An attempt to see things clearly

An attempt to see things clearly without being clouded by misinformation.


15 Responses to An attempt to see things clearly

  1. pratik pandit says:

    Well – i was taught in school — i think in 3 grade that – Democracy – for the people and by the people — so its pretty obvious that if i don’t want a particular government , i have the right to either ask them to leave or throw them out.

    • KM says:

      …as long as the majority thinks the same way as you do.

      • Njan says:

        He has the right to ask them to step down even when the majority doesn’t think so.

        But stepping down is necessary only when the majority also thinks like he does. And even then the govt. doesn’t step down, the majority might try (and win/fail) to throw them out.

  2. Jayan says:

    Excellent reply to Arundhati Roy, who doesnt knw well enough wat corruption has made people to suffer… Thumps Up .. 🙂

  3. Anish says:

    @Clear Visor – Who are you??

  4. Even though I am not really in favor of fast unto death… it is a blackmail.. anywhich way you look at it.. and I think any kind of bill is not going to curb corruption.. but arundhati roy talks shit and I loved your article.. hope you write more of them.

  5. Adite Banerjie says:

    Arundhati Roy is the kind of writer that makes me ashamed of being one! Her opinion is based not on fact but on fiction. And your rebuttal of Roy’s facetious arguments (which I believe were done to earn brownie points with her audience in the West) was much needed. Another writer who belongs to the same clique as Ms. Roy is one Mr. Manu Joseph who believes in scoring points by writing rubbish. His recent article in NY Times has been trending on Twitter but for all the wrong reasons! Also, could you please put up some information about yourself.

  6. pratik pandit says:

    …as long as the majority thinks – Half the Nation is on road or atleast protesting against it —

  7. pratik pandit says:

    and cant we see it in every election -(is there any candidate literate enough to spell government properly)
    all are either gangsters or illiterate , its not about one party its everyone – creating vote banks by dividing people on racial backgrounds and minorities .

  8. pratik pandit says:

    whenever we take a job – an engineer ,age 30 will get a nice package, and a high school drop out will get minimum wagesor according to his experience or talent -(pretty obvious) – then why an IIT-ian or IAS or even a graduate , work under these illiterate morons or murderer. (not accepted) . whats the use of education when the driving force is blind .. wastage..

  9. pratik pandit says:

    How should be a leader or prime minister ?
    Answer _ full of confidence ,attitude, strong voice and heads up.bright eyes .full of enthusiasm .at least
    ever seen tony blair or barak obama giving a speech (i have nothing to do with them ,but i just listen to them talk cause the way they address their people is so exiting i cannot change the channel) . ever seen our prime minister, specially on a foreign visit – thats the time I get ashamed – a lousy man cannot walk,talk or even address his people correctly with that aura –

  10. Really nice post and reply to Arundhati Roy. As an IITian we have also put some effort and setup a forum at for any queries regarding the lokpal bill which would be answered by experts like Arvind Kerjiwal, Advocate Somnath Bharti. Do have a look and contribute to the movement.

  11. phoenikx says:

    @Clear Visor … who are you?

  12. pratik pandit says:

    i am proud to be Indian – but still ashamed
    i am a free Indian – but still a slave
    i am today’s youth – of no use

    Who r u ?

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