he seeks people’s mandates to do the right thing.

So today, I am asking the people. The people who deliver the mandate. The people of India.

Send your SMS out once more. Demand a fair, quick and impartial investigation into the corruption of our former rulers. For there is not a thing that can be more urgent than that. It’s bigger than power or water, because it’s the only thing that will ensure there will be no wrong in the future.

And the future is what I am worried for, the future of  our nation and our generations.

This is the helpline number of Aam Aadmi Party : 9718500606

This is the email address of Aam Aadmi Party : contact@aamaadmiparty.org

Contact them today. Ask them to start an investigation, and do not stop till you have an investigation into every wrong-doing, against every perpetrator.

Remember, you don’t need proof for an investigation. You need an investigation for the proof.

You owe this to India, to yourself, and to the Aam Aadmi, whose party this is.

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4 Responses to Would you stand up and be counted once more?

  1. Shoaib says:

    How un-thoughtful? Arvind Kejriwal has already said that a strong Lokyuta will be passed within 15 days of coming to power. The technicalities of passing that bill is a different thing. Give him sometime to settle. The country has been raped for 60+ years, and broken things cannot be fixed within 6 days. It is the duty of the government to provide good roads, electricity, water and other basic facilities to all its citizens. That is why we are paying taxes, so that the money obtained from the rich, the middle class, and some sections of the poor are equally distributed in providing such basic facilities.

  2. sunny says:

    Becoz of this :


    The fact is it has been only 1 week since the govt started working on the things and in next few weeks you are going to see actions against both Delhi govt & MCD. So JUST CHILL.

  3. Anna says:

    for all you pseudo intellectuals who write articles. Arvind has formed a govt. He has asked people’s opinion, and got it clearly! plus if he didn’t, you would be writing the article saying he cheated you by not forming the govt. So stop being a cry baby. And look at the bigger picture! the rules are changing, and they will change, a strong anti corruption bill will take care of the matters for long term. And understand, that its not a time to dig into Sheila dixit corruption case right now. because that will deter the govt from creating a lokauyukta bill soon. People like you are so immature who cry when candy is not given to them in 2 days. Without any patience. While you didn’t act against the real corrupt people. Why didn’t you file a case against previous babus who don’t do any work. Why don’t you go down now and file a case against a guy who doesn’t give birth certificates without money!!! if u r smart , you will wait and see the rules being made, which will change the society for good. Rather than, he said what, and now he says this. This is what small people talk!

  4. Vinod says:

    If you really care about the “Change”, Give the man some time. Politics is about retaining the power inorder to do the right things. Imagine how tricky it is to punish the same people(cong) who supported him to come to power. I honestly don’t know if the man has a plan but how often do we see a man of Aravindji’s personality and his brave efforts? He deserves our support at this time, let’s not criticize him so soon.
    I understand your ideologies maybe different, but Please don’t assume/judge that the alternative ideology is rubbish. Our ideologies might be different but the end is the same.

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