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Would you stand up and be counted once more?

I remember that cold Delhi evening at the New Delhi Sansad Marg. Like millions of Delhi citizens, nay, citizens of India, I felt hopeless, dejected, disappointed in my establishment, my system. It had let all of us down, and we … Continue reading

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And how they preach to their converts!

The Hindu is a fine newspaper. They are old, reputed, and severely unbalanced in their approach to news. I just can’t understand why they are giving room to only one particular viewpoint on the Janlokpal movement. Earlier it was Arundhati … Continue reading

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Why I’d rather be Anna than Arundhati

There was an article in The Hindu today by Arundhati against the movement for Janlokpal, she’s eloquent as usual, and she misses the point, pretty much as usual. In this article I am trying to talk about the points she … Continue reading

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